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bolapara_hi all.  im using zodb with greenlets (gevent).  getting "Duplicate tpc_begin calls for same transaction".  not sure what im doing wrong.  here is a simple example of the greenlet code:
bolapara_using latest zodb, gevents in pypi02:07
bolapara_any suggestions would be appreciated02:10
davisaglibolapara_: ZODB is probably not a good choice for use with greenlets if you're going to have a large number of connections, since each ZODB connection has its own in-RAM cache of objects from the database which tends to eat quite a bit of RAM02:11
davisagliit sounds like gevent must not be successfully monkey-patching something related to the thread-locals used by the transaction package02:12
bolapara_davisagli: hm.  well, for my purposes large memory use should be OK.  the number of concurrent greenlets should only be in the hundreds.02:12
davisagliyou can at least configure the cache size, and figure out what the performance implications are to not having data in cache :)02:13
bolapara_ok, thanks.  well if I dont get past this issue then it doesn't matter anyway :)02:15
davisaglibolapara_: I'm not sure anyone's tried to make the ZODB work with greenlets yet, so you're probably mostly on your own02:18
davisaglibut might be worth asking on the zodb-dev mailing list to reach a slightly wider audience02:19
bolapara_davisagli: OK.  will reevaluate if zodb is the right choice then go from there.  thanks for the help02:20
bolapara_davisagli: FYI, I was using all gevent native code until I added ZODB and when I did I forgot to do monkey.patch_all().  adding that made it work.02:47
davisaglibolapara_: nice02:48
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