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brguedeshello everybody, I've a problem, sometimes the ZOPE, retry requests (I don't know why), I've a python script in ZODB which uses the "commands" - Python's library. I use this library to execute a ssh command and wait for the response, which could take some seconds (20s,30s)13:34
brguedessomeone can help me13:34
brguedesif there is some retry mechanism after awhile13:35
betabugbrguedes: you probably have conflict errors13:38
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betabugyour script needs to check if the command is already running13:38
betabugconflict errors are normal and not a sign of a problem13:38
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brguedesbetabug: but it is possible to launch more than one ssh session13:39
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brguedesor python doesn't support more than one command13:40
Theuni1that depends on your ssh library i guess13:40
brguedesTheuni1: it is related to ssh configuration? I use ssh 4.3p2-9etch313:46
Theuni1brguedes: you need to specify your problem more clearly13:47
Theuni1the retry mechanism itself isn't a problem. there seems to be some problem that gets triggered when the retry happens, but you didn't say what that is.13:47
brguedesTheuni1: basically I have a python script that inserts something on mysql DB, but before the insertion I do an ssh (using commands library) command to get other info13:49
brguedesthis script is called based on GET HTTp13:50
brguedessometimes it retries the whole request13:50
CIA-94janwijbrand * r112788 /grokui.base/branches/0.2: create maintenance branch for 0.2.x13:50
brguedesin the last time I start a script13:51
brguedes(doing a GET)13:51
Theuni1Hmm. I have a hard time following you. :/13:52
brguedesand it retries again before receive the ssh response (in the first request)13:53
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brguedesTheuni1: do you understand?13:54
Theuni1nope :/13:54
brguedesImagine a python script in ZODB, which it does an ssh command13:55
brguedesif the ssh takes 20s or 30s13:55
brguedesI don't know why ZOPE retries the request13:56
brguedesafter 5 or 10 s13:56
brguedesTheuni1: and now? lol :p13:57
Theuni1it doesn't retry based on time13:57
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Theuni1zope only retries when the ZODB raises a conflict error13:57
Theuni1Do you run any frontend-proxies?13:57
Theuni1Like nginx, varnish, apache or others?13:58
Theuni1You might want to check whether the request happens there as well or whether its internal to zope13:58
brguedesI've some read conflicts13:59
brguedesbut ZOPE just retries on write conflicts right13:59
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brguedesTheuni1: If the Apache is the problem, this situation will occur all the time, and this just occurs  let say 5 times per day moreless14:00
Theuni1read conflicts?14:01
Theuni1those shouldn't happen at all14:01
CIA-94janwijbrand 0.2 * r112789 grokui.base/ (6 files in 4 dirs): try to fix the dependencies for the 0.2.x maintenance branch14:05
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CIA-94janwijbrand * r112790 /grokui.admin/branches/0.6: create maintenance branch for fix dependencies14:17
CIA-94janwijbrand 0.6 * r112791 grokui.admin/ (11 files in 5 dirs): fix dependencies that got remove too early14:17
CIA-94gotcha * r112792 lovely.buildouthttp/src/lovely/buildouthttp/ keep 2.4 compatibility14:17
CIA-94gotcha * r112793 lovely.buildouthttp/src: tune ignores14:17
brguedesTheuni1: yah I have this:  INFO ZPublisher.Conflict ConflictError at /VirtualHostBase/http/ database conflict error (oid 0xa168, class BTrees.OOBTree.OOBTree, serial this txn started with 0x0314:23
brguedes8672973a6e76dd 2010-05-28 09:27:13.694883, serial currently committed 0x0386729aff785fcc 2010-05-28 09:30:59.875831) (265 conflicts (0 unresolved) since startup at Wed May 19 16:11:02 2010)14:23
brguedesTheuni1: but the time doesn't match with retries14:24
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bigkevmcdbrguedes: doing an ssh is really bad, there are a limited number of threads in Zope, so it will tie up the Zope threads14:35
brguedesbigkevmcd: I have 50 threads in zope14:36
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bigkevmcdbrguedes: that's a naive answer14:40
brguedesbigkevmcd: why? those 50 threads never overloads the server14:42
koshumm adding a bunch of threads to zope almost always slows it down while using more memory14:42
betabugalso you probably don't have 50 database connections to go with your 50 threads anyway14:42
betabugso you're just fooling yourself with your "50 threads"14:42
koshand if you did it would be crippling14:42
bigkevmcdand more opportunities for conflicts14:43
koshyeah that also14:43
koshwhen I do stuff like that I do it very differently14:43
koshI spawn off a process and have it make a POST to a url on zope when it is done, then you can just have something check for that data14:44
koshno issues with tieing up threads14:44
CIA-94dobe * r112794 lovely.buildouthttp/ (CHANGES.txt src/lovely/buildouthttp/ version bump14:45
koshand that kind of design works with any web app server I have run into without tieing up resources14:46
koshsince web browsers by default won't wait 30 seconds for a reply14:46
koshso if you actually waited that long the person would have left already anyways14:46
koshso you might as well return almost immediatlye with a command in the page to refresh the page or use ajax to grab a resource every so often until it is ready14:47
koshbetabug: what is your idea on that?14:47
betabugI have one app where I have long requests14:48
betabugthey return a quick page to the user, then run in the background14:48
betabug(tying up a request on one zeo client, but there is a lock, so only one is ever running)14:48
betabugand the users browser polls ever xx seconds if it's done14:49
koshyeah that kind of design makes sense14:49
betabugdoing it outside zope would be cooler, but that's how I did it then and it works14:49
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koshI had a script when I had to pull from a web cam every so often and I did it async like that14:50
kosha script outside zope would update zope with the new data and zope would serve what it had before until it got a new one14:50
koshit worked great and all the times the web cam did not work right it did not screw up the site14:51
brguedeskosh: your idea is good, but I cannot run in separate proccess, because I need this info14:52
brguedesto continue14:52
koshyou don't get it14:53
koshyou can't continue if it takes 20-30s14:53
koshthe browser will give up14:53
koshfighting how the tech works is a losing propsition14:53
koshwhich means you return a basic page and reload some part until you have the data you need14:53
koshalso the system is unscalable14:54
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betabugbrguedes: if you've ever booked a flight online, you have seen how it's done14:57
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CIA-94do3cc * r112795 (buildout.cfg versions.cfg):15:00
CIA-94Updating buildout config15:00
CIA-94The current configuration threw errors because some packages15:00
CIA-94were not pinned. I pinned all packages to versions that work together15:00
CIA-94and added z3c.checkversions that can be used to test, if versions15:00
CIA-94need an upgrade.15:00
koshthere are just some things about how systems work, and no matter how much you might like your design it doesn't make it right if it works against how the systems are designed15:03
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koshhave had some major arguements about that recently with some people15:09
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koshthey kept wanting a browser to do something a certain way and had a realy hard time accepting that it couldn't do that no matter what they did15:09
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Theuni1that usually is combined with severe misunderstanding of the real design15:10
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koshoh once I got them to explain what they really needed to accomplish we came up with something that was probably a 1/100th of the work to do and far better user experience15:11
koshit is so hard to get people to say what they want to accomplish15:13
do3ccyou are the compiler in such a case15:13
koshwhat is really annoying is that marketing type people will say you are just being negative by trying to get them to explain instead of just doing it15:14
CIA-94do3cc * r112796 ( zcml.txt):15:15
CIA-94Adding utf-8 default encoding for PageTemplates15:15
CIA-94Too many things in Zope like to return utf-8 encoded strings.15:15
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CIA-94janjaapdriessen * r112797 /Sandbox/janjaapdriessen/buildbot/buildout.cfg: projects cleanup, add zope2.12 maintentance branch, lose groktoolkit development tests, use collective.buildbot trunk for zope-tests email format16:01
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CIA-94janjaapdriessen * r112798 /Sandbox/janjaapdriessen/buildbot/buildout.cfg: skip accept server certificate16:16
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tiazmahello *16:26
tiazmaI'm wondering if a relation exists between zodb-cache-size and zeo-client-cache-size, availabee  in the zope conf. Any idea ?16:27
tiazmaor any resource I should look at ?16:28
mgedminI'm wondering if one of those is for the in-memory object cache and the other for the persistent disk cache?16:29
mgedminhave you tried searching for docs?16:29
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agroszerping Theuni116:52
Theuni1agroszer: pong16:52
agroszerhey, I'll try to prepare that table today16:53
Theuni1i'll review it during the weekend then16:53
agroszerfoundation meeting is on 2nd, right?16:54
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agroszerahh, plenty of time left then I thought it's monday or so...17:01
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planetzopebotProducts.LDAPUserFolder 2.17 (PyPI recent updates)
planetzopebotProducts.LDAPMultiPlugins 1.11 (PyPI recent updates)
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CIA-94janjaapdriessen * r112799 megrok.strictrequire/buildout.cfg: no ftests, lose the test-pattern. update to the groktoolkit in order to make tests pass on windows (hopefully)18:05
CIA-94janjaapdriessen * r112800 megrok.strictrequire/CHANGES.txt: update changes18:05
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CIA-94hannosch * r112801 zodbshootout/ (buildout.cfg CHANGES.txt): Updated to MySql 5.1.46 and a new download url - the old was giving 401's.18:31
CIA-94hannosch * r112802 zodbshootout/ (buildout.cfg CHANGES.txt): Updated to PostgreSQL
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planetzopebotcollective.ckeditor 3.2.1b (PyPI recent updates)
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CIA-94wichert 2.12 * r112803 Zope/ (src/Products/Five/ doc/CHANGES.rst): Update Five's testbrowser to support both mechanize 0.1.x and 0.2.x.18:46
CIA-94wichert * r112804 Zope/src/Testing/ Merge r112803 from 2.12 branch18:46
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CIA-94wichert 2.12 * r112805 Zope/doc/CHANGES.rst: This is a feature really, not a bug19:01
CIA-94hannosch * r112806 zodbshootout/ (buildout.cfg CHANGES.txt): Updated to memcached 1.4.5 and libmemcached 0.40.19:01
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CIA-94janjaapdriessen * r112807 /Sandbox/janjaapdriessen/buildbot/buildout.cfg: update grok family based on the groktoolkit. the grok-ecosystem is in a sorry state right now, so don't test19:16
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CIA-94wichert * r112808 (src/z3c/pt/ CHANGES.txt): The exists expression evaluator should ignore KeyError exceptions as well.21:00
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CIA-94ulif * r112809 grokui.introspector/ (buildout.cfg Update dependencies.21:58
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CIA-94janwijbrand 0.2 * r112810 grokui.base/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.2.222:22
CIA-94janwijbrand * r112811 /grokui.base/tags/0.2.2: Tagging 0.2.222:22
CIA-94janwijbrand 0.2 * r112812 grokui.base/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 0.2.322:22
CIA-94janwijbrand 0.6 * r112813 grokui.admin/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.6.322:22
CIA-94janwijbrand * r112814 /grokui.admin/tags/0.6.3: Tagging 0.6.322:22
CIA-94janwijbrand 0.6 * r112815 grokui.admin/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 0.6.422:22
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cwarnergood weekends all22:53
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CIA-94tseaver * r112816 /Zope/branches/ (680 files in 129 dirs): Merge 2.12 branch changes.23:17
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CIA-94janwijbrand 0.6 * r112817 grokui.admin/ (CHANGES.txt src/grokui/admin/tests/releaseinfo/readme.txt): add a marker file to have the directory exist in the source distribution23:31
CIA-94janwijbrand 0.6 * r112818 grokui.admin/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.6.423:31
CIA-94janwijbrand * r112819 /grokui.admin/tags/0.6.4: Tagging 0.6.423:31
CIA-94janwijbrand 0.6 * r112820 grokui.admin/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 0.6.523:31
CIA-94janwijbrand 1.1 * r112821 groktoolkit/grok.cfg: update to the bugfix releases of grokui.admin and grokui.base23:31
planetzopebotgrokui.base 0.2.2 (PyPI recent updates)
planetzopebotgrokui.admin 0.6.3 (PyPI recent updates)
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