IRC log of #zodb for Friday, 2016-07-29

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bloodbareJ1m: ping21:12
bloodbareJ1m: on plone.server we created our own transaction_manager that is request aware21:12
bloodbareand we create the ZODB with a RequestAwareDB that registers objects to that transaction_manager on request
J1mbloodbare, a) why would database initialization using a standard tm break this and b) why don't you just hang a standard TM on a request.22:07
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J1mIn fact, there are existing tools that do this for you.22:26
J1mFor example, zc.zodbwsgi attaches a ZODB connection and has an option for that connection to use a transaction manager that's not connected to a thread.22:27
J1mIN fact:
J1millustrates using this option for a ZODB web app that uses gevent.22:30
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