IRC log of #zope for Tuesday, 2010-08-03

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CIA-48hannosch * r115387 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ Include a timestamp in the plan00:06
CIA-48hannosch * r115388 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ ( Actually nest the queryplan on the catalog id as well00:06
CIA-48hannosch * r115389 Zope/doc/CHANGES.rst: Explain all those query plan changes in the changelog00:07
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CIA-48hannosch * r115390 Products.CMFCore/Products/CMFCore/tests/ Style cleanup00:23
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CIA-48hannosch * r115391 Zope/src/Products/ZCatalog/ ( Fixed a problem with incomplete plan surfaced by the CMF tests01:02
CIA-48hannosch * r115392 Products.CMFCore/Products/CMFCore/tests/ Avoid deprecation warnings in catalog tests, the two test failures already got fixed by a change in Zope201:02
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CIA-48hannosch * r115393 Products.BTreeFolder2/ (src/Products/BTreeFolder2/ CHANGES.txt): Be more careful in calling our own keys, values and items methods, as sub-classes might have overridden some of them.01:57
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CIA-48gary 1.4 * r115394 zc.buildout/ (10 files in 3 dirs): the "aspirin" release.03:08
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CIA-48gary gary-betafix * r115395 zc.buildout/ (3 files in 2 dirs): add a help file for the release.03:34
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rel-meis down?05:08
rel-meis there a mirror somewhere?05:08
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CIA-48icemac * r115396 z3c.mountpoint/ (/src/z3c/ .): added missing file + fixed ignores09:39
CIA-48icemac * r115397 z3c.mountpoint/ adjusted dependencies09:39
CIA-48icemac * r115398 z3c.mountpoint/CHANGES.txt: fixed title level, to make ist consistent with README.txt09:39
CIA-48icemac * r115399 z3c.mountpoint/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.109:39
CIA-48icemac * r115400 /z3c.mountpoint/tags/0.1: Tagging 0.109:39
CIA-48icemac * r115401 z3c.mountpoint/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 0.209:39
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planetzopebotiservices.rssdocument 0.3 (PyPI recent updates)
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CIA-48wosc * r115402 gocept.selenium/ (3 files in 3 dirs): Fixes #7790: make patterns work with multiline strings10:19
CIA-48icemac * r115403 z3c.noop/ (4 files in 3 dirs):10:19
CIA-48- Reworked tests as ``INTERPRET_FOOTNOTES`` no longer works.10:19
CIA-48- Now used python's `doctest` instead of deprecated `zope.testing.doctest`.10:19
CIA-48icemac * r115404 z3c.noop/ (5 files in 2 dirs): Conform to repository policy.10:19
CIA-48wosc * r115405 gocept.selenium/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.510:19
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planetzopebotz3c.mountpoint 0.1 (PyPI recent updates)
CIA-48wosc * r115406 /gocept.selenium/tags/0.5: Tagging 0.511:06
CIA-48wosc * r115407 gocept.selenium/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 0.611:06
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planetzopebotgocept.selenium 0.5 (PyPI recent updates)
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CIA-48yuppie * r115408 Products.CMFCore/Products/CMFCore/ (49 files in 3 dirs): - removed broken run function and unittest.main calls12:12
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planetzopebotredturtle.imagedevent 0.6.0 (PyPI recent updates)
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CIA-48yuppie * r115409 Products.CMFCalendar/Products/CMFCalendar/ (browser/ tests/ tests/ - removed broken run function and unittest.main calls14:09
CIA-48yuppie * r115410 Products.CMFTopic/Products/CMFTopic/tests/ (7 files): - removed broken run function and unittest.main calls14:09
CIA-48yuppie * r115411 Products.CMFUid/Products/CMFUid/tests/ (3 files): - removed broken run function and unittest.main calls14:09
CIA-48yuppie * r115412 Products.DCWorkflow/Products/DCWorkflow/tests/ (4 files): - removed broken run function and unittest.main calls14:09
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seppo14hey guys… this might sound like a newbie question, but how do i get the URL of an object inside a python web script?14:35
seppo14getURL() work's only with catalogs..14:35
seppo14is there sth similiar except traversal through the folders to the object and building the url on my own?14:36
seppo14(talking about Z2)14:36
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mgedminwasn't it random_obj.absolute_url()?14:53
mgedminit's been ages since I've done Z214:53
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claytronI ran into a weird issue on Zope 2.10 where a DateTime created with dashes or slashes did not compare with another DateTime properly.
claytronwhy would this happen ^16:10
Moo^_^claytron: because16:10
Moo^_^claytron: it might not parse the date at all16:11
Moo^_^claytron: check end of
Moo^_^just an idea16:11
claytronit did parse the date:
claytronthat was the most confusing part16:13
claytronthe start_date_time was created with dashes16:13
claytronI was only able to reproduce so far on that day at that time16:14
Moo^_^claytron: remove clock hours16:14
Moo^_^claytron: must be timezone buck16:14
Moo^_^time is near 00:0016:15
claytroni started to look into that possibility, i will check again16:15
claytronbut it worked on another day at the end of the day16:15
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claytroni'm not sure i was checking with dashes now that I think about it16:16
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CIA-48yuppie * r115413 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/ (21 files in 2 dirs): - removed broken run function and unittest.main calls17:50
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* Theuni1 takes a seat17:59
* agroszer points one eye to this channel18:00
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srichterhi there18:01
Theuni1hi srichter18:01
srichterhi Adam and Christian18:02
davisagligood morning18:02
agroszergreat that you could find some time18:02
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CIA-48ctheune * r115414 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/zope-dev/index.rst: Add today's meeting to index.18:02
Theuni1lets start then18:03
Theuni1First topic is documentation.18:03
Theuni1Jens started working on making the package documentation accessible. Too bad he isn't around today.18:03
agroszeremm btw docs18:03
agroszersomething is wrong with docs.zope.org18:03
agroszerit does not get updated18:03
Theuni1it does18:04
Theuni1i forgot to include the file in the index18:04
agroszerbut I miss my changes18:04
mgedminwould be nice to see the date/time the docs were last updated18:04
agroszerbut I miss my changes to
Theuni1Do we have a bugtracker for that?18:04
agroszer is also a 40418:05
Theuni1that's what i just fixed a minute ago18:05
agroszerkosh, undo my last msg18:05
Theuni1Anyway, the other end to making the documentation available is working on it.18:06
koshagroszer: what message?18:06
agroszerkosh, I guess I mistyped18:06
Theuni1If myself am having little time currently and I didn't manage to follow up on writing blueprints/bugs - is there anybody who wants to take over?18:07
koshagroszer: just wondering what I could possibly undo that you might have done18:07
koshagroszer: darned if I even know who you are18:07
agroszerno worries, just ignore my last messages18:07
* Charlie_X thinks this getting surreal.18:07
* agroszer thinks he is too tired18:08
Theuni1i'm kinda confused, too18:08
Charlie_XTheuni1: no time at the moment still got to do my bugtracker improvements.18:08
Theuni1Charlie_X: yeah, stick to those, they would be appreciated, too :)18:08
Charlie_XMaybe we can schedule some documenting time around the summit?18:08
Theuni1tuesday for sprinting, for example18:09
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Charlie_XI imagine few people want to do some unglamorous document work on their own.18:09
Theuni1so, anything else about documentation?18:11
Theuni1except from "lets wait for the summit and sprints"?18:11
Theuni1i guess i'll try to catch up with the blueprint/bug preparations if I ever find time18:11
* Charlie_X applauds Jens in absentia for his efforts18:11
Theuni1indeed, definitely18:11
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Charlie_XI think we need schedule it a bit more than that. Documentation is a good idea for dolts like me to contribute.18:12
Theuni1there's also the sprints after the conference18:12
mgedminany chances for getting a unified index?18:12
mgedmin"what package has this getAdapter method? let me see... ah, zope.component, and here's the link"18:13
mgedminoh, I see even individual packages have no indexes: :(18:14
Theuni1ah, real indexes18:14
agroszerugh that reminds more of a code grepper18:14
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Theuni1mgedmin: i guess it's generally a good idea18:15
Theuni1might put that on the "list" :)18:15
Charlie_Xmgedmin is there a standard way of doing that?18:15
mgedmingood question; I'm afraid I'm not very familiar with sphinx18:16
mgedmin doesn't have a function index either18:16
agroszerdepends what's the goal18:17
baijumsee this: amazing !18:18
mgedmina comprehensive reference manual would be a thing that's nice to have18:18
mgedmina lot of work, though18:18
Charlie_XIf it's a lot of work it's not going to happen.18:18
agroszerthe repoze index looks good18:20
Charlie_XBFG is best practice18:20
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Theuni1mgedmin: i'll mention your request in the log, we'll see what comes out of that I guess18:21
Theuni1I'd change over to the test runner topic now.18:21
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Theuni1did everybody get his compiler licenses?18:22
agroszerthat's a complete MSDN license18:22
Theuni1or even that18:22
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agroszermenesis, yes18:23
Theuni1agroszer: did you hear from the others?18:23
agroszer(my irc client expands nicks even when not requested)18:23
agroszerlet me check my mails18:23
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Charlie_XI think Tres is still on holiday.18:25
agroszerI can't tell, you gotta ask Tres18:25
agroszeror the people directly18:25
Theuni1ok, will do18:25
Theuni1agroszer: so whats the status of the egg builder?18:26
agroszerI consider it finished18:26
agroszerit does the job18:26
Theuni1where is it running?18:26
agroszerin addition the buildbot test some projects18:26
agroszeremmm, seems like it needs some manual care18:27
agroszerand pypi was down tonight18:27
minskmazI've had some success using OOTreeSet on an attribute of an IBTreeContainer however the _p_changed method doesn't seem to persist the list elements across restarts. Any suggestions ?18:27
Theuni1agroszer: and i think you were writing some documentation, right?18:28
koshreassign and that should work18:28
agroszerTheuni1, Hanno has access too18:28
MatthewWilkesminskmaz:huh?  _p_changed isn't a method.  Just commit it.18:28
Theuni1agroszer: ok, cool18:28
agroszerTheuni1, yup, it just does not show up on docs.zope.org18:28
Theuni1agroszer: did you try building locally? maybe there's some error18:28
minskmazMatthewWilkes: K thanks18:29
koshalso it would be self._p_changed = 1  but it is better to reassign usually18:29
agroszerI think I checked locally... but it was quite late18:29
agroszerTheuni1, your fix is also not yet18:29
Theuni1maybe we need to poke jens18:30
* kosh hands Theuni1 an electric spear18:30
Theuni1agroszer: you think i should put the winbuilder from the list of topics then?18:30
*** milele has quit IRC18:30
agroszerI think you can, the winbuilder itself works fine, it's now a matter of configuratino issues in case new packages show up18:31
*** __mac__ has quit IRC18:31
agroszersame with testing projects18:31
agroszerthe tests can work with OR without a compiler being accessible18:31
agroszerso that one server is quite flexible18:32
Theuni1i guess the minutes should inform the other developers about the status then18:32
Theuni1we're over time18:32
Theuni1i guess thats it for today18:32
Charlie_XOkay. See you next week.18:32
agroszerI was waiting for my changes to show up...18:32
agroszerthx, till next week18:33
*** Charlie_X has left #zope18:34
* Theuni1 waves18:34
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mgedminminskmaz, pastebin your code pls18:36
*** dayne1 has joined #zope18:36
*** dayne has quit IRC18:37
minskmazmgedmin: Unfortunately I'm in a remote location handset only :(18:37
mgedminwhy do people do that???????18:37
minskmazBecause they sometimes have no other option18:37
minskmazSimilar. island18:38
mgedmintake a pic of the monitor?18:38
mgedminwait a second, this is zope, zope is a web server, web server implies there's internet access ...18:39
mgedminunless it's an intranet18:39
mgedminor an insanely paranoid firewall18:39
mgedmin(don't get distracted by my ramblings pleasE)18:39
*** minskmaz has quit IRC18:40
* mgedmin imagines debugging an urgent production problem in these circumstances and ouch'es18:43
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minskmazIt's an event handler18:44
*** mr_jolly has joined #zope18:45
minskmazHeh. Terrible lighting, dimming scree18:45
mgedminand when you check later, len(dataids) is 0?18:45
mgedminwhat's type(dataids)?18:45
minskmazYes after a restart18:45
mgedminwhat's type(getParents(context))?18:45
mgedminwhat's type(getParents(context))[1]?18:45
mgedminwhat's type(getParents(context))[1]['metadata']?18:45
mgedminactually, the last one is the most important, I suppose18:45
mgedminwell, that and type(dataids)18:45
minskmazIt's just testing to make sure I'm where I think I am18:45
mgedmindataids is an OOTreeSet?18:46
minskmazYes it is18:46
mgedminand getParents(context)[1]['metadata'] is a BTreeContainer?18:46
minskmazThe interface IBTReeContainer as well18:47
mgedminwhat do you mean by that?18:47
minskmazScratch that18:47
minskmazIt's IContainer on the parent of dataids18:47
minskmazI mean itinplements an interface that subclasses IContainer18:48
mgedminthat shouldn't matter18:48
mgedminif getParents(context)[1]['metadata'].dataids is an instance of OOTreeSet, persistence should work18:49
minskmazThought so, however the zcml implement IBTreeContainer for the parent content type18:49
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mgedmincan you check if  getParents(context)[1]['metadata'].dataids._p_oid is the same before and after a server restart?18:50
minskmazSure back in a couple18:50
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minskmazIs that a method mgedmin ?19:01
*** mr_jolly has quit IRC19:01
mgedminno, an attribute19:01
*** mr_jolly has joined #zope19:01
minskmazIt returns None19:01
minskmazOr at leastprints none19:01
mgedminthat means dataids is a new object that hasn't been stored in the DB yet19:01
mgedminmy guess is that you have an adapter or something overriding dataids with a new empty OOTreeSet every time19:02
minskmazNo it's set up once when theportal is created19:02
mgedminthen its _p_oid wouldn't be none19:02
minskmazHmm well I'm printing it from context so I could double check19:03
mgedmintry the print again, after you do transaction.commit()19:03
mgedminthat should assign a _p_oid19:03
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minskmazOn the portals setup_default_content I have context['metadata'] = MetaData() which is the parent BTreeContainer of the dataids19:05
minskmazWill do some more tests19:06
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