IRC log of #zodb for Saturday, 2014-05-10

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RixiMis there a way to run zeo as a service in ubuntu without using buildout?20:29
RixiMthis is the only nearly complete example I can find, but it seems application specific?
aclarkRixiM: probably20:32
RixiMI could phrase this question another way I guess... the documentation for buildout is very confusing... I think I will need to use it anyway when I build the container for my project?20:34
aclarkRixiM: yeah one easy way with Buildout is to use p.r.zeoserver: e.g.
RixiMI wish the python web development community was more unified. There are a lot of details, more so than cgi/perl, RoR or node20:54
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J1m_RixiM, you can definately run a ZEO server as a service without buildout.21:59
J1m_ZEO provides a runzeo script for running a server.22:00
RixiMI am looking at supervisord now.22:00
RixiMI haven't done web development for a long time, I am finding the state of the art to be in an odd place.22:00
J1m_I was just going to say that you make it a daemin with a tool like supervisord or zdaemin.22:00
J1m_zodb is orhogonal to the web :)22:01
RixiMyeah, that's a big part of it :)22:01
J1m_That's a good part of it. :)22:01
J1m_Buildout just provides automation for assembling bits.22:02
J1m_I also suggest looking at bobo,, which should help you get started quickly and easily (and orthogonally).22:02
RixiMI have a bunch of services i need to run: runzeo, redis, nginx, and uwsgi22:02
J1m_All depends on what you're doing. You can certainly do web development w much less.22:03
J1m_gotta go...22:03
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goschtl1i get this error after some hdd changes for my ZEO22:26
goschtl1ClientStorageError: [('', 8181)] Client has seen newer transactions than server!22:26
goschtl1any ideas22:26
goschtl1found it22:28
goschtl1i had to regenerate the zec cache files22:28
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