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KnioI'm trying to install zodb and it's pretty confusing07:48 says "pip install ZODB", the book says "easy_install ZODB3", but the README says that it's version 4.007:51
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aclarkKnio: either pip or easy_install should work… and ZODB3 and ZODB are two different packages the latter of which is version 420:06
aclarkKnio: so if you've never used ZODB, pip install ZODB is probably what you want.20:07
Kniois 4 still under active development?20:15
J1mKnio yes20:20
* aclark hopes so20:27
KnioZODB3, version 3.11.0 depends on ZODB, version 4.0.020:29
Kniocan that package be renamed or at least get its version number bumped or something?20:40
J1mKnio, no20:52
J1mthough I'm not sure what you're refering to with "that"20:52
Kniothat seems very confusing to newcomers20:55
J1mdon't all setup files seem confusing?20:57
J1m<shrug> if you read setup files, you are generally seeking confusion.20:57
J1ma comment would help a lot though.20:57
J1mnot sure how this relates to version numbers.20:58
Knioi dont mean the file, i mean the fact that package named "3" at version 3.11 is actually installing version 4 of everything20:58
J1mThis is necessary because tons of packages depend on zodb3 but will work fine with zodb 4.20:58
J1mif we didn't do this, all of those packages would have to be modified unnecessarily.20:59
Knioim not sure i follow.. if they depend on ZODB3, they're already running on ZODB 4.0.0dev20:59
J1mThis *is* explained in the readme.21:00
J1mI don't know what you mean.21:00
Knioif you install ZODB3 version 3.11, you get ZODB version 4.0.021:00
J1mIf have a package that depends on ZODB3, I can't satisfy that dependency with ZODB.  But you can satisfy it with ZODB3 3.11, which actually uses ZODB.21:01
J1mI don't know what your point is.21:01
KnioZODB3 3.11 actually uses ZODB *4.0.0*, so why not just bumb the version and make it ZODB3 4.0.0? that wouldnt break anything that depends on ZODB3, and would make the versioning much less confusing21:03
J1mah. That sounds like a good idea.  That's what we should have done.21:05
J1mwe didn't realize we should have done that until we had already released 3.11, at which point it was too late, in some sense.21:06
J1miow, we should have named it ZODB3 4 because it was really a major update.21:06
J1mBut I can see how rereleasing 3.11 as 4 has some additional benefit, to say nothing of humor.21:07
Knionow im confused again21:09
KnioI dont think its too late to change the version number though, people can still depend on ZODB3==3.11 and the contents wont change if they arnt pinned21:20
J1mwe never retract releases. So we can't change the version #.  It's too late not to have released 3.11.21:28
J1mIt's not to late to re-release 3.11 as 4.21:28
J1mYou seem to think that would be beneficial. I'm willing to go along.21:29
Knioyou just release a new version with a higher version number, the old versions are still all there21:29
J1mYes, that wouldn't be a "change" to the version number.21:30
J1mThat would be adding a new version number.21:30
Knioadding to pypi i guess... wouldnt it be a change in the source?21:31
aclarkKnio: yes to make a new release you bump the version number in…21:41
Kniothats all im asking for :p21:41
J1mOK, I'll make a ZODB 3 4 release21:43
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