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planetzopebotcollective.tabr 1.2 (PyPI recent updates)
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macaguahi guys01:39
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macaguai trying to test a External Method with Zope01:41
macaguaand it show me the
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smyou probably need request = context.REQUEST01:54
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CIA-94andreasjung * r114123 zopyx.versioning/zopyx/versioning/storages/mongodb/ fine-tuning the data model11:22
CIA-94andreasjung * r114124 zopyx.versioning/zopyx/versioning/storages/mongodb/ destructuor11:22
CIA-94andreasjung * r114125 zopyx.versioning/zopyx/versioning/storages/mongodb/ fix11:22
deftunixhi all, exist guidelines to configure zodb connection numbers and zserver thread on user-based load?11:26
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CIA-94andreasjung * r114126 zopyx.versioning/ added py-riparse dependency13:54
CIA-94andreasjung * r114127 zopyx.versioning/zopyx/versioning/ ( updated13:54
CIA-94andreasjung * r114128 zopyx.versioning/zopyx/versioning/tests: added13:54
CIA-94andreasjung * r114129 zopyx.versioning/zopyx/versioning/ ( updated13:54
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CIA-94hannosch * r114130 Zope/buildout.cfg: Let the buildbot check out DateTime?15:15
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CIA-94rogerineichen * r114131 z3c.jsontree/ (17 files in 6 dirs):15:46
CIA-94- reflect changes in zope packages, use new package externals15:46
CIA-94- fix broken tests15:46
CIA-94- removed old style setup files e.g. SETUP.cfg15:46
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CIA-94andreasjung * r114132 zopyx.versioning/zopyx/versioning/storages/mongodb/ fix16:07
CIA-94andreasjung * r114133 zopyx.versioning/zopyx/versioning/storages/mongodb/ fix16:07
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CIA-94ulif * r114134 megrok.login/ (6 files in 3 dirs): Upgrade megrok.login to stay compatible with grok >= 1.1.16:34
CIA-94ulif * r114135 megrok.login/src/megrok/login/configure.zcml: Add configure.zcml.16:34
CIA-94ulif * r114136 megrok.login/CHANGES.txt: Prepare release.16:34
CIA-94ulif * r114137 /megrok.login/tags/0.3: Tag 0.3 release.16:34
CIA-94ulif 0.3 * r114138 megrok.login/ Remove dev-marker.16:34
CIA-94ulif * r114139 megrok.login/ (CHANGES.txt Back to devel:
CIA-94andreasjung * r114140 zopyx.versioning/zopyx/versioning/header.txt: added16:34
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CIA-94andreasjung * r114141 zopyx.versioning/zopyx/versioning/ (9 files in 4 dirs): headers16:48
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planetzopebotmegrok.login 0.3 (PyPI recent updates) 4.0.0b5 (PyPI recent updates)
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CIA-94tseaver * r114142 / (19 files in 7 dirs): Distutils command for optional C extensions.21:15
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CIA-94tseaver * r114143 zope.optionalextension/ (CHANGES.txt Prepare 1.0 release.21:45
CIA-94tseaver * r114144 /zope.optionalextension/tags/1.0: Tag 1.0 release.21:45
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CIA-94tseaver * r114145 zope.optionalextension/src/zope/optionalextension/ (5 files in 2 dirs): Make the package work as a distutils 'command_packages' plugin.22:05
CIA-94tseaver * r114146 zope.optionalextension/ (CHANGES.txt README.txt): Make the package work as a distutils 'command_packages' plugin.22:05
CIA-94tseaver * r114147 zope.optionalextension/ (CHANGES.txt Prep 1.1 release.22:05
CIA-94tseaver * r114148 /zope.optionalextension/tags/1.1: Tag 1.1 release.22:05
CIA-94tseaver * r114149 zope.optionalextension/ (CHANGES.txt svb22:05
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CIA-94fretin * r114150 zope.configuration/src/zope/configuration/ Fixed typo23:15
CIA-94fretin * r114151 hurry.zoperesource/ (CHANGES.txt src/hurry/zoperesource/
CIA-94Register the ILibraryUrl adapter for ILibrary instead of Library,23:15
CIA-94to be less specific for the adapter lookup.23:15
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CIA-94fretin * r114152 megrok.resource/ (4 files in 2 dirs):23:29
CIA-94Removed specific ILibrary interface and now use the one from hurry.resource23:29
CIA-94so the ILibraryUrl adapter found is the same for megrok.resource.Library and23:29
CIA-94hurry.resource.Library. You need hurry.zoperesource 0.5 to have hashed23:29
CIA-94resource for hurry.resource.Library instances.23:29
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