IRC log of #zodb for Monday, 2013-07-08

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sailyhi all, i've want to do some relstorage related discussions here. I've debugged the code and discovered the memcached-cache is shared over zope threads. This could save a lot of memory on my large installation with 16 instances. So if i'm right, this could bypass the disadvantage of having multple caches on multiple zope threads and can reduce or completly disable the zodb-cache-size. is this a good or bad idea?10:51
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davisaglisaily: but memcache only stores pickles, so will be slower than the ZODB cache19:33
J1mdavisagli, I'm not sure he understand what you're assuming :)20:01
J1msaily, memcached in relstorage is an alternative to ZEO's client disk cache, not to the ZODB in-memory cache.20:02
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