IRC log of #zope for Friday, 2010-05-14

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TKtiddleHello how Do i register a xsl file in a zpt?00:34
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CIA-46wichert * r112299 (CHANGES.txt src/zope/app/locales/nl/LC_MESSAGES/zope.po): Use a more user friendly message. Users were confused when the original appeared as a form error.11:53
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CIA-46wichert * r112300 ( zope.po): Fix fuzzy strings12:10
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CIA-46jacobholm * r112301 /z3c.dependencychecker/branches/ (5 files in 3 dirs): Branch for working on better detection of zcml and doctest dependencies.19:49
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CIA-46tseaver * r112302 /ZODB/branches/tseaver-better_repozo_tests: Branch for improving repozo unit test coverage.20:32
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CIA-46tseaver * r112303 /ZODB/branches/tseaver-better_repozo_tests: Get this in better.20:46
CIA-46tseaver * r112304 /ZODB/branches/tseaver-better_repozo_tests: Branch for improving repozo unit test coverage (redux).20:46
CIA-46tseaver tseaver-better_repozo_tests * r112305 ZODB/src/ZODB/scripts/
CIA-46Hooks for testability:20:46
CIA-46Raise an exception from 'do_full_backup' / 'do_incremental_backup' where20:46
CIA-46we would have called sys.exit(2) to avoid overwriting files. Catch the20:46
CIA-46exception in 'main' and do the same error reporting / exit.20:46
CIA-46Allow the 'options' object to pre-set the time used for generating the20:46
CIA-46backup filenames.20:46
CIA-46tseaver tseaver-better_repozo_tests * r112306 ZODB/src/ZODB/scripts/tests/ Add tests for 'do_full_backup' / 'do_incremental_backup'.20:46
CIA-46tseaver tseaver-better_repozo_tests * r112307 ZODB/src/ZODB/scripts/tests/ Add tests for 'dofile'.20:46
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CIA-46tseaver tseaver-better_repozo_tests * r112308 ZODB/src/ZODB/scripts/tests/ Add tests for 'checksum'.21:02
CIA-46tseaver tseaver-better_repozo_tests * r112309 ZODB/src/ZODB/scripts/tests/ Add tests for 'copyfile'.21:02
CIA-46tseaver tseaver-better_repozo_tests * r112310 ZODB/src/ZODB/scripts/tests/ Add tests for 'concat'.21:02
CIA-46tseaver tseaver-better_repozo_tests * r112311 ZODB/src/ZODB/scripts/tests/ Add tests for 'gen_filename'.21:02
CIA-46tseaver tseaver-better_repozo_tests * r112312 ZODB/src/ZODB/scripts/tests/ Add tests for 'find_files'.21:02
CIA-46tseaver tseaver-better_repozo_tests * r112313 ZODB/src/ZODB/scripts/tests/ Add tests for 'scandat'.21:02
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CIA-46jim * r112314 ZODB/src/ZODB/scripts/ ( tests/ Merged the tseaver-better_repozo_tests branch.21:32
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digilordIs there a way to build a socket server in ZOPE that connects to another device over a socket and is still able to communicate to my ZOPE app?22:56
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runyagadigilord, sure23:12
digilordrunyaga: I am all eyes ;)23:12
runyagasockert server that connects to another device?23:13
runyagado you mean.. "open up a socket in Zope which connects to another device" ?23:13
digilordrunyaga: Yes23:13
runyagause a external methdo23:13
runyagaexternal method23:13
runyagadef mymethod(self):23:13
runyaga    socket.connect(..)23:13
runyagajust regular python23:13
shen-longno crap?23:14
digilordrunyaga: I need bi-directional comms23:14
runyagais this a long running communication?23:14
digilordrunyaga: I have an external twisted server but it needs data from zope.  I am writing files to the filesystem right now23:14
digilordrunyaga: Yeah should run all the time23:14
digilordrunyaga: It's not polled comms23:14
runyagaand you want zope to connect to twister; and twisted to connect to zope?23:15
shen-longhmm, is there a way to spawn a twisted reactor in the same thread as a zeo client ?23:15
digilordrunyaga: The device will connect and talk to the server whenever it has data the server needs.23:15
runyagashen-long, yes.. see zc.async23:15
digilordrunyaga: Yes23:15
shen-longchecking now23:15
runyagadigilord, unsure other than writing a zserver23:15
runyagafilesystem sounds good to me23:16
runyagainotify + filesystem23:16
runyagasuper simple ;)23:16
shen-longrunyaga, we're connecting to a sip server23:17
runyagadigilord, or maybe beanstalkd? amqp?23:17
shen-longso it's got an event layer23:17
shen-longand in it's config we can point events to sockets (ie, when this thing happens, take your session data and bring it to this socket)23:17
runyagait has an event layer but you need to react to the events across both processes23:17
runyagain the sip server you can point it to a socket?23:18
shen-longyes indeed23:18
shen-longso perhaps two sockets?23:18
shen-longor .. more, of course23:18
digilordIt's the control channel23:18
runyagai think filessystem + inotify still good idea ;)23:18
runyagaalthough i think this is more complicated than filesystem ;-)23:18
runyagasounds like your having a problem with zope "picking up" the events23:18
shen-longso, inotify, I get23:18
runyagahow about just sending zope http POST?23:19
shen-longwell, we were looking at twist for zope23:19
digilordrunyaga: The device has it's own protocol that we didn't design23:19
shen-longso it doesn't seem like it will be too hard to have twisted reactors hit objects, validate and persisit23:19
digilordrunyaga: It just opens a TCP socket and talks over that23:19
runyagawell if its a socket...23:19
runyagawrite a long running tcp socket server that reads and marshalls it to PUTs ?23:20
runyagai mean.. simple ;-)23:20
runyagaand super easy to debug23:20
shen-longno crap23:20
runyagais probably the simplest "zserver channel"23:20
shen-longbecause, we're very async already23:20
runyagabut this is going to be more difficult to debug23:20
shen-longanything sync is handled inside the sip server currently23:20
shen-longI just feel like I'm asking the wrong question ;p23:21
runyagayou could be23:21
runyagaand i should be doing work23:21
runyagabut i will talk to you for a few more minutes before getting back to work ;)23:21
shen-longw00t! ;p23:22
shen-longlet me try and articulate the problem23:22
shen-longinstead of asking you for a solution23:22
runyagagood mna23:22
shen-longso, we're using zodb to store configuration data23:22
shen-longit's ... f'ing amazing23:22
shen-longso, now we're spoiled with objects and containment23:22
runyagapersistence - check23:23
shen-longlol, yeah23:23
shen-longso, we are generating config for the system from the zope objects23:23
shen-longand that's also wonderful23:23
shen-longwe have a working implementation of a socket reactor in twisted (tcp)23:24
shen-longthat when an event in the system (go to bill's voicemail)23:24
shen-longis fired, we wind up at that correct twisted reactor with our session vars, in python23:24
shen-longto then cut the dictionaries up and spread the data where it needs to go for the actual call to work as expected by a user23:25
shen-longpress 1 for this, etc23:25
shen-longcatch button presses23:25
shen-longwe could love to have this data in zope23:25
shen-longat the correct object23:25
shen-longwithout too many middle man layers23:26
shen-longlike, bill was called by "number here" on "date.time"23:26
shen-longcrud like that23:26
runyagahow about opening up a zeoclient in your sip server and jus write to the database?23:26
shen-longthat sounds spectacular23:26
shen-longshould I read up more on how a zeoclient is built ?23:26
runyagayour already using ZEO, probably?23:27
shen-longnot yet, for this project23:27
shen-longbut I've used it before for plone23:27
runyagainstead of a FileStorage you will use a ClientStorage23:28
runyagabut instead of doing all of this23:28
runyagayou already have the sip server dumping events to FS, correct?23:28
runyagano other changes needed23:29
runyagait Just Works(tm)23:29
digilordrunyaga: No events are only sent to socket connected devices23:29
shen-longwe could write something in twisted to dump those to the fs I guess23:29
runyagaso what you could do23:29
runyagawrite a daemon that receives the socket comm from sip + writes to a*separate* ZEO database23:30
runyagathen in the Zope/Plone/wahtever end; have a ZEO client connecting to the same database23:30
shen-longgot it23:30
runyagavoila - you get your objects and something fairly reasonable easy to debug23:30
runyagathe only suck part is running another service23:30
runyagaand if that is unbearable; your only other choice is to write a Zope ZServer channel23:31
shen-longman, you got the wheels moving I think ;p23:31
shen-longthank you very very much23:31
runyagaand on that note i need to get back to work; have good weekend23:31
shen-longok, one more question though23:31
shen-longwe want to take the data from the middle man db, and then write the correct information into the configuration / ui zodb23:32
runyagano no no no23:32
shen-longis that correct ?23:32
runyagaso you have zope process - right?23:32
shen-longk, thought I was missing that point ;)23:32
runyagaand you have a UI there?23:32
runyagaso that is 1 database23:33
runyagayou will need to setup another database in your zope that talks to a ZEO server23:33
runyaga"another database"23:33
runyagaso lets say you have23:33
runyaga<db man>23:33
runyaga  your existing system23:33
runyagathat was suppose to be <db main>23:33
shen-long<db events>23:33
runyagawhich is a SEPARATE ZODB23:33
runyagaand the only thing that it should have is BTree's (scalable containers) and PersistentMappings (your events)23:34
runyagayour zope application UI simply needs to get a reference to this database (mounted database?) and do the needful23:34
shen-longlol .. do the needful23:34
shen-longI've been in that industry :D23:35
digilordBsed on the event type can we have something kick off a method?23:35
runyagatoday: you have 1 database, tomorrow: you need 2 database (original + "events db")23:35
runyagaoh right23:35
runyagayou need to "react" to these events in zope?23:35
runyagawhat sort of "reaction" ?23:35
digilordDecide what to do with a call23:36
runyagazope has all of this knowledge?23:36
runyagaso its not just for UI23:36
shen-longyou know23:36
shen-longI think we're over thinking this part of it23:36
runyagai hope so.. if you dont have a reason .. dont fiddle with it23:37
runyagajust get the events there23:37
shen-longwe just want to move correlated data from one db, into the objects for another23:37
shen-longso like, we have db1.somedomain.user23:37
shen-longand all his caller id information and call log, voicemail is in the other db23:38
runyagabut that person is siimply getting a "view" of the data - right?23:38
runyagai.e. they gto a UI and they see call log, voice mail, etc23:38
shen-longI just don't know how that works codified23:38
shen-longlike, does zope care we're talking to db1 or db223:39
runyagaso extend the UI to also do the lookup in the events database23:39
shen-longwe just use a relation/alias ?23:39
runyagaonce you have references to the database.. if your using the "standard plumbing" it works the same way you expect it to23:39
shen-longahh ok23:39
runyagajust do the look up in your UI23:39
shen-longso it's just a different 'file'23:39
shen-longon the filesystem23:39
shen-longon another machine, written to by another service23:39
shen-longbut it's still in the same zope land for us23:40
shen-longso we can write to each dbs objects and persist them as we need, as if by magic ?23:40
runyagamaybe its not good enough23:40
runyagawell its not magic23:40
runyagayou still need to commit transaction23:40
runyagaand synchronize the db connection23:40
runyagaand watch out for cnoflicterrors23:40
runyagaI would HIGHLY suggest using ZODB 3.9.523:40
runyagaif you move to this confniguration23:41
shen-longI think we are23:41
runyagathat can prevent accidental cross database references23:41
shen-longusing latest grok23:41
runyagajust double check ;)23:41
shen-longsure thing :p23:41
shen-longlooking now23:41
runyagagood luck guys23:41
shen-longrunyaga, thanks man :)23:41
shen-longvery much23:41
shen-longneed to upgrade23:42
shen-longthanks again :)23:42
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CIA-46jim * r112315 ZODB/src/ (6 files in 4 dirs): reverted a premature commit23:53
CIA-46jim * r112316 /ZODB/branches/jim-transform-wrapping: Try to sort out supporting wrappers that perform data transformation.23:53
CIA-46jim jim-transform-wrapping * r112317 ZODB/src/ (6 files in 4 dirs): moved premature commit to branch23:53
CIA-46jim jim-transform-wrapping * r112318 ZODB/src/ZODB/ (7 files in 3 dirs): checkpoint23:53
CIA-46jim jim-transform-wrapping * r112319 ZODB/src/ZODB/tests/ checkpoint23:53
CIA-46jim * r112320 ZODB/src/ (7 files in 3 dirs):23:53
CIA-46Databases now warn when committing very large records (> 16MB).23:53
CIA-46This is to tr to warn people of likely design mistakes. There is a23:53
CIA-46new option (large_record_size/large-record-size) to control the23:53
CIA-46Index: src/CHANGES.txt23:53
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