IRC log of #zodb for Wednesday, 2013-09-18

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aepsil0nhi channel16:54
aepsil0ni've got a question about ZEO and authorisation/authentication16:54
aepsil0nis it possible to have a ZEO server only serve those objects, for which an authenticated client has supplied authorisation?16:56
aepsil0nand to control thís authorisation on a per-object basis?16:56
J1maepsil0n, no.  I'd love to provide an authorization model in the future.17:04
aepsil0nI see...17:04
aepsil0nso I guess, I'll have to do it manually somehow17:06
aepsil0nbtw, I also asked that question here:
aepsil0njust to clarify my use case17:06
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