IRC log of #zope for Tuesday, 2010-05-18

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CIA-46ccomb * r112431 z3c.checkversions/ (7 files in 2 dirs): Added a verbose option which prints old versions as well00:17
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CIA-46ccomb * r112432 z3c.checkversions/ (README.txt HISTORY.txt CHANGELOG.txt updated the doc and renamed the changelog00:46
CIA-46jim jim-transform-wrapping * r112433 ZODB/src/ZODB/ (tests/ checkpoint00:46
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CIA-46tlotze * r112434 gocept.selenium/ (src/gocept/selenium/ CHANGES.txt): added keyDown, keyUp and keyPress as well as control-key variants11:47
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CIA-46janwijbrand * r112435 megrok.strictrequire/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.312:30
CIA-46janwijbrand * r112436 /megrok.strictrequire/tags/0.3: Tagging 0.312:30
CIA-46janwijbrand * r112437 megrok.strictrequire/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 0.412:31
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CIA-46janwijbrand * r112438 zopetoolkit/ztk.cfg: update zope.password to 3.6.013:48
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CIA-46janwijbrand 1.1 * r112439 groktoolkit/grok.cfg: override the zope.password version to 3.6.014:06
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CIA-46janwijbrand * r112440 groktoolkit/grok.cfg: update to recent ztk revision, that now includeds zope.password 3.6.014:19
CIA-46janwijbrand * r112441 grok/buildout.cfg: use the *checkout* URLs to refer to files in the repository14:19
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CIA-46janwijbrand 1.1 * r112442 grok/buildout.cfg: use the *checkout* URLs to refer to files in the repository. point to the 1.1 branch of the groktoolkit.14:37
CIA-46janwijbrand * r112443 grokproject/grokproject/template/ (buildout.cfg_tmpl cache extends-cache): rename "cache" directory (that will contain the cache for the *cfg files that we extend from) to extends-cache.14:37
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CIA-46janwijbrand * r112444 grokproject/ (5 files in 3 dirs): fix the tests for the extends-cache directory, ecnode the initial password as ssha15:17
CIA-46gotcha * r112445 zope.schema/ (3 files in 3 dirs):15:17
CIA-46- fix validation of schema with Object Field that specify Interface schema.15:17
CIA-46- improve tests for validation of cycles15:17
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digilordCan anyone tell me what resolveRelationToken returns when there is no relation for a given object?  The source for zc.relation doesn't have an indication of that case15:26
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CIA-46ctheune * r112446 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/ (10 files in 2 dirs): Clean up zope-dev summaries, update today's agenda, wire up the sphinx parts.15:31
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CIA-46baijum * r112447 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/zope-dev/zope-dev-20100518.rst: typo15:46
CIA-46janwijbrand * r112448 grokproject/ (grokproject/template/buildout.cfg_tmpl CHANGES.txt): use zope.password for the zpasswd command line utility15:46
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do3ccWhere is the right place to fill bugs for
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Charlie_Xdo3cc launchpad16:55
do3ccyes right, which project, I thought every zope package got its own project there16:57
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j-whannosch_: thanks for writing down the ztk-team-meeting minutes17:02
hannosch_j-w: sorry, for being so late :)17:02
hannosch_I tried hard to disqualify myself as a secretary ;)17:03
j-wwell, you can make up for the delay of course, by trying again today *big wink*17:03
hannosch_j-w, ccomb: we have a meeting now?17:03
j-wfine by me17:03
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j-wlet me try to make some notes this time17:04
hannosch_sure, thx!17:04
hannosch_I put them into svn+ssh://
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hannosch_ccomb: you here?17:05
hannosch_ccomb: you have time for a meeting now?17:07
* ccomb reading the meeting minute17:08
hannosch_ok, agenda items for today: approve last agenda, check on tasks as mentioned there, new business17:08
j-wlast agenda?17:09
hannosch_eh, summary17:09
j-wok :-)17:10
hannosch_is the stuff I wrote correct, do you want it changed17:10
j-wI agree with the summary17:10
ccombmostly too17:11
ccombI'm not sure about the ztk.cfg and zopeapp.cfg17:11
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j-wfor the release outcome?17:11
ccombI've doing some tests in a branch17:11
ccombI've tried separating versions from ztk.cfg and zopeapp.cfg17:11
ccombto have a single versions.cfg file17:11
ccombso that the checkversions script can overwrite it17:12
hannosch_mmh, we also had the idea of a deprecated.cfg - maybe zopeapp.cfg should just be named that?17:12
j-whannosch_:  i'd rather not do that yet17:12
j-was there's stuff in there that's in use17:13
j-win a not-deprecated way17:13
ccombI was suggesting "deprecating" instead17:13
ccombso : not yet deprecated, but moving out17:13 for example17:13
j-wso, yes, a lot of* package will move to a deprecating.cfg list17:14
ccombwe can have a moving-in file, a core ztk file, and an moving-out file17:14
j-wbut not just rename zopeapp.cfg to deprecating.cfg17:14
ccombok, so we keep zopeapp for the moment, and we add a deprecating?17:15
hannosch_works for me17:15
ccomband we move only a few files to deprecating17:15
CIA-46hannosch * r112449 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/releaseteam/ (meeting-20100506.rst index.rst): Add notes from first meeting17:15
CIA-46janwijbrand * r112450 grokproject/ (5 files in 2 dirs): do not use a console_script entry point for the interactive debugger, but have a buildout part generate the tool17:15
CIA-46satchit satchit-sharedconfig-recipe * r112451 zc.recipe.deployment/README.txt: removed trailing whitespace.17:15
hannosch_I think there's two things "under-review" like zope.xmlpickle and something else17:16
hannosch_should those move to deprecating?17:16
j-w(does the name CIA-46 mean anything?)17:16
j-wI ddi not look at them yet17:16
hannosch_it's a commit bot17:16
j-wI guess we should make an action point out of the under-review section17:17
hannosch_ok. we have the bigger task of looking at Tres list anyways17:17
hannosch_how should we go about that?17:18
ccombwhich lists?17:18
hannosch_he made a list detailing which framework used which package17:18
j-wcan we put this topic on hold for a sec?17:18
ccombah ok, I've seen it17:18
j-wand finish the two action point from the summary first17:18
j-wfirst is me bugging janjaap17:19
j-wwhich I did17:19
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j-whe's setting up a lot of buildslaves here:17:19
hannosch_so we have Windows builds for the ZTK now?17:19
j-wthere's no 64-but windows yet17:19
hannosch_right. that depends on the Windows work we do in the zope-dev discussions17:20
agroszerhey, once I get to the AMI from sidnei, there could be a win64bit slave17:20
*** mgedmin has joined #zope17:20
j-wbut has been in contact with tres and you coordinating the windows-buildslave work if I understand correctly, right?17:20
hannosch_j-w: does the ZTK windows slave sent messages to zope-tests?17:20
j-whannosch_: it should...17:20
j-wthat's what I understand17:20
do3ccBut the script cant parse the buildbot mails yet17:21
j-wbut I'm not so sure now...17:21
do3ccso its not part of the daily status mail17:21
ccombyou just have to format the mail sent17:21
hannosch_I don't see a report in there today17:21
do3ccccomb: One would need to format the status names in the subject17:21
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j-wccomb, hannosch_ Ok, I'll ask janjaap to see about the emal formatting17:22
ccombdo3cc: I've done it here
ccomb(don"t look at it in the browser)17:22
do3cctoo late17:22
hannosch_j-w: ok. so we note some progress, but we don't get mails yet17:23
hannosch_we also mentioned 64bit Linux?17:23
j-wthere're 64-linux slaves17:23
do3ccj-w: do you use the recipe for buildbot configuration, or python code?17:23
j-wdo3cc: he uses a buildout config for all the settingup17:23
j-wis that what you mean?17:23
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ccombyotaff can provide me with 64bit linux slaves, but he's overwhelmed17:24
*** neo|4D has joined #zope17:25
hannosch__ok, so who follows up on 64bit Linux slaves? ccomb or j-w?17:25
ccombwe should both try to get some17:25
j-wlet me at least bug janjaap again and try to get all this work coordinated17:25
j-wit seems some of the work is doubled now17:25
hannosch__ok. I call this success once the daily report includes them (like from today
do3ccI will try to extend the buildout recipe to allow customization of mail subjects like ccomb does17:26
j-whannosch__: ok,  noted17:26
do3ccthen we should have all buildbot status in the zope tests list17:26
ccombI'm not using any recipe, it's more flexible and quite easy17:26
hannosch__ok. next point "Make sure we have a buildbot testing the ZTK releases (and not SVN) [ccomb]17:26
do3ccccomb: but j-w and probably others17:27
ccombI have one, just disabled17:27
hannosch__so no auto-checkout = *17:27
ccombin 32bit17:27
ccombI just have to wake it up17:27
hannosch__ok, can you do that?17:27
ccombI can do this tonight17:27
*** fdrake has joined #zope17:27
hannosch__ok, great. point closed :)17:27
j-whannosch__: well, if we see the reports coming in, right?17:28
hannosch__yes. closed for today. we have a next action and someone responsible17:28
CIA-46satchit satchit-sharedconfig-recipe * r112452 zc.recipe.deployment/ ( README.txt): updated changelog and version.17:30
CIA-46satchit satchit-sharedconfig-recipe * r112453 zc.recipe.deployment/src/zc/recipe/deployment/README.txt: fix typo.17:30
CIA-46satchit * r112454 zc.recipe.deployment/ (4 files in 2 dirs): New recipe to update configuration files that may be shared by multiple applications.17:30
j-wok, back to "list made by tres"17:30
*** wtankink has joined #zope17:30
hannosch__can we put that onto the agenda for next time and everyone of us looks over the list and the ztk.cfg17:31
hannosch__and makes a proposal for what should be in ztk.cfg and what in deprecating.cfg?17:31
j-wjust to be sure:17:31
j-wTres has sent a PDF files with a matrix of whatp ackages are in use by what framework17:32
j-wwe review that from the perspective of "our own" framework17:32
j-wand then we need to come up with a common set17:32
*** neo|4D has quit IRC17:32
hannosch__I think zopeapp.cfg can stay as it is for now. I'm interested in getting rid of the "under-review" and "unresolved-dependencies" sections in ztk.cfg17:33
hannosch__and potentially moving even more things from ztk.cfg to deprecating.cfg17:34
j-wthis leaves us with the "decide on process..." point from the "open points" in the summary17:36
j-wI'm not sure I can say anything about that yet17:36
hannosch__mmh, I'd leave that for much later17:36
hannosch__let's first try to get a 1.0 out, then talk about 1.117:37
ccombI'm doing some tests in a branch about this, I'm trying to define an automated process17:37
ccombI'll tell when it's begginning to work17:37
j-whave we been discussing what minimally is needed to get to a 1.0?17:37
hannosch__yes. we need to define concrete tasks on how to get there17:38
ccombmore or less yes17:38
ccombthe most important is the buildbot17:38
ccombthe other tasks are just adding or removing lines in cfg files17:38
ccomband defining a clear process17:39
j-wok, so all the ztk tests should pass on a all the platforms we've talked about17:39
j-wthat's a concrete point17:39
j-wthe adding/removing lines a bit less concrete to me17:39
*** alecm has joined #zope17:39
j-wI mean, when are we satisfied enough with the *cfg files to call it 1.0?17:40
ccombanother question, what should the ZTK look like, on a concrete point of view?17:40
j-wcan we say something about that?17:40
ccombwhat *IS* the ztk?17:40
j-wthat's defined in "release outcome" topic in the summary17:41
j-wi find that really concrete17:41
hannosch__I'd say we need one initial pass on looking at the included packages and splitting them into ztk / zopeapp / deprecating. once that is done, we have a stable set17:41
ccombso what is the the added value for ZTK users?17:41
ccombknowing what they should use?17:41
ccombknowing what they shouldn't because it's deprecated?17:42
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hannosch__shared maintenance of the packages, being able to use Grok packages in Zope2 are some17:42
j-wand they can expect a level of coherency17:42
ccomband how will people actually use the ztk?17:42
ccombdepend of a cfg file in their buildout?17:42
j-wgrok uses it as the basic list of versions17:43
hannosch__I don't expect anyone to use the ZTK, except the three frameworks17:43
j-wccomb: actually, the groktoolkit uses the ztk17:43
j-was the gtk defines a bit extra specific to grok17:43
j-wand then grok uses the gtk in turn17:43
ccombthe point is zope3 has moved from framework-centric to application-centric17:43
j-whannosch__:  agreed17:43
hannosch__same for Zope2, which is ZTK versions + some extra ones17:43
ccombso end applications are more important to me than frameworks17:44
hannosch__well, the "end applications" people aren't really here. I have no idea what they would want17:44
hannosch__or what value the ZTK would have for them17:44
j-wccomb: is zope3 an end-application in that sense?17:44
j-wI look at grok as a framework itself, built on a lower-level framework - the ztk17:45
ccombwith zopeproject you would build an application that depends on zope libraries, not an application built on top of zope17:45
j-wand as such end-application-developers should not have to worry too much about the ztk itself17:45
j-wccomb: ah, ok, if you put it like that, yes I agree17:46
j-wccomb: that's the same for grok17:46
ccombwe should take care not to go back to a monolithic framework :)17:46
ccombif people are forced to use pinned versions, there is no added value of having separate libraries17:47
hannosch__the ZTK isn't really a framework. it's a collection of libraries or a collection of frameworks17:47
*** neo|4D has joined #zope17:47
hannosch__there's a publishing framework, a security framework, ... not even each of us uses all of them17:47
j-wok I digress - not sure what question/problem we're addressing here17:48
* hannosch__ neither :)17:48
*** evilbungle has joined #zope17:48
j-wok, another practical point then:17:48
ccomb(I was just thinking ou loud)17:48
j-wdoes anyone of us have access to for uploading the releases?17:48
hannosch__I have17:49
ccombI don't17:49
j-wat least one has17:49
hannosch__I can take care of the first round17:49
hannosch__once we review the packages, I'd vote for putting up a 1.0a1 there right away17:50
hannosch__so we have something concrete to talk about17:50
*** daMaestro has joined #zope17:51
hannosch__one question on that: are you fine with the current version list in the ZTK or do you need older versions of something?17:51
hannosch__like zope.testing is too new for you or so?17:51
j-whannosch__:  the grok-1.1 branch uses an older revision of the ztk17:52
*** evilbungle has quit IRC17:52
j-wI'm not sure if it would work with the current ztk state17:52
j-wbut this might not even be a problem17:52
hannosch__ccomb: what about BlueBream? you use something older as well?17:52
j-wwe can release grok 1.1 against that older, working-for-us revision17:52
hannosch__right. but I got the impression both Grok and BB used something older17:53
ccombThere is another list for bluebream, but it's quite flexible17:53
j-wgrok-1.2 (on which is being worked on) point to the most recent ztk state17:53
ccombWe can probably adapt it17:53
hannosch__right. what do you prefer, have ZTK 1.0 be used by Grok 1.1 and BB 1.0?17:54
hannosch__or let it be something for Grok 1.2 and BB 1.1?17:54
j-wi would be fine with grok-1.2 working against ztk-1.017:54
ccombwe have yet to check but it's probably ok for bb 1.017:54
*** dayne has quit IRC17:55
ccombif ztk is faster than bb :)17:55
ccombfor the release17:55
j-wok, so we do not need "older" version in the ztk then if understand correctly?17:55
hannosch__yes. we can make a 1.0 branch and put older versions in there17:55
ccombwe should check all this more carefully for the next meeting17:55
hannosch__the two of you need to agree what exactly that is17:55
hannosch__Zope2 is hopeless there. 2.12 is long out and 2.13 is a long time off17:56
j-whannosch__:  but we would branch off from the current ztk state, right?17:56
hannosch__we can do whatever serves us best :)17:57
j-wI do not see the need to have a 1.0 branch and lower versions of packages in there at this point17:57
j-wok, good17:57
hannosch__just asking17:57
j-wsure, I understand :)17:57
hannosch__shall we close for today?17:57
j-wfine with me, I think we covered what we need to cover today17:57
CIA-46satchit * r112455 /zc.recipe.deployment/tags/0.8.0: tagging.17:58
CIA-46menesis * r112456 van.pydeb/van/pydeb/py_to_src.txt: Add some source packages that have "python-" in their name.17:58
j-wthank you ccomb and hannosch__17:58
hannosch__ok. next meeting next week, same time and day?17:58
* j-w looks at calendar17:58
hannosch__Monday is Whit Monday and often a holiday17:58
j-wit is by us indeed17:58
regebro Whit has his *own* monday.17:59
* regebro is jealous17:59
ccombok for me (tuesday)17:59
hannosch__regebro: yeah, put yourself into that saints database ;)17:59
*** J1m has joined #zope17:59
j-wok, next week is ok with me17:59
hannosch__I'll look over our initial mails and see if there's been more todos or open-points in there18:00
hannosch__I'd add them to the meeting notes in SVN for now, if that's ok with you18:00
*** runyaga has joined #zope18:00
j-wi'll put my notes of today in there as well18:01
*** phimic has quit IRC18:02
* Charlie_X pings the bell18:02
regebroYeah shoosh ZTK people, we have booked this meeting room. :)18:02
j-wwe're only two minutes late!18:02
j-wbut go right ahead :-)18:03
* regebro is Swedish and punctual, and has been waiting outside for five minutes. :)18:03
j-wwe emptied the coffee can for you18:03
Charlie_XStill waiting for Jedi-Master Theuni18:03
j-wand the cookies are gone too18:03
j-wso the meeting room is al your now18:04
regebroDamn. No cookies. Well, it's OK, I'm too fat already.18:04
* Charlie_X is English and punctual only ever by accident.18:04
do3ccdon't touch the beamer, the lamp is still hot18:04
regebrok, thank18:04
Charlie_XAnyone in zope3-dev able to poke Theuni18:04
Charlie_XOkay five minutes past. Let's start anway.18:05
*** Theuni1 has joined #zope18:05
Charlie_Xagroszer: , sidnei here?18:05
Charlie_XYou've got to stop doing that...18:06
* agroszer present18:06
Charlie_XTurning up just after I start in your absence.18:06
Theuni1indeed :)18:06
Theuni1for some reason my 10 minutes heads-up alarm is broken18:07
Charlie_Xagroszer: how go the EC2 builds?18:07
* agroszer raise NotYet18:07
*** ramonski has left #zope18:07
agroszerdid not get there yet18:07
Charlie_XOkay. Possible time frame for when you can?18:08
*** dayne has joined #zope18:08
Charlie_XAnd have you heard anything back from MS about licences yet?18:08
agroszerthis weekend18:08
agroszerdead silence about licenses18:08
Charlie_XTres not here. We need to escalate this via the foundation. Theuni can you get this to the board's attention?18:09
agroszerbtw, ZTK people are also aeger for a win64 buildbot18:09
*** smita2 has quit IRC18:09
Theuni1Charlie_X: yup18:10
*** wtankink has quit IRC18:10
Theuni1the next board meeting is sometime in june, so that can take a while18:10
Charlie_XGreat. I think we should ask them about some kind of Azure set up at the same time. They should want to push it. Get them a nice badge somewhere.18:10
*** baijum has joined #zope18:10
regebroThe board did mention something about windows licenses last meeting, I thought it was fixed in fact. Could have been something different...18:10
Charlie_Xagroszer: Theuni indicated that the Foundation is prepared to pay.18:11
*** rodgort has quit IRC18:11
agroszerohh missed that18:11
Charlie_XTheuni1: well, it seems we're going nowhere fast through the current channels. These things take time.18:11
Theuni1agroszer: we have the general agreement that the foundation wants to fund the amazon machiens so that they can be accessed by different people, but we'd like someone to have the lead on that and give a quick summary on what exactly we need to buy (what things and what they cost, per month or so) and how that will be sustained and not left alone over, lets say a year.18:12
agroszerI see18:12
Theuni1i'd be happy to write that up with you together, if you start drafting it.18:13
agroszerI got some idea how that could work, need to write that up too18:13
Theuni1that would be good. i'll be happy to help polish it, but i need somewhere to start from. :)18:13
Theuni1Charlie_X: yeah. speed isn't my first goal. :)18:13
Charlie_XOkay that's a todo for you both for next week.18:14
* Theuni1 waits for agroszer ;)18:14
agroszereasy, next this weekend is pfingsten18:14
* Charlie_X programs Theuni1's alarm to remind agroszer to remind him to...18:14
Theuni1ok, so, next topic?18:14
Theuni1bug tracking18:15
Theuni1both in general and the monitoring thing18:15
Theuni1the zope 3 bug tracker is almost emptied out by now18:15
Theuni1I think i'll clean it out a bit more tomorrow18:15
Charlie_Xcheck-bugs comes up with 25 languishing.18:15
* hannosch__ applauds18:15
Charlie_XTres' tagged bugs look pretty complete as well
Theuni1hannosch__: meh. it's just moving things around instead of fixing anyway ;)18:16
Theuni1there's two relevant pages to look at currently if you're human:18:16
*** alert has left #zope18:16
Theuni1the zopeapp one is suspiciously clean18:17
Theuni1the ztk one is a good bunch of work that i guess will slowly go away during bug days18:17
Charlie_XMost of those have patches. Maybe we can clean them up quickly by testing the patches tomorrow?18:17
Theuni1however, i'd like to start having more people help triaging in between teh bug days18:17
Theuni1Charlie_X: yeah, that's a typical task for a bug day18:17
Theuni1I'd like to know whether people have something stopping them from triaing new bugs.18:18
hannosch__I'm concentrating on cleaning up the Zope2 bugs, still a couple hundred more to go. then I can help with ZTK bugs18:18
Theuni1hannosch__: cool. i'd like to have something steady slowly going on after that, too, though.18:18
Charlie_XTheuni1: if we have montly bug days we could probably have a day set aside for triaging in advance.18:19
Theuni1Charlie_X: I was thinking that we could do small batches in between18:19
Theuni1so that people who register bugs don't have to wait for a month until we acknowledge them18:19
Theuni1e.g. I think I can do 2-3 bugs every day18:19
Charlie_XI like the idea of fixed dates. Makes it less easy to postpone things. But if you're happy to get stuff done.18:19
Theuni1and if more people watch out for new incoming bugs, then that should be manageable18:19
Theuni1Charlie_X: the low latency approach is why i asked for the "languishing" checker18:20
Theuni1Charlie_X: what bugs does it look at so that it says "25" now?18:20
agroszeris there any mail notification sent out about new bugs?18:20
Theuni1agroszer: there is18:20
Theuni1but it's risky due to the indirections on groups and personal mail, so having a nightly check for the languishing bugs is good ;)18:21
Theuni1agroszer: through the magic of launchpad ... ;)18:21
Theuni1i guess it depends on the team of the specific project18:21
Theuni1which in many cases probably is the ztk steering group team on LP18:21
hannosch__I get tons of mails :) too many in fact18:22
Theuni1hannosch__: same here :)18:22
* agroszer goes to see how to enroll18:22
hannosch__would any kind of summary mail to zope-dev help? or is that just too much spam?18:22
Theuni1Charlie_X: ah! zope3. can you check for project groups as well? or just projects?18:22
Theuni1hannosch__: my goal is to put that into the nightly check script18:23
Charlie_XTres but a bundle of command line options in there. -g for project group18:23
hannosch__Open critical issues: 5, New bugs: 3, ... with titles and links?18:23
Theuni1i think the summary mails should stay limited to a single one every night. if we're good boys it will be "nothing bad" every day18:23
Theuni1hannosch__: thats what i'd recommend to sent to the test aggregation list18:23
Theuni1and then make one for zope2, one for the ztk project group and one for the zopeapp project group18:24
CIA-46satchit 0.8.0 * r112457 zc.recipe.deployment/ vb.18:24
CIA-46jfroche * r112458 zope.schema/src/zope/schema/ remove two leading underscores in field: it leads to confusion in getattr18:24
CIA-46jim * r112459 ZODB/src/ZODB/tests/ removed trailing whitespace.18:24
CIA-46jim * r112460 ZODB/src/ (3 files in 2 dirs):18:24
CIA-46Deprecated ZODB.interfaces.StorageStopIteration. Storage18:24
CIA-46iterator implementations should just raise StopIteration, which18:24
CIA-46means they can now be implemented as generators.18:24
Theuni1something along those lines18:24
CIA-46jim * r112461 ZODB/src/ZODB/
CIA-46Removed a print statement. Getting class meta data from a pickle18:24
CIA-46can fail if the pickle has been transformed and a calling storage18:24
CIA-46doesn't account for that. Printing is certainly not the right way to18:24
CIA-46deal with the problem.18:24
CIA-46Also cleaned up some whitespace.18:24
* Theuni1 pokes CIA-46's eyes out18:24
CIA-46jim * r112462 ZODB/src/ (14 files in 5 dirs): (log message trimmed)18:24
CIA-46Added support for wrapper storages that transform pickle data. (I18:24
CIA-46thought this support already existed, but found out I was wrong when I18:24
CIA-46tried to make it work. :/) Applications for this include compression18:24
CIA-46and encryption. An example wrapper storage implementation,18:24
CIA-46ZODB.tests.hexstorage, was included for testing.18:24
CIA-46It is important that storage implementations not assume that18:24
Theuni1CIA-46: shut up! :)18:24
hannosch__ignore for the win18:24
Theuni1Charlie_X: does the checker send out mail already?18:25
Theuni1or does it only produce the report?18:25
Charlie_XI don't think it's installed anywhere to send out a message.18:25
Charlie_XVery remiss of me not to follow up on this.18:26
Theuni1Charlie_X: i'd be happy to install it over here in the case that it is prepared to send out messages18:26
*** smita2 has joined #zope18:26
* Charlie_X gets his calves slapped by a ruler.18:26
Theuni1like the repositorypolicy check thing18:26
*** hannosch_ has joined #zope18:26
*** hannosch__ has quit IRC18:26
Theuni1Charlie_X: no worries. we're all busy and things tend to get lost here and there. my expectation isn't that we're perfect :)18:26
Charlie_XWill add mailing functionality to it.18:26
Theuni1Charlie_X: check my code, i think it has a relatively simple wrapper to do that. maybe extracting that would be helpful18:27
Charlie_XYeah, was going to do just that.18:27
agroszerdamn is it the ZTK steering group on LP a closed group or what?18:28
agroszerthere's no join link18:28
Charlie_XCongratulations to both agroszer and hannosch_ for their releases.18:29
Theuni1agroszer: LP has a different notion for developer teams and "manager" teams18:29
agroszerIt's not a final yet ;-)18:29
Theuni1agroszer: the steering group team is intended for administraive stuff only, i think i need to clean this up18:29
agroszerjust tell me what to join to get notified about new bugs18:29
Theuni1agroszer: sec18:30
Theuni1i had a pending request to the LP admins to merge some teams together18:30
Charlie_XBug #143045 in zope.mkzeoinstance: "bin\ creates unix instance on windows"18:30
Charlie_X New 2004-06-28 None18:30
mupBug #143045: bin\ creates unix instance on windows <bug> <zope> <zope.mkzeoinstance:New> <>18:30
mupBug #143045: bin\ creates unix instance on windows <bug> <zope> <zope.mkzeoinstance:New> <>18:30
*** hannosch_ has quit IRC18:30
*** hannosch_ has joined #zope18:30
agroszerwhat about ~zope-admin ?18:31
Theuni1agroszer: no. try joining zope-dev18:31
Charlie_X240 bugs languishing if run against "zope"18:31
agroszertada, I'm already a member of zope-dev18:31
Theuni1i will make the zop3-dev merge into zope-dev and zope-admin merge into ztk-steering-group18:31
Charlie_XSounds good.18:32
Theuni1after that i'll make the zope-dev group the uhh . either driver or maintainer18:32
Theuni1i think the driver18:32
*** giampaolo has quit IRC18:32
*** JaRoel|4D has quit IRC18:32
*** Arfrever has quit IRC18:32
*** kosh has quit IRC18:32
Charlie_XOkay, what's the plan for tomorrow? Presumably we need to tag some bugs for squashing starting? Start with those we didn't finish last time?18:32
Theuni1ok guys, that's it for today18:32
Theuni1Charlie_X: that's what i'm going to do18:33
*** moo--- has quit IRC18:33
*** daMaestro has quit IRC18:33
*** f10w has quit IRC18:33
Theuni1i have one that i started working on last week, then i'll do some triage with the zope3 bugs and then work down the list of stuff with patches18:33
Charlie_XOkay. I should be around most of the day. There's a bit I want to do on the CMF and then I can go through the list.18:33
*** [Arfrever] has quit IRC18:33
Charlie_X should be enough of us to get some work done.18:34
Charlie_XTheuni, you summarising?18:34
*** thetet has quit IRC18:35
Charlie_XBTW. I can definitely not convene next week. With luck I'll be somewhere in West Friesland on my bike.18:35
*** kosh has joined #zope18:35
Theuni1Charlie_X: i'll be there.18:35
Theuni1i'll do the summarising, but that has to wait until tomorrow morning18:35
* Theuni1 disappears18:36
*** hannosch_ has quit IRC18:36
*** JT has quit IRC18:37
*** f10w has joined #zope18:37
*** moo---_ has joined #zope18:37
*** JaRoel|4_ has joined #zope18:38
*** baijum has quit IRC18:39
*** mwhipple has quit IRC18:39
*** rodgort has joined #zope18:41
*** JT has joined #zope18:41
*** JaRoel|4_ has quit IRC18:45
*** pthulin has quit IRC18:45
*** vigith has joined #zope18:46
*** mup has quit IRC18:49
*** mup has joined #zope18:52
*** tisto has joined #zope18:52
*** astoon has quit IRC18:52
*** Charlie_X has left #zope18:56
*** daMaestro has joined #zope18:56
*** tiwula has joined #zope19:00
*** sidnei has quit IRC19:00
*** Arfrever has joined #zope19:00
*** tisto has quit IRC19:01
*** mup has quit IRC19:02
*** evilbungle has joined #zope19:04
*** sim_sim has quit IRC19:04
*** dayne has quit IRC19:04
*** evilbungle has quit IRC19:05
*** dayne has joined #zope19:05
*** runyaga has quit IRC19:05
*** tisto has joined #zope19:06
*** MJ has quit IRC19:07
*** giampaolo has joined #zope19:08
*** vigith has quit IRC19:08
*** [Arfrever] has joined #zope19:12
*** runyaga has joined #zope19:12
*** mup has joined #zope19:13
*** Ariel_Calzada has joined #zope19:15
*** mup_ has joined #zope19:16
*** Ariel_Calzada has left #zope19:16
*** mup has quit IRC19:18
CIA-46jim * r112463 ZODB/src/CHANGES.txt: (log message trimmed)19:21
CIA-46- Added support for wrapper storages that transform pickle data.19:21
CIA-46Applications for this include compression and encryption. An19:21
CIA-46example wrapper storage implementation, ZODB.tests.hexstorage, was19:21
CIA-46included for testing.19:21
CIA-46It is important that storage implementations not assume that19:21
CIA-46storages contain pickles. Renamed IStorageDB to IStorageWrapper and19:21
*** mup_ has quit IRC19:22
*** SpankyFromBRC has joined #zope19:22
*** huajie has quit IRC19:25
*** runyaga has quit IRC19:26
*** sidnei has joined #zope19:28
*** mup has joined #zope19:28
*** neo|4D has quit IRC19:30
*** hever has quit IRC19:33
*** baijum has joined #zope19:35
*** donri has joined #zope19:36
donriHow do you query ZODB? List comprehensions?19:37
*** smita2 has quit IRC19:38
*** faassen has left #zope19:40
*** davisagli|away is now known as davisagli19:42
*** mup has quit IRC19:42
do3ccdonri, maybe you want to use some form of catalog19:42
donriI'm wondering if there's an efficient way to grab all objects matching some criteria, other than the id in your root object ...19:43
donriHaven't actually used ZODB though, curiously looking at it.19:44
donriBut SELECT is perhaps the most common SQL statement, surely there must be some way to do something similar with ZODB?19:44
*** j-w has quit IRC19:50
J1mdonri, you use Python to query zodb19:51
J1mIf you want indexes, you use BTrees.19:51
*** J1m has left #zope19:52
donri[post for post in root['posts'] if 'hi' in post.title] etc?19:52
donriThat'd be awesome, but does that perform well?19:52
*** tarek has quit IRC20:02
CIA-46janwijbrand * r112464 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/releaseteam/ (meeting-20100518.rst index.rst): add ztk-release-team meeting minutes20:12
CIA-46tseaver * r112465 zopetoolkit/ztk.cfg:20:12
CIA-46Update to zope.testbrowser
CIA-46Update the dependencies (mechanize -> 0.2.1, no more ClientForm).20:12
CIA-46jim * r112466 ZODB/src/ZODB/tests/
CIA-46Add future import so tests using with will work w Python 2.5.20:12
CIA-46(Also use standard doctest.)20:12
*** bigkevmcd has quit IRC20:12
*** zagy has quit IRC20:15
*** agroszer has quit IRC20:16
*** agroszer_ has joined #zope20:16
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*** faassen has left #zope20:26
*** neo|4D has joined #zope20:27
*** chrispitzer has joined #zope20:41
*** mup has joined #zope20:41
CIA-46tseaver * r112467 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/releaseteam/index.rst: Typo.20:47
CIA-46satchit * r112468 /zc.recipe.deployment/branches/satchit-sharedconfig-recipe: merged to trunk in revision# 112454.20:47
mupBug #112454: Difficuty installing VMware Server <Ubuntu:Invalid> <>20:47
*** menesis has quit IRC20:50
*** digilord_ has joined #zope20:58
*** tarek has joined #zope20:59
*** digilord has quit IRC21:02
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*** mup_ is now known as mup21:04
*** j-w has joined #zope21:06
*** kleist has quit IRC21:07
*** baijum has quit IRC21:13
CIA-46charlie_x * r112469 zope.bugchecker/src/zope/bugchecker/ Added support for sending the report via e-mail21:18
*** dayne has quit IRC21:18
*** mr_jolly has joined #zope21:19
*** dayne has joined #zope21:20
*** pepeu_ has joined #zope21:22
*** pepeu has quit IRC21:23
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*** pepeu has joined #zope21:34
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*** dayne has joined #zope21:35
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*** zagy has joined #zope21:38
*** agroszer__ has joined #zope21:38
*** zagy has quit IRC21:39
*** zagy has joined #zope21:39
*** agroszer_ has quit IRC21:41
*** pepeu has quit IRC21:46
CIA-46janwijbrand 1.1 * r112470 grok/ (doc/upgrade.txt CHANGES.txt): update changelog, add a upgrade section21:47
CIA-46janwijbrand 1.1 * r112471 grok/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 1.121:47
*** pepeu has joined #zope21:49
*** chrispitzer has left #zope21:52
CIA-46janwijbrand * r112472 /grok/tags/1.1: Tagging 1.122:02
CIA-46janwijbrand 1.1 * r112473 grok/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 1.222:02
CIA-46janwijbrand 1.1 * r112474 grok/buildout.cfg: update bundlemaker22:02
CIA-46janwijbrand * r112475 /groktoolkit/ (trunk/grok.cfg branches/1.1/grok.cfg): update to grok-1.122:02
CIA-46janwijbrand * r112476 /groktoolkit/tags/ (1.1 1.1/grok.cfg): tag groktoolkit-1.122:02
CIA-46faassen 1.1 * r112477 grok/doc/upgrade.txt: Small rst tweaks.22:02
CIA-46janwijbrand 1.1 * r112478 grok/buildout.cfg: we can now point to the tagged groktoolkit file22:02
*** RaFromBRC has joined #zope22:20
CIA-46faassen 1.1 * r112479 grok/doc/tutorial.rst: Update python version stuff.22:22
CIA-46faassen * r112480 grok/doc/tutorial.rst: 2.6 is now the version we work with.22:22
*** mcdonc_ has quit IRC22:25
*** mcdonc_ has joined #zope22:25
*** agroszer__ has quit IRC22:30
*** teix has left #zope22:31
planetzopebotgrok 1.1 (PyPI recent updates)
CIA-46janwijbrand * r112481 /grok/website/build-html/ build docs for 1.1 release22:34
CIA-46janwijbrand 1.1 * r112482 grok/doc/ (upgrade.txt tutorial.rst): evily updating the docs on the tag...22:34
*** mr_jolly has left #zope22:45
CIA-46faassen * r112483 grok/README.txt: Update this for the modern age.22:47
CIA-46jim * r112484 ZODB/src/ (32 files in 7 dirs): Use doctest rather than zope.testing.doctest.22:47
CIA-46jim * r112485 ZODB/ (5 files in 3 dirs): (log message trimmed)22:47
CIA-46Use doctest rather than zope.testing.doctest.22:47
CIA-46This required using manuel to get the footnote22:47
CIA-46feature. Unfortunately, manuel imports zope.testing.doctest. :)22:47
CIA-46Hpefully, this will be fixed soon.22:47
CIA-46Updated the tearDown to clear conflict22:47
CIA-46resolution class cache. The cache was causing tests to fail when tests22:47
CIA-46jim * r112486 ZODB/src/ZODB/tests/ Use doctest rather than zope.testing.doctest.22:47
*** ccomb has quit IRC22:55
*** j-w has quit IRC23:01
CIA-46jim * r112487 /ZODB/branches/jim-transform-wrapping: retire23:02
*** daMaestro|isBack has joined #zope23:09
*** daMaestro has quit IRC23:09
*** daMaestro|isBack is now known as daMaestro23:09
*** pepeu has quit IRC23:10
*** allisterb has quit IRC23:10
*** zagy has quit IRC23:12
CIA-46faassen * r112488 grok/grokwiki/ (3 files in 3 dirs):23:18
CIA-46grokwiki was broken with newer version of grokui.admin as it depended23:18
CIA-46on a view 'messages' defined in grokui.admin that was now gone. grokwiki23:18
CIA-46should never have depended on grokui.admin's views anyway, I think..23:18
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planetzopebotGrok 1.1 released! (gmane.comp.web.zope.announce)
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