IRC log of #zodb for Thursday, 2014-03-27

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goschtlhi, i have to export some objects in a z3 environment i do it like this: folder._p_jar.exportFile(obj._p_oid, f=str(fn))11:06
goschtlbut it seems it runs forever because it exports a lot of references to the object11:07
goschtlanything i can do?11:07
goschtlis it possible to create a simple pickle of the object without the references?11:24
goschtlJ1m: any idea with that export thing, or a other idea how i can do it?11:44
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J1mgoschtl, it's possible you have circular references, which might cause the entire database to be exported.16:09
goschtli guess i have found the thing16:10
J1mthe export machinery was written long long ago when we were very careful to avoid circular references.16:10
goschtlthe __parent__ pointer causes the complete db to download16:10
J1mas I said :)16:11
goschtli made a small path to exportimport to remove the parent oid from the oids16:11
goschtlthis seems to make the trick16:11
goschtlsylvain gave me the tip16:12
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