IRC log of #zodb for Thursday, 2014-01-30

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monmortalwhen is zodb a good idea?00:25
monmortalcompared to say postgresql?00:25
monmortalor hek apache cassandra?00:26
aclarkmonmortal: ZODB is great for persisting Python objects on disk00:27
monmortalso say I gota make money k, and I wana write some human reosurces software, k, and I use python and zodb, what can I expect?00:28
monmortaldoes zodb handle bigger workloads and reamain stable and fast ?00:29
aclarkmonmortal: sure, it's webscale00:29
aclarkmonmortal: i mean, you can have a large db without sacrificing performance00:29
monmortalhow about not losing data?00:30
monmortalhow about easy backup?00:30
monmortalooow here the tuff one00:30
monmortalcan it run and like sync to a slave or?00:30
aclarkmonmortal: there is something called ZRS that was open sourced recently that can do something like sync/slave00:32
monmortalmyself I prefer to scale vertacally00:33
monmortalI think people have too mnay boxes in geeneral00:33
monmortalI love shemale porn too00:33
monmortaland ome houses00:33
monmortaland single lane rotaries00:33
monmortalis pthon easy to learn?00:33
monmortalI tried with lisp00:33
monmortaland was kinda bonked00:33
monmortalon head00:34
monmortaldome houses00:44
J1mmonmortal, you should use zodb if you want to be able to update your database more or less like you would Python objects in memory (easy persistence), and...01:06
J1mthe main way to get to data is by traversing objects.01:07
monmortalit mentions something about migration scripts for attirbute changes?01:07
J1mIf search is a more natural model for you, you might want an rdbms.01:07
monmortalis that fangerous or easy?01:07
monmortalI dont know what trversing objects is01:07
J1mschema migration in ZODB is much easier than in relational databases. But nothing is free.01:08
monmortalbut overall its more fun and productive to use zodb?01:08
J1mob2 = ob1.someattr01:08
monmortalhow about years later01:08
monmortalwhen your app is laoded with data?01:08
J1mor ob2 = ob1[somekey]01:08
monmortalstill easy to meneuver? upgrade? use? evolove?01:08
J1mand so on01:08
J1mYes, assuming you know what you're doing.01:08
J1mdocumentation is more scarce than it should be, unfortunately.01:09
monmortalmysql is a pos01:12
monmortalI cant believe people run so muc on it01:12
monmortalsuch a pos01:12
monmortalzdb gota be better01:12
monmortaltards at ork have 800G ms sql db01:12
monmortal800G of human reourses shit01:12
monmortalIM liek cmon01:12
monmortalgota be way to break that up01:12
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