IRC log of #zope for Friday, 2010-07-30

kittonianthis is where i'm at right now:
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koshkittonian: I really don't get why you don't just learn python02:00
koshkittonian: also we would need a pastebin of the exact error it is erroring on but mostly I am tired of trying to help with complex dtml that should be done with python scripts02:02
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shodan45is there a diagram somewhere explaining the relationship between zeo, zodb, etc?07:55
* shodan45 hopes this is a newbie friendly channel xD07:55
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moo_how one creates new plain python buildout from scratch?10:51
moo_what command generates
d2mmoo_: easy_install zc.buildout; bin/buildout init10:52
moo_d2m: got it, thanks10:52
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moo_d2m: I want to make "redistributable" buildout - some version control seems to distribute with source code11:00
moo_so I just grab a copy of it and stick it in the root folder of the project?11:00
d2myes, or you make your clients install zc.buildout first11:01
d2mif you enclose you also need to run 'python'11:02
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Atulmorning/evening people.16:42
Atulcould someone point me to a document that talks about how zeo manages the connection. I am using Zope 2.4.416:43
AtulIn my case ZEO is shutting down Listener and let the ESTABLISHED connection to work.16:44
Atulnew connections are not allowed unless ZEO is bounced.16:44
Atulpls point me to the correct documentation. Thanks for help.16:44
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MatthewWilkesAtul: I can't think of any documentation on ZEO's socket behaviour or for anything on Zopes that old.  In fact, I don't really understand the question…16:49
AtulWell the situation is as follows16:50
AtulI have around 250 zope clients connecting to ZEO server16:50
AtulI have added around 100 more instance now16:50
Atulbut when all these instances are restarted the ZEO stops listening on the port it is configured to work on16:51
Atuli can see the process running but netstat doesn't show port LISTEN16:51
Atulthere are a few ESTABLISHED connections.16:52
MatthewWilkesAtul: Ah, they're all restarted at the same time?16:52
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Atulinfact in a batch of 16 instances16:52
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MatthewWilkesAtul: On install zope tries to reinstall the persistent copies of all its products, which causes a bit of database churn writing things, if you disable product installation on all but one instance it should stop huge amounts of conflicts16:53
MatthewWilkesA few hundred clients all causing lots of write conflicts might be making your zeo shit itself, perhaps?16:53
MatthewWilkes(Just guessing here)16:53
AtulMatthewWilkes: what if I do not touch the cache itself.16:54
AtulI have seen this behaviour by just restarting the ZEODB. (clients were running that time)16:55
Atuli could see the port listening and then it closed after a few minutes16:55
Atulit could be zope's defence mechanism (i don't know)16:55
AtulI am just trying to find pointers that can explain this behaviour16:56
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AtulMatthewWilkes: is there any configurable limit to the number of clients that can connect to ZEODB16:58
MatthewWilkesAtul: I really don't know of anything like that, but this is a really old version, more than 8 years now, before my time so I don't know its eccentricities16:59
Atulyeah its very old but sadly I need to stick to this for now17:00
MatthewWilkesAtul: Yeah, with 350 zope clients I doubt you've got the kind of set up you can change things easily17:01
Atulanyway thanks MatthewWilkes I'll try to go back to books and google to see if I could find something17:02
AtulThanks MatthewWilkes appreciate your help17:03
MatthewWilkesAtul: Sure, you *might* be able to try things like having two levels of zeo servers?17:03
MatthewWilkesSo groups of 16 or something connect to a zeo server which is configured with a clientstorage to the main zeo server? That would keep the per-process socket requirement down17:03
Atulyeah I'll try to see how that can fit into my current architecture17:04
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moo_how do I install Python source tar.gz with buildout?17:37
moo_old distribution which is not properly eggified17:37
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benjimoo_: I don't know for sure, but would expect there's a recipe for that:
moo_benji: trying now17:43
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moo_does buildout expose it's python interpreter in some template variable?18:10
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mgedminwat happen to spelling in this doc section: ?18:15
moo_The name of a section containing information about the default Python interpreter.18:17
moo_zeero examples what the hell should be there18:17
moo_how I am supposed to extract information from buildout?18:20
moo_like debug it?18:20
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Theuni1depends on what you're doing18:21
Theuni1there's also .installed.cfg18:21
moo_I want to find out in which variable Python interpreter is exposed18:22
moo_so I need to print out what variables buildout exposes18:22
moo_hmm I can actually grab it from -vv18:23
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moo_aah crap18:26
moo_I would need to drop out bin/ out of interpreter name18:26
Theuni1are you in a recipe?18:28
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Theuni1if yes, then you can also just as python18:28
Theuni1>>> sys.executable18:28
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_mup_Bug #611746 was filed: NAME_RE mismatch zope.i18n/, zope.tal/ <zope.i18n:New> <>18:43
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cwarner_there is a bug in Zope 2.12.7 and possibly up to 2.12.10 even though I havent checked where on osx machines is built as x86_64 for i386 platforms.. Users can't readily change this themselves in some cases. Or at least standalone Plone users as the Python distributed only contains a static lib22:54
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