IRC log of #zodb for Monday, 2013-03-18

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J1msrichter, mgedmin
J1mWe're going to sprint on this a bit today.20:22
srichterJ1m: cool!20:22
srichterJ1m: who is "we"?20:22
fdrakewiki/Pickles sounds too much like "wicked pickles."20:36
fdrakeProbably a band name.20:36
srichterfdrake: are you sprinting on ZODB too?20:37
* fdrake is sprinting on don't get stuck in the snow on the way home.20:37
fdrakeNo; I'm working.  :-)20:37
srichteryeah, we are getting 6-10 inches tonight as well20:39
srichterstill beautiful now20:39
fdrakeWe're not getting that much snow, but probably 6-10 feet of ditch-huggers.20:40
fdrakeMy secret plan is to avoid making it 11'.20:41
J1mmgedmin, ?20:49
J1msrichter, We plan to change the defaults in zodbpickle to load and save python2-style bytes.21:03
J1many objections?21:04
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J1msrichter, do you know how Cookie.SimpleCookie was chosen as a pickling test case?21:58
J1mIt contains a case that we can't handle with out current approach.21:59
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