IRC log of #zodb for Friday, 2013-06-14

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aclarkJ1m: any idea what's going on with AKA
J1mYes, it's made of hardware. :)22:10
J1mIt's being replaced.22:11
aclarkah, cool thanks22:11
J1mWe need to move services off that thing. I'm going to try to finish the move of this weekend.22:12
aclarkJ1m: great! let me know if you need any help. yeah if you are going to keep hosting I'd add it to Cloudflare, but would be a better place for it i guess22:12
J1mI'm going to announce the deprecation of this weekend.22:12
aclarkk, good to know22:13
J1mwhat's cloudflare?22:14
aclarkJ1m: easy, free CDN: cloudflare.com22:14
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