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CIA-48srichter * r115511 zope.server/ (5 files in 3 dirs):00:34
CIA-48- Implemented correct server proxy behavior. The HTTP server would always add00:34
CIA-48a "Server" and "Date" response header to the list of response headers00:34
CIA-48regardless whether one had been set already. The HTTP 1.1 spec specifies00:34
CIA-48that a proxy server must not modify the "Server" and "Date" header but add a00:34
CIA-48"Via" header instead.00:34
CIA-48- Get ready for release.00:34
CIA-48srichter * r115512 /zope.server/tags/3.8.0: Create release tag.00:34
CIA-48srichter * r115513 zope.server/ (CHANGES.txt vb00:34
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planetzopebotzope.server 3.8.0 (PyPI recent updates)
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CIA-48gary gary-betafix * r115514 zc.buildout/ (5 files in 3 dirs): Windows test fixes.02:04
planetzopebotpfg.donationform 1.0.1 (PyPI recent updates)
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planetzopebotpfg.donationform 1.0.2 (PyPI recent updates)
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planetzopebotGroundhog (Building a Microframework with BFG) #3: HTML Templating (Repoze Blog RSS Feed) :calvino.freenode.net07:36
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CIA-48yuppie * r115515 CMF/ (HISTORY.txt EXTERNALS.txt CHANGES.txt - some cleanup12:09
CIA-48yuppie * r115516 CMF/ (docs functest): - removed unmaintained docs and functional tests12:09
CIA-48yuppie * r115517 CMF/ ( RELEASE.txt): - removed obsolete slurp_release script12:09
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CIA-48yuppie 2.12 * r115518 Zope/buildout.cfg: - 'scripts' is the default recipe13:20
CIA-48yuppie * r115519 Zope/buildout.cfg: - 'scripts' is the default recipe13:20
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planetzopebotSilva 2.3b1 Released (
CIA-48wosc * r115520 gocept.selenium/ (src/gocept/selenium/ CHANGES.txt): API expansion: ``getSelectedValue``, ``getSelectedIndex``16:06
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IRCzitoSomeone from brazil here?16:59
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planetzopebotPlone 4.0rc1 (PyPI recent updates)
planetzopebotProducts.AddRemoveWidget 1.4.3 (PyPI recent updates)
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CIA-48ldr * r115521 zope.globalrequest/src/zope/globalrequest/ftesting.zcml: fix test setup failure19:15
mgedminwhat's with the winbot ztk test failures?19:15
mgedminno testrunner in zope.testing -- looks like a missing pin?19:16
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avnmgedmin: testrunner now is zope.testrunner19:17
mgedminbut the only buildbot that fails is the winbot19:20
mgedmin(I assume there are other buildbots testing ztk trunk on linux)19:21
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merlin1978I would like to study zope where should I start?19:41
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CIA-48ldr * r115522 five.globalrequest/ (docs/HISTORY.txt Prepare 1.0 release19:43
CIA-48ldr * r115523 five.globalrequest/docs/HISTORY.txt: docs glitch19:43
CIA-48ldr * r115524 /five.globalrequest/tags/1.0: tag 1.019:43
CIA-48ldr * r115525 five.globalrequest/ bump version19:44
CIA-48mgedmin * r115526 z3c.table/src/z3c/table/batch.txt: Typo: bath -> batch.19:44
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planetzopebotfive.globalrequest 1.0 (PyPI recent updates)
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CIA-48mgedmin * r115527 z3c.table/src/z3c/table/ (README.txt column.txt batch.txt sort.txt sequence.txt): More typo fixes (I've got a spell checker).20:22
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CIA-48mgedmin * r115527 z3c.table/src/z3c/table/ (README.txt column.txt batch.txt sort.txt sequence.txt): More typo fixes (I've got a spell checker).21:16
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planetzopebotcooking.theme 1.2.4 (PyPI recent updates)
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