IRC log of #zodb for Monday, 2014-06-30

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alert77hi everybody! Is it possible to convert a transaction record tid in a human readable time?17:39
alert77Thanks for the help17:40
aclarkalert77: probably… strftime?17:46
alert77aclarck: I would like to revert this...18:06
alert77(Pdb) timetest = time.time()18:06
alert77(Pdb) tid_repr(TimeStamp(*time.gmtime(timetest)[:5] + (timetest % 60,)))18:06
alert77I do not know if it is possible with strftime18:06
alert77agroszer: thanks for the suggestion18:07
alert77I am using this:18:16
alert77(Pdb) datetime.fromtimestamp(TimeStamp(t.tid).timeTime())18:16
alert77datetime.datetime(2014, 7, 1, 2, 10, 4, 686741)18:16
alert77Now I have to understand why I have a timestamp pointing to the first of July...18:16
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J1malert77, str(ZODB.TimeStamp.TimeStamp(tid))18:20
J1malert77, tids are UTC18:21
J1malthough it's not july yet in england18:21
alert77Thanks Jim, now I will reply on ZODB-dev!18:22
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