IRC log of #zodb for Friday, 2013-08-16

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flechaHi! Is there something similar to phpmyadmin in ZODB?18:53
flechaI mean, a database visualization/edit tool18:54
agroszerflecha, you could try zodbbrowser19:23
flechaThanks, agroszer. I am reading the docs and I saw this: "Some OODBs support a feature called extents, which allow quickly finding all the instances of a given class, no matter where they are in the object graph; unfortunately the ZODB doesn’t offer extents as a feature." The page ends there... Is there an alternative for "extents" in ZODB?19:28
agroszeryou can scan the whole DB, but that obviously isn't the best thing19:29
agroszeror you build an index yourself19:29
flechaseems good to me, ty =)19:30
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