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CIA-48hannosch * r115283 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ (tests/ Brain PEP8 cleanup and define __contains__ for brains.00:02
planetzopebotuwosh.pfg.d2c 0.6 (PyPI recent updates)
planetzopebotProducts.EasyNewsletter 2.0.1 (PyPI recent updates)
CIA-48hannosch * r115284 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/tests/ ( More PEP8 cleanup00:17
CIA-48hannosch * r115285 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/tests/ We don't need products anymore00:17
CIA-48shane * r115286 /relstorage/tags/1.4.0c3: Tag 1.4.0c300:17
CIA-48hannosch * r115287 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/tests/ Reorder imports00:17
CIA-48hannosch * r115288 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/tests/ Cleanup some comments00:17
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CIA-48hannosch * r115289 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ Lazy PEP800:31
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CIA-48hannosch * r115290 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ No need for old style classes here00:46
CIA-48hannosch * r115291 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/tests/ Whitespace00:46
CIA-48hannosch * r115292 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/tests/ More Lazy test cleanup, test coverage for the __repr__ and __add__ methods00:46
CIA-48hannosch * r115293 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/tests/ A little bit less Acquisition00:46
CIA-48hannosch * r115294 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/tests/ Simplify an assert01:01
CIA-48hannosch * r115295 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/tests/ New-style classes aren't all that new anymore01:01
CIA-48hannosch * r115296 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ (6 files in 2 dirs): Avoid bare except's and catch Exception instead - this won't catch system exceptions like KeyboardInterrupt, MemoryError and similar things01:01
CIA-48hannosch * r115297 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ZCatalog.txt: Remove inline tutorial, this is better covered in
planetzopebotRelStorage 1.4.0c3 (PyPI recent updates)
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CIA-48hannosch * r115298 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ (6 files in 2 dirs): No longer rely on Acquisition wrappers01:16
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CIA-48hannosch * r115299 Zope/src/ (25 files in 10 dirs): Thtere's only one type of interfaces01:31
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CIA-48hannosch * r115300 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ Eeek an old-style Interface12:45
CIA-48hannosch * r115301 Zope/ (6 files in 4 dirs): Removed deprecated ``catalog-getObject-raises`` zope.conf option. The option was slated for removal in Zope 2.10.12:45
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CIA-48hannosch * r115302 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ ( Pyflakes13:15
CIA-48hannosch * r115303 Zope/ (doc/CHANGES.rst src/Products/ZCatalog/
CIA-48Emit a deprecation warning for ``Products.ZCatalog.CatalogAwareness``. The13:15
CIA-48module was already deprecated according to its docstring. Since some13:15
CIA-48five:deprecatedManageAddDelete directive in OFS always imports the module, we13:15
CIA-48only emit the warning on actual use of the CatalogAware class.13:15
CIA-48hannosch * r115304 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/dtml/manageOldindex.dtml: Zope 2.4 support isn't really required anymore13:15
CIA-48hannosch * r115305 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ PEP813:15
CIA-48hannosch * r115306 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ ( Move IProgressHandler to interfaces module13:15
CIA-48hannosch * r115307 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ New-style classes are good and interfaces are inherited from base classes13:30
CIA-48hannosch * r115308 Zope/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Fully deprecate both CatalogAwareness and CatalogPathAwareness. They are untested and unused. Event subscribers for zope.lifecycleevents are the way to go.13:30
CIA-48hannosch * r115309 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ PEP8 and some more readable code13:30
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CIA-48hannosch * r115310 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ More PEP813:46
CIA-48hannosch * r115311 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ More readable style13:46
CIA-48yuppie * r115312 Zope/src/OFS/ - added comment (warn against usage in unit tests)13:46
CIA-48hannosch * r115313 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ (5 files): Final PEP8 fixes14:09
CIA-48yuppie 2.12 * r115314 Zope/ (src/OFS/ doc/CHANGES.rst): - added forward-compatibility shim for UserFolder (this makes it easier to write CMF migration code)14:09
CIA-48yuppie * r115315 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/upgrade/tests/ ( cmf22Site.zexp): - added test for upgrades from CMF 2.214:09
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CIA-48hannosch * r115316 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/tests/ ( Split tests for catalog and zcatalog modules15:01
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CIA-48hannosch * r115317 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/tests/ Don't produce warnings in our tests, only catch warnings for the one method that actually is supposed to emit it15:17
CIA-48hannosch * r115318 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/tests/ Move test helper classes to the top of the module, more meaningful name for TestRS15:31
CIA-48hannosch * r115319 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/tests/ more test cleanup15:31
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CIA-48hannosch * r115320 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/tests/ Avoid importing the modules under tests on the module scope15:46
CIA-48hannosch * r115321 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ Whitespace15:46
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CIA-48hannosch * r115322 Zope/ (4 files in 3 dirs): Removed catalog length migration code. Direct upgrades from Zope 2.7 and earlier are no longer supported.16:01
CIA-48hannosch * r115323 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ Clean up vocab_id BBB code a bit16:01
planetzopebotp4a.plonecalendar 2.0a7 (PyPI recent updates)
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CIA-48hannosch * r115324 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ Whitespace16:16
CIA-48hannosch * r115325 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ ( dtml/catalogAddRowForm.dtml): Removed empty and unused catalogAddRowForm16:16
CIA-48hannosch * r115326 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ Order security declarations to be consistent with manage_options order16:16
CIA-48hannosch * r115327 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ Avoid some really old-style pseudo performance hacks16:16
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CIA-48hannosch * r115328 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/tests/ Added test for clearIndex16:30
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CIA-48hannosch * r115329 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/tests/ More tests for add/del index/column16:45
CIA-48hannosch * r115330 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/tests/ Refactor tests into multiple test classes16:45
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CIA-48hannosch * r115331 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/tests/ Reorder zcatalog tests and note methods without test coverage17:15
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CIA-48hannosch * r115332 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ (tests/ Added tests for CatalogSearchArgumentsMap and implement __contains__17:53
CIA-48hannosch * r115333 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ Avoid overriding the all keyword and combine sort and reverse calls into one17:53
CIA-48hannosch * r115334 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ (tests/ Combine reverse and sort into one where possible17:53
CIA-48hannosch * r115335 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/tests/ Let testcase name match the function name under test17:53
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CIA-48hannosch * r115336 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/tests/ Reorder catalog tests and note methods with missing coverage18:16
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CIA-48hannosch * r115337 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/tests/ Make the tests a bit faster, there's really no difference between 100 and 1000 catalog entries. Testing really large numbers would be a different and interesting story.18:38
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planetzopebotplone.testing 1.0a1 (PyPI recent updates)
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CIA-48gary gary-betafix * r115338 zc.buildout/ (8 files in 3 dirs): By default, Buildout and the bootstrap script now prefer final versions of Buildout, recipes, and extensions.19:33 1.0a1 (PyPI recent updates)
CIA-48hannosch * r115339 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/tests/ Factor out method that needs the warning hook19:47
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CIA-48hannosch * r115340 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ (tests/ Move index restriction to _sorted_search_indexes method20:08
CIA-48hannosch * r115341 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ (tests/ Sort indexes according to ILimitedResultIndex support. Indexes without the support are queried first, so the indexes supporting the feature already get a limited result set.20:08
CIA-48adamg * r115342 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/process/ (winbotsetup.rst buildbots.rst): added winbot documentation20:22
CIA-48gary * r115343 /zc.buildout/branches/1.4: make a branch for 1.4 so that a 1.4.4 "emergency aspirin" release can be made for easy use in case the 1.5.0b3 release causes problems for someone.20:22
CIA-48hannosch * r115344 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ (tests/ Deprecate mixed dict/keyword argument searchResults calls and using a request object.20:22
CIA-48hannosch * r115345 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ Simplify make_query a bit20:22
planetzopebotrepoze.bfg 1.3a7 (PyPI recent updates)
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CIA-48adamg * r115346 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/process/winbotsetup.rst: fixing stuff21:46
CIA-48hannosch * r115347 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ ( dtml/catalogReport.dtml Extend the query report with information about the resultset length21:46
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CIA-48hannosch * r115348 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ ( Move the len() calculation into the stop watch class22:22
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CIA-48hannosch * r115349 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ ( tests/ Merge in the essential parts of unimr's queryplan23:32
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CIA-48hannosch * r115350 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ (8 files in 3 dirs): Rename the catalog report to plan to fit its new purpose23:46
CIA-48hannosch * r115351 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ Simplify key handling23:46
CIA-48hannosch * r115352 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ Factor out cid calculation23:46
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