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planetzopebotProducts.ContentWellPortlets 2.1 (PyPI recent updates)
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planetzopebot15th June, 2010 Weekly Zope Dev IRC Meeting (Weekly Zope Development Meeting)
planetzopebot8th June, Weekly Zope Dev IRC Meeting (Weekly Zope Development Meeting)
planetzopebot1st June, Weekly Zope Dev IRC Meeting (Weekly Zope Development Meeting)
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CIA-94wosc * r113756 gocept.registration/ (CHANGES.txt src/gocept/registration/ added missing import16:04
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CIA-94wosc * r113757 gocept.registration/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.3.016:19
CIA-94wosc * r113758 /gocept.registration/tags/0.3.0: Tagging 0.3.016:19
CIA-94wosc * r113759 gocept.registration/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 0.3.116:19
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CIA-94yuppie * r113760 Zope/src/ZPublisher/tests/ - added at least one unit test for the 'exception' method16:32
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CIA-94yuppie * r113761 Zope/src/ZPublisher/ ( tests/ - small refactoring for better readability: moved some code in separate _setBCIHeaders method16:48
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CIA-94yuppie * r113762 Zope/ (doc/CHANGES.rst src/ZPublisher/ - removed 'Main' and 'Zope' wrappers for Test.publish17:03
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* Theuni1 yawns17:46
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* Charlie_X slaps Theuni to keep him awakr17:52
CIA-94tseaver * r113763 AccessControl/src/AccessControl/ Use a context manager, since we are Python >= 2.6.x.17:53
Charlie_Xshutup CIA-9417:53
dataflakelooks like tres has better stuff to do17:53
Charlie_XLooks like he's readying the demise of Python 2.5 and Python 2.4.17:54
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dataflakefine by me17:54
mgedminawakr, the web 2.0 solution17:54
Charlie_Xmgedmin: Indeed. Somehow my mistyping is much worse on IRC.17:55
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* Charlie_X wants the new Toshiba ARM-based notebook.17:55
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* Charlie_X rubs his eyes: Tres is joining us.17:55
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dataflakethis must be important :-)17:56
dataflakehi alan17:57
* Charlie_X puts on his "Bicycle Toolkit Badge"17:58
dataflakedo I get a badge, too?17:58
Charlie_XLet's see what I've got...17:59
dataflakethe Zope2 badge17:59
Charlie_XThat's all rusty17:59
Charlie_XAnd covered in Plone goo.17:59
dataflakefor the purpose of this meeting only17:59
Theuni1something's wrong with the online docs18:00
Theuni1well it isn't. chrome is caching aggressively18:01
Theuni1let's roll18:01
Charlie_XWrong date18:01
Theuni1dang. you're right. i'll update that.18:01
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Theuni1The bug tracker monitoring is in place now and I've updated it to include project group or project names in the subject which will happen from tonight. Any other questions/ideas about this?18:01
dataflakesounds good18:02
d2m_hi TresEquis, there is a small problem on regarding display of release dates of software packages18:02
Theuni1As a side note: I was wondering to make the aggregator script produce an HTML dashboard at some point. I keep getting lost having the reports getting longer.18:03
d2m_oh, sorry - is there a meeting going on atm?18:03
Theuni1jup :)18:03
d2m_k, will ask later18:03
planetzopebotisotoma.recipe.plonetools 0.0.6 (PyPI recent updates)
TresEquisTheuni1: your patch for that was better than my uncommitted one18:04
Theuni1what was better about it?18:05
Charlie_XTheuni1: I haven't actually done any work with the bug monitor but am happy to help extending it.18:05
TresEquismine was more complicated18:05
CIA-94tseaver * r113764 zope.bugchecker/ (LICENSE.txt COPYRIGHT.txt): Conform to repository policy.18:05
CIA-94tseaver * r113765 zope.bugchecker/src/zope/bugchecker/
CIA-94Add option to set SMTP port.18:05
CIA-94Add short option flags for --mail-from, --mail-to.18:05
Theuni1and more options in there18:05
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Theuni1ok, i think that's enough about the bug checker for the moment.18:05
Theuni1for now, i'll try not adding more data to the aggregator but get the failures down to zero18:06
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Theuni1we need to aim for green bar again18:06
Theuni1otherwise the checks become worthless18:06
TresEquisthe languishing bugs check might need to run less often18:07
TresEquisbecause we aren't going to get that one to zaroo any time soon18:07
TresEquisonce a week, maybe?18:08
dataflakenot for a long time18:08
Theuni1fine by me18:08
Theuni1if we clear them at some point, I'd crank them up again18:08
Theuni1otherwise we'd have a latency of up to 21 days18:08
Theuni1instead of the 14 we're aiming for right now18:08
TresEquiseven something like monday and friday would work18:09
Theuni1i'm running them sunday night now18:09
Theuni1sunday to monday18:09
TresEquisshorten the interval to 7 days, maybe?18:09
dataflakestart the work week off right...18:10
Theuni1TresEquis: yeah, that would hide the lateny18:10
Theuni1anyway, that's optimization on a level we don't really need right now ;)18:10
TresEquisI have landed the changes I proposed in zope.event trunk18:11
TresEquisand have most of the work done on
TresEquisbut got stalled18:11
dataflakethat was a while ago18:11
TresEquisI would like to see each ZTK package have its docs converted similarly18:12
TresEquisand findable under
*** fredvd is now known as fredvd|shop18:12
TresEquisoops, s/kig/kit/18:12
TresEquisis this topic about some other docs consolidation?18:13
Theuni1ok, so going through the ZTK packages is one thing, for that we can create a bug in launchpad and track status there18:13
Theuni1TresEquis: yes. the minutes from the beginning of the month mentioned the wikis18:13
Theuni1otherwise it was kind of open ended what "floating" documentation covers.18:14
TresEquisfirst people have to find the links to candidate docs18:14
TresEquisthen editors need to evaluate and update them while landing in Sphinx form18:15
TresEquisthat would be a good sprint focus18:15
TresEquishard to do piecemeal18:15
Theuni1i'll try baking that into a blueprint18:15
Theuni1what's the issue with the integration of docs into zopetoolkit? is that the intersphinx thing?18:16
dataflakeIt could even be links from a static page18:17
TresEquismostly just figuring out where in URL space they should be placed18:17
dataflakefor starters18:17
Theuni1so that could list them directly, too18:17
TresEquisintersphinx is about making cross-links resolve from one Sphinx docset to another18:18
dataflakethey could be
TresEquissounds good to me18:18
TresEquisthe UI for uploading them there is tricky -- I always have a hard time finding it18:19
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dataflakeThere's a setup tools extension18:19
*** jim_SFU has joined #zope18:19
dataflakeDoes it from the command line18:19
TresEquisI like the idea of keeping them in sync at SVN checkins, though18:19
Theuni1ok, let's wrap this up.18:20
Theuni1- create a bug for every ZTK project to convert the docs similar to zope.event18:21
Theuni1- add a blueprint for a sprint task to review floating documentation for wikis, to edit and integrate it into sphinx docs18:21
Theuni1- establish routine for getting current svn-based docs delivered to
Theuni1i'll do the first two, anyone one up for the last?18:22
dataflakesounds good18:22
dataflakeI can do the last18:22
* mgedmin wonders if you can teach 'python sdist register upload' to upload the docs too18:22
dataflakeit's mostly automated18:23
TresEquismgedmin: there is an extension which adds an 'upload_docs' command, or some such18:23
fdrakedistutils2 will have an upload_docs command that takes care of uploading docs to
TresEquisI don't recall where it lives, though18:24
Theuni1last issue18:24
Theuni1bug day18:24
Theuni1any notes WRT the last bug day?18:24
dataflakehow did you like the feedback?18:24
TresEquisI updated the wiki page with stuff from people's e-mailed reports18:24
dataflakeTresEquis: URL?18:25
* Charlie_X felt guilty 'cos he couldn't join in.18:25
Charlie_XI liked the feedback. Gave the whole thing a bit more volume.18:25
Theuni1dataflake: i liked it, i wonder how others liked it :)18:25
Theuni1TresEquis: cool. some formatting issues seem to break the layout a bit18:26
Theuni1Charlie_X: good to hear and yes, i was missing you *hug*18:26
Theuni1any notes for the next bugday?18:27
Charlie_XYes, it's going to be dangerously close to Europython18:28
*** digitalmortician has quit IRC18:28
Theuni1i'd schedule it in the week of july 1818:28
Theuni1july 12-1818:28
Theuni1(i'll doodle that as the last time)18:29
Theuni1i'll send a short note to the list with the doodle and a pointer to the report from last time on the wiki page18:29
Theuni1i think that's it for today18:29
Charlie_XI can't do the 13th as that's when I'm flying over. However, due to a miracle of timing my parents are actually missing while I'm over.18:29
dataflakewell, tell it to the doodle ;-)18:30
Theuni1enjoy the rest of your day! :)18:31
Theuni1over and out18:31
dataflakeyou too18:31
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dataflakedoing this on an iPad has a bit of suck to it.18:32
TresEquisyou kids get off my grass18:33
dataflakefashion victim18:33
*** __mac__ has quit IRC18:33
dataflakeI like it as a book reader, though18:34
Charlie_XI want a Que for that.18:36
Charlie_XAnd I'm struggling not to go out and buy a new phone.18:36
Charlie_XTresEquis: why should smoke it all yourself?18:36
dataflakeI did not struggle. I ordered.18:36
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dataflakehey dan18:37
Charlie_XAh, the joys of instant gratification18:37
dataflakeYou bet18:37
* Charlie_X is currently struggling to register a BFG for Froscon.18:38
dataflakewell, I'm off. See ya!18:40
*** dataflake has quit IRC18:40
TresEquisCharlie_X: you don't think you'll have trouble getting the BFG through airport security?18:41
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CIA-94yuppie * r113766 Products.ZCTextIndex/src: - ignore egg-info19:32
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fdrakeThis looks like the upload_docs extension that got mentioned earlier:
Charlie_Xfdrake: maybe post that to the ML when Theuni1 does the summary?19:46
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tmassmanis it possible to define permissions on fields in schemas?20:54
tmassmanwith z3c.form20:55
Charlie_XFields don't have any concept of permissions.20:58
tmassmanso i have to implement it by myself20:58
*** eperez has quit IRC20:58
Charlie_XBut you could probably hack your form rendering to allow for it.20:59
Charlie_XWhat's the use case?20:59
tmassmanwe have a couple of content types with a bunch of fields21:00
tmassmannot every field is available in every content type21:00
tmassmanand we have different user types with different permissions (roles)21:01
tmassmanthe owner can access all fields21:01
Charlie_Xah, sort of like a bug tracker screen?21:01
tmassmanone role an read some fields and another can read more fields21:01
tmassmanhmm, kind of21:02
tmassmanall fields are grouped21:03
Charlie_XEasiest thing is probably to iterate over the interface.21:03
tmassmanand the fields are defined in fieldset classes21:03
tmassmanthe content types all have the same groups, but not all fields are available in all content types21:04
Charlie_XThat sounds a bit messy.21:04
Charlie_XWell, it is easy enough to check permissions on the fly.21:05
tmassmanif i have about 60 fields per content type, and nearly 80% of the fields are the same, i don't want to define the fields in different schemas21:05
Charlie_XChecking for fields is a lot clumsier.21:05
Charlie_XSubclassing interfaces is a breeze and the way to go.21:06
tmassmani found this one:
tmassmanin german21:07
Charlie_XNo problem for me21:07
fdraketmassman: Normally you can associate permissions with attributes of classes in ZCML; the form libraries pick that up.21:07
fdrakeNot sure z3m.form does that, since I've no experience with that particular library.21:08
*** d2m has quit IRC21:08
tmassmanok, i'll check the z3c.form documentation21:09
Charlie_XThat wiki article covers setting permissions on class attributes as fdrake says.21:10
Charlie_XAs schemas are implemented as interfaces I don't think permissions are relevant to them.21:11
fdrakeIt's really a lower-level feature than forms.21:11
*** Theuni1 has joined #zope21:11
fdrakeForms just reflect the permissions set for attributes.21:11
Charlie_XI've never seen that check done in anger but then I haven't set any attribute permissions.21:12
Charlie_XAbusing an interface for convenience (promising an attribute you don't provide) is, however, asking for trouble.21:13
tmassmanjust checking the dexterity developer manual - there it is possible to set read and write permissions21:14
tmassmanwe are not working with dexterity/plone, so maybe we will implenet that feature by our own21:15
Charlie_XThe simplest thing to do is to try setting the attribute permissions and seeing if z3c.form responds to that. But I highly recommend you clean up your schemas.21:16
tmassmanwell, the schemas are as minimal as possible21:18
tmassmanand no field is defined twice21:18
Charlie_XYes, but because you're schemas don't match your objects you risking adaptation errors.21:20
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tmassmanok, refactoring ;)21:26
*** d2m_ has left #zope21:28
Charlie_XYes, because it means fewer risky, on-the-fly checks.21:28
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planetzopebotzeam.form.base 1.0b4 (PyPI recent updates)
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