IRC log of #zope for Thursday, 2010-07-22

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CIA-94patricks * r114906 manuel/src/manuel/ Get the tests passing on Python 2.702:03
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CIA-94srichter * r114907 z3c.rml/ (70 files in 4 dirs):05:00
CIA-94- Upgraded to ReportLab 2.4. This required some font changes and several05:00
CIA-94generated PDFs did not match, since some default fonts changed.05:00
CIA-94- Upgraded to latest lxml. This only required a trivial change. Patch by05:00
CIA-94Felix Schwarz.05:00
CIA-94- Bug: Fixed version number in Patch by Felix Schwarz.05:00
CIA-94- Bug: Write PDF documents in binary mode. Patch by Felix Schwarz05:00
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CIA-94srichter * r114908 z3c.rml/ (4 files in 2 dirs): - Implemented ``linePlot3D`` directive. Patch by Faisal Puthuparackat.05:53
CIA-94baijum * r114909 /bluebream/website/main/ (index.rst commercial.rst support.rst): Added a page to list commercial supportters05:53
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CIA-94baijum * r114910 /bluebream/website/main/commercial.rst: typo06:36
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CIA-94icemac 1.0a2 * r114911 zopetoolkit/zopeapp-versions.cfg: newer version09:31
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CIA-94icemac * r114912 z3c.metrics/ (11 files in 4 dirs):10:07
CIA-94* Fixed imports and tests to run with current Zope packages.10:07
CIA-94* Added extras_require `zope2` for Zope 2 requirements.10:07
CIA-94icemac * r114913 z3c.metrics/ (LICENSE.txt COPYRIGHT.txt): Conform to repository policy.10:07
CIA-94icemac * r114914 z3c.metrics/ (docs/HISTORY.txt Preparing release 0.210:07
CIA-94icemac * r114915 /z3c.metrics/tags/0.2: Tagging 0.210:07
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CIA-94icemac * r114916 z3c.metrics/ (docs/HISTORY.txt Back to development: 0.310:32
CIA-94regebro * r114917 zc.buildout/ (5 files in 4 dirs): Got rid of remove zope.testing.doctest10:32
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CIA-94baijum * r114918 /bluebream/website/main/commercial.rst: Added one support company10:47
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CIA-94janjaapdriessen * r114919 grokproject/tests_paste.txt: Fix test.11:47
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CIA-94icemac 1.0a2 * r114920 zopetoolkit/zopeapp-versions.cfg: this should have gone to trunk12:16
CIA-94icemac * r114921 zopetoolkit/zopeapp-versions.cfg: newer version12:16
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agroszerhey Theuni113:48
Theuni1agroszer: hey13:48
agroszerhow does that stand with the summit, are you full?13:48
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Theuni1nope, seats left :)14:08
Theuni1so, if you wanna join, just send a mail14:08
agroszerTheuni1, right?14:10
Theuni1please note that there's the gocept party on the saturday before the summit, so if you wanna come there, you're welcome, too14:11
CIA-94baijum * r114922 /bluebream/website/docs/v1.0/manual/zpt.rst: bit cleanup14:20
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CIA-94baijum * r114923 /bluebream/website/docs/v1.0/ (community/browserresource.rst manual/browserresource.rst): link main documentation with community documentation.14:31
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CIA-94baijum * r114924 /bluebream/website/docs/v1.0/dev/decisions.rst: "bbkit" is merged to "bluebream"14:47
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planetzopebot10 more days to submit talk for PyCON India (For surely there is an end ...)
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CIA-94ccomb * r114925 bluebream/ (3 files in 2 dirs): fixed the generated buildout16:46
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planetzopebotSauna Sprint just around the corner (Plone News)
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planetzopebotcollective.groupdelegation 0.4 (PyPI recent updates)
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CIA-94jim * r114926 zc.ngi/ (src/zc/ngi/ README.txt src/zc/ngi/
CIA-94Bug Fixed:20:06
CIA-94- There was a bug in handling connecting to testing servers that20:06
CIA-94caused printing handlers to be used when they shouldn't have been.20:06
CIA-94jim * r114927 /zc.ngi/tags/2.0.0a2: tag20:06
CIA-94jim 2.0.0a2 * r114928 zc.ngi/ Updated version.20:06
CIA-94baijum * r114929 /bluebream/website/docs/v1.0/zcml/index.rst: expand browser:resource directive20:06
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CIA-94jim * r114930 zc.ngi/src/zc/ngi/
CIA-94Fixed a testing bug. The original test mostly tested the fix it was20:24
CIA-94supposed to, but not in a complete and completely sane way.20:24
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CIA-94baijum * r114931 /bluebream/website/docs/v1.0/manual/schema.rst: cleanup20:31
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CIA-94jim * r114932 zc.ngi/ (doc ngi):21:02
CIA-94Removed convenient symbolic links because some combination of symbolic21:02
CIA-94links, a version of tar (I think) and distutils or setuptools caused21:02
CIA-94distributions to be broken. :(21:02
CIA-94jim * r114933 zc.ngi/README.txt: whimper21:02
CIA-94jim * r114934 /zc.ngi/tags/2.0.0a3: tag21:02
CIA-94jim 2.0.0a3 * r114935 zc.ngi/ Updated version.21:02
CIA-94baijum * r114936 /bluebream/website/docs/v1.0/manual/ (schema.rst form.rst): rest fixes21:18
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CIA-94srichter * r114937 z3c.rml/src/z3c/rml/tests/ (input/tag-linePlot3D.rml expected/tag-linePlot3D.pdf): Oops, forgot to check in the test.21:47
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CIA-94srichter * r114938 z3c.rml/ (4 files in 4 dirs): - Added paragraph border support. Patch by Yuan Hong.22:04
CIA-94srichter * r114939 z3c.rml/ (CHANGES.txt src/z3c/rml/rml-reference.pdf): Get ready for release.22:04
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CIA-94srichter * r114940 /z3c.rml/tags/0.9.0: Create release tag.22:23
CIA-94srichter * r114941 z3c.rml/ (CHANGES.txt vb22:23
CIA-94srichter * r114942 z3c.rml/ (6 files in 4 dirs):22:23
CIA-94- I found a more complete paragraph border patch from Yuan Hong. Now the DTD22:23
CIA-94is updated, the border supports a border radius and the tag-para.rml sample22:23
CIA-94has been updated.22:23
CIA-94- Get ready for release.22:23
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CIA-94srichter * r114943 /z3c.rml/tags/0.9.1: Create release tag.22:36
CIA-94srichter * r114944 z3c.rml/ (CHANGES.txt vb22:36
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