IRC log of #zope for Friday, 2010-04-30

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TKtrundlehi can you look at this error im getting please.  I have lxml installed and can import it fine in the python interpreter.
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TresEquisTKtrundle: are  you running inside a buildout?00:54
TresEquisIf so, you need to make sure the lxml egg is added to the "part" which sets up the Zope instance00:55
TKtrundleTresEquis: Hey Im not running buildout is there an config file for zope to add python modules?01:04
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TresEquissee the 'paths' section in your zope.conf01:08
TresEquisand double check that your Zope instance is really using the same python where you verified that lxml was installed01:08
TresEquisthe default location for third-party libs in "old" zope was $INSTANCE_HOME/lib/python01:09
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matlehany buildout experts here?13:52
matlehI have a question: when I specify find-links, are the versions from there preferred over the ones from the index?13:53
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matlehI specified the zope3.4 find-links page in my buildout, but I get newer versions anyway14:01
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TresEquismatleh: no14:04
TresEquisthey just get added to the set to be evaluated against any constraints14:04
TresEquisif they are newer, usually, then they win14:04
TresEquiswhat index are you using?14:04
TresEquisgenerally I would avoid find-links and use the KGS versions.cfg for buildout14:04
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matlehAh, OK14:05
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matlehwhy avoid find-links?14:05
matlehI tried the KGS index, but this didn't seem to work14:05
matlehwhen I specifiy [buildout]index=<KGS-index-url>, than only this index is queried an not PyPI, right?14:07
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matlehwhen I use the zope3.4 KGS index, buildout complains, that it can't find zope.i18n==3.4.0, even though this version is linked in the KGS index14:10
matleham I still doing something wrong?14:11
matlehHmm, it works when I disable the shared egg-directory14:17
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matlehhmm, it did for my test, but doesn't for the real thing :(14:35
betabugthat's why I avoid testing stuff14:39
betabugif you hadn't tested it, you would have known right away that it doesn't work14:39
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matlehbetabug: are you talking with me?14:56
betabugmore like "kidding with you" :-)14:59
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do3ccshouldnt I be able to call attributes of a browser view with an url if I define them in zcml in the allowed_attributes?15:58
TresEquisdo3cc: Zope3?16:00
TresEquisIf methods, they still need to have docstrings16:00
do3ccno 2.1216:00
TresEquisin Zope216:01
do3ccIm checking but I believe they have, thats not my code that fails16:01
do3ccyes thats not it16:01
TresEquisgenerally speaking, allowed_attributes grants templates the right to use them16:02
TresEquisbut addressing them via URL may require extra hoops16:02
do3ccwhat I saw from stepping through with the debugger, that Products.Five.metaconfigure.ViewMixinForTemplates nowadays implements a publishTraverse that does not check for attributes. 2.10 did not implement that16:02
do3ccI believe that worked in 2.1016:03
TresEquislike declaring Z2-style permissions, initializing the class, ensuring a docstring, etc.16:03
do3ccbut I did not find a clear documentation of what allowed_attributes should actually allow16:03
TresEquisit sounds like you might want to check out <browser:views>?16:04
do3ccmaybe, not sure yet16:05
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do3ccthat code does funny things. The view is not registered for the object, there is a custom adapter returning the view, on which the publisher tries to get the attribute16:06
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do3ccas I don't know that it is supposed to be possible to call that attribute with an url call, I don't actually know who is wrong16:06
TresEquisfrom the Z3 perspective, if if doesn't have its own view registration, it isn't supposed to be URL-addressible16:07
do3ccit has16:07
TresEquisI mean the attribute16:08
TresEquis(method, really)16:08
do3ccso It might be that the package used a feature that was actually a bug16:08
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TresEquisit could be that some historical mix of Five allowed it, due to interactions with classic Boboisms16:08
TresEquisI think I might just add more <browser:view> declarations (one per addressible method)16:09
TresEquisyou can spell the attribute name inside <browser:view>, I think16:09
do3ccthats what happening16:09
TresEquisnot the allowed_attributes16:10
TresEquismore like:  <browser:view for="*" factory="my.module.MyView" attribute="method_name" />16:10
TresEquisincomplete -- needs name="something", etc.16:11
TresEquisthat will cause the new view to call your method, instead of __call__16:11
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do3ccthe original author just added more actions to a view, the page is also __call__ ed16:12
do3ccI think the author really used a loophole that got closed16:14
do3ccbut now I am even more confused of allowed_attributes16:18
do3ccI can access all attributes of a view in tales expressions16:18
do3ccwhat is allowed_attributes actually used for?16:18
TresEquisIn Z3, you can't use any view attributes which aren't listed there16:18
TresEquisZ2 is likely operating more loosely16:19
do3ccbut methods I can16:19
TresEquisbecause it doesn't use the Z3 spacesuits16:19
TresEquisaka "security proxies"16:19
do3ccI never had the need to access attributes of browser view classes in TALES, and methods I can call without such restriction16:21
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LeoRochaelI have buildouts with versions extending the Zope 2.12 version pins, that are breaking left and right because bootstrap picks up zc.buildout 1.5.0b1 instead of 1.4.318:59
LeoRochaeland then buildout cannot downgrade itself19:00
LeoRochaeldespite being pinned to 1.4.3 on the Zope 2.12 versions list19:00
LeoRochaelwhat workarounds are people using?19:00
LeoRochaelI guess I'll just have to pass -v to boostrap.py19:07
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TresEquisLeoRochael: see the distutils-sig this morning19:31
LeoRochaelTresEquis: thanks, Tres19:32
LeoRochaellooks like it's long past time I subscribed to that list, even if in digest mode19:32
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__gotchazc.buildout does not work for me anymore...22:41
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__gotchaI think it is related with the release of buildout 1.5.0b122:41
__gotchaHas someone else seen the problem ?22:41
__gotchaor just a coincidence ?22:42
TresEquis__gotcha: not a coincidence22:42
TresEquisgary_poster is working on unscrewing it today22:43
__gotchaany workaround in the meanwhile ?22:43
LeoRochael__gotcha: quick workaround: python -v 1.4.322:43
LeoRochael__gotcha: put you have to pin your zc.buildout version22:43
LeoRochael__gotcha: otherwise buildout will try to update it22:44
__gotchaLeoRochael: iow, it must be told twice ?22:44
LeoRochael__gotcha: unfortunately, yes22:44
__gotchadoes work for me :-)22:44
__gotchaI felt bad : I was about to release a new version of zope.schema22:45
__gotchathan realized I had not run the tests in isolation  ;-)22:45
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