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davetooWill zope 2.2(.8) *not* work with python > 2.4 (e.g. 2.6.5)?21:50
betabugdavetoo: it's not recommended21:52
betabughmm, now I see you say Zope 2.2??? that's *very* old21:53
betabugprobably wants python 2.3 or even older21:53
davetooI'm not developing a new app :)22:11
davetooTryhing to set up a development environment on my Windows system22:11
davetooerm, sorry,22:12
davetooerm, can't type...22:12
davetooThe App authors (Zenoss) embed their own instance of python 2.4.something in their distribution, but I need to use a Windows version if I'm going to be able to work on it at home (with Ecplise)22:13
davetooMy alternative is to figure out how to replace that with a self-contained Windows install, but they.. mucked around with all the libarary locations22:17
moo---_davetoo: untrue22:21
moo---_davetoo: eclipse does not need any special windows22:21
davetooit's not Eclipse/Pydev I have trouble with..22:22
davetooit's getting the Zenoss libraries loaded into a minimal running Zope 2.8 instance22:22
davetooon Windows 722:23
davetoo(Don't ask :)22:23
moo---_I don't understand your problem22:24
moo---_you don't clearly state what does not work and why22:25
davetoolet me rephrase: will zope 2.8.8 for windows run under Python 2.6.5/Windows x64?22:26
davetooNo, I haven't tried yet, because I know so little about Zope I didn't want to waste a lot of time on the learning curve just to learn that it will not.22:26
moo---_zope 2.8 requires python 2.422:28
davetoook, thanks...22:28
moo---_python 2.4 runs on windows 722:28
moo---_hope this helps :)22:29
davetooyes, but other stuff I22:29
davetoo'm doing requires python > 2.5 :)  So ... my next task is to figure out how to replace their funky standalone linux python build with a standalone windows build not from the .msi installer22:30
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koshgreetings those who serve the life sucking god of death :)23:01
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