IRC log of #zodb for Tuesday, 2016-07-12

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J1mjamadden, I just enabled cocerals for zodb. Do I need to add any configuration to the project?20:46
jamaddenyes, there needs to be a change to .travis.yml to upload to coveralls, and typically a .coveragerc config file added to do things like exclude tests.20:48
jamaddendoes zope-testrunner have support for running coverage? I can't remember20:48
J1mno idea20:49
jamadden(oh, and when running under pypy, we want to disable coverage, it's *really* slow)20:49
J1mI'm cribbing from relstorage20:49
jamaddenthe key thing in .travis.yml is the `after-success: coveralls` block (and of course pip install coveralls in `install`).20:50
jamaddenYou can just stick `coverage` as a command in front of some other python script and it usually just works, but its nicer if it's built into the testrunner, especially if the tests fork or use multiprocessing (I don't *think* zodb tests do?)20:51
J1mjamadden, zope testrunner has coverage support, but there always seemed to be problems with it, so I never fooled with it.20:52
J1mdoes the testrunner need to invoke coveralls?20:52
jamaddenA new block in .travis.yml does: `after-success: coveralls`, which will upload the .coverage file in the current directory IF everything passes20:53
J1mI'd be surprised if running tests in multiple processes (-j) didn't screw up coverage.21:00
jamaddenThere's an environment variable you set for that when running the tests, and a "cleanup" command  you do after (`coverage combine`). I think zodbshootout does that.21:01
jamaddenbut since .travis.yml doesn't use -j, it's not a problem21:02
J1mIt does for ZODB. Without it, the tests take longer to run and travis penalizes such tests.21:04
jamaddenI don't see -j in the .travis.yml (
jamaddenIt got dropped in 2013 (
J1mweird.  But be why these tests get queued for so long. :)21:06
J1m-j is crucial for ZEO tests.21:06
J1mMust be...21:11
jamaddenwhich, argh, doesn't actually seem to run all its tests on Travis. ZEO's, fails on both Py 2 and Py3. Some tweaks let it run on Py2, but not on Py 321:11
jamaddenhmm. It works from the buildout but not from a virtualenv.21:13
jamaddennever mind, it's differences in the random numbers you get from random2 vs the native random on python 3…I guess I'll have to add that dep (I'm porting the cache stats tests to relstorage)21:16
J1mare you cool with:
jamaddenI literally just made that comment :)21:17
J1mThe zope tests runner outputs a directory of overage data with a file for each source file.21:21
J1mcoveralls has no clue about that. :(21:22
J1mthe test runner also prints out a summary with a line for eaxh source file....21:22
J1mtime to google...21:22
jamadden`coverage combine` ?21:22
* J1m tries...21:23
J1mHoly crap. zope.testrunner has it's own coverage implementation based on trace21:29
jamaddenaww :(21:29
J1mI give up for now.21:32
jamaddenthanks for looking at it.21:33
jamaddenThe new checkUndoMultipleConflictResolution in pr 89 fails in RelStorage because RS explicitly doesn't support conflict-resolving undo, as it turns out21:47
J1mwe should probably start using unitests skip feature to deal with cases like this.21:50
J1mor maybe factor those tests differently.21:50
J1mThis is a rather exotic feature. :)21:50
jamaddenI am going to skip it for now (I think we could support it with some work, but nobody has asked for it, according to the comment in RS).21:51
jamaddenbut yeah, it would be nice if this test somehow magically didn't apply to RS in the first place :) (which is what I think you meant about factoring it differently…don't ask me how, though)21:51
J1mthose test could be factored into a separate test class that didn't get applied to RS.21:53
J1mOr, we could add an interface to mark support for conflict-resolution in undo.21:53
J1mand then use the skip mechanism.21:54
jamaddenin general, though, it's a tightrope walk between what new tests should apply and what should go in new classes that then manually have to be applied.21:54
jamaddenI like the interface idea21:54
J1mBut factoring the tests woykd be easier21:54
jamaddenskipping in RS is easy enough for now21:54

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