IRC log of #zodb for Tuesday, 2014-01-21

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goschtlhi, does it make sense if i add more zeo-clients to enhance write performance for zodb?22:25
J1m_not much22:28
J1m_a few is better than one22:28
J1m_many isn't likely to be better than a few.22:28
goschtlok i have now three22:29
goschtllet's see how this will work22:29
J1m_3 is probably better than one.22:29
J1m_6 could be better than 3.22:29
goschtli will play with it22:29
J1m_The first phase of two-phase commit can happen in parallel.22:30
J1m_(It should be possible to allow some more parallelism in the second phase too, but I haven't gotten to that yet.)22:30
goschtl2013-12-03 13:51:16,435 WARNING [ZopePublication] Competing writes/reads22:31
goschtli have received a lot of these today22:31
goschtlit turns out the the intid utility was the bottleneck22:31
J1m_so you're getting conflicts. That's a potential downside of more clients.22:32
goschtlwe don't use the catalog in our z3 app so i removed all from the lsm22:32
J1m_Depends on your app, of course.22:32
goschtlnow i hope all will work again22:32
goschtlbut now i need some ideas on what i can work if the remove was not the only bottleneck22:33
J1m_It's not clear if your issue is conflicts or storage throughput. I suspect the former,22:34
goschtli hope it ;)22:35
goschtli have all my objects organized in a balanced way22:35
J1m_debugging that is harder than it should be.22:35
goschtlso i think it should not conflicting22:36
goschtlJ1m_: if i have these lots of Competing writes/reads is the a "perfomance" killer22:37
J1m_It can be.22:59
J1m_because you have to redo those transactions.23:00
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