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mgedminwelcome to zope 200:01
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OolSo don't use to me to loose more time in trying to deploy zope-edit ? .. Just need to tell it to my boss !!!00:04
Charlie_Xno, but webdav still works00:04
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Charlie_XYou should still be able to use something similar to zope-edit, ie. the HTML editor in Mozilla00:06
Oolsimilar ? open file directly with other application and write it00:09
mgedminif you would fix zope external editor to work with modern zopes, people would be very grateful00:10
Charlie_XIn theory, Zope still has a WebDAV server. So you can mount the ZODB on the file system and access objects as if they were files. But WebDAV has problems.00:10
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OolI read carrefully .. but I'll going to tell everything to our developper ... but don't wait for me, I'm a poor admin sys :)00:12
Oolin charge to deploy something which don't exist any more00:13
mgedminwhich version of Zope are you deploying?00:13
davisaglimgedmin: external editor ships with Plone 3 and 4 and works with both, as far as I know00:14
mgedmindavisagli, cool!00:15
mgedminexternal editor doesn't work with zope 2.1200:15
mgedminwhat version of zope does plone 4 use?00:15
OolI don't know exactly soz00:15
Ool4 I think00:15
mgedminI upgraded a few sites from 2.9 straight to 2.12, and had to ditch external editor in progress00:15
mgedminzope 4 does not exist00:15
Oolput external Editor work when I install it with GUI ... I'm on a page no version number00:21
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Oolit's a site with plone00:25
mgedmin/Control_Panel/manage_main mentions the zope version number00:26
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OolI have no access there ..00:28
Oolbut I can't see the /Control_Panel page but without any number00:29
mgedmincan you see HTTP headers?00:29
mgedminI think Zope version is mentioned there, in the Server header00:29
OolI sure our develloper hide it :)00:30
Oolthanks anyway , by00:44
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regebroPython 3 compatibility merged to trunk for zope.interface! Whohoo!11:17
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mcdoncregebro: boy, that looks easy! <not>11:31
regebromcdonc: Writing the fixers to make the new decorator syntax was not easy. :)11:32
regebroOtehrwise it's mostly a case of very boringly fix all the doctest tests so they work with Python 3 doctest formatting. :rolleyes:11:33
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mcdonctres just ran a coverage test the day before yesterday on the z.i trunk.. its pitiful11:34
regebromcdonc: Damn. :-/ It has a lot of tests. But I guess they are testing edge cases on the same parts of the code. :)11:35
regebroNow I'm gonna finish zope.testing, and then it's onto zope.proxy and, because they have C-code.11:36
regebro*That* will be interesting. :)11:36
mcdoncwow, well... thanks!11:36
mcdonc(i think... i havent decided whether python 3 is a good thing yet ;-) )11:37
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regebromcdonc: It is a lot cleaner. But I'm not convinced that the break was the right thing to do. I think it  could have been done gradually,  with deprecations and forward imports.11:38
mcdoncyeah.. well in any case, as long as no animals are harmed, it'll be a net win to be able to mess around under py3 with zopey stuff, so thanks11:47
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moo---_is all behind Zope contribution agreement? I'd like to make some fixes to plone.z3cform11:58
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betabug_islandif it's plone, it's likely GPL12:17
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planetzopebotInstalling python from source (my-zope)
planetzopebotNoSQL, meh (Andy McKay)
planetzopebotHow to avoid getting a too new Plone version (Weblog)
moo---_betabug_island: yes, but I'd like fork and commit13:14
moo---_betabug_island: license is not the problem13:14
betabug_islandyeah, I just guess that plone has its own rules there13:14
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moo---_betabug_island: yeah but product is in zope repo13:17
moo---_betabug_island: so what are the rules of
moo---_I need to write yet another agreement and get yet another user account?13:17
betabug_islanddunno, ask the plone peepz13:18
moo---_betabug_island: is not plone people?13:18
moo---_it says "zope"?13:18 is a svn repository13:18
moo---_and if I want to have commit rights there?13:18
betabug_islandout of plone.z3cform I'd guess it's code from the plone project13:19
moo---_betabug_island: yes it is. it is also "generic Z2 project" thus in zope repo13:19
betabug_islandI don't know then13:19
moo---_ok. thanks.13:19
betabug_islandnp, I wasn't really that helpful :-/13:20
moo---_betabug_island: yep. I found some really old contribution agreement page for zope, but I'd like to know what's current situation13:20
* moo---_ has learnt not to trust content on zope.org13:21
moo---_in any case I now just do github svn import13:21
moo---_sorry for argumentation :<13:21
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planetzopebotReview: Plone 3 for education (Reinout van Rees' weblog)
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sim_simIs there a patch somewhere to make the zope.testing testrunner produce xml output, with time metrics if possible ?19:26
sim_simthanks ! :)19:26
sim_simdavisagli, omg this is great !19:31
davisaglisim_sim: bet you're glad you asked :)19:31
sim_simdavisagli, yep :) I was thinking about writing another hack ( ie : a zope.testing feature ) to get an xml output compliant or something19:32
davisaglinow if only it could output coverage info in a format usable by the Hudson coverage plugins...19:33
sim_simI already made some research with all hudson plugins etc. And was getting bored at thinking about patching19:33
sim_simdavisagli, hey I got a trick for you :)19:34
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sim_simdavisagli, you can use with zope.testing.19:34
sim_simeg : bin/coverage run bin/testrunner19:34
sim_simand then get the xml output :)19:34
davisaglisim_sim: huh! cool19:34
sim_simthat s what i do19:34
sim_simand it works19:34
davisagliI'll give that a shot19:35
davisagliwhich Hudson plugin do you use then?19:35
sim_simWe are even now =)19:35
sim_simI use the one that can handle pylint output19:35
sim_simhe is called ...19:35
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sim_simdavisagli, and what plugin do you use then ? the basic JUnit plugin ?19:36
davisagliI think so19:36
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sminteresting.. sphinx + disqus comments,
smnice baijum20:28
smand you use the wiki for coordinating ? do you draft docs there too ?20:29
baijumsm: sometimes20:29
baijumsm: thanks for the great wiki !20:30
* sm was just looking around the bluebream wiki.. you're most welcome20:30
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