IRC log of #zope for Sunday, 2010-09-12

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CIA-7hannosch 2.12 * r116300 Zope/doc/CHANGES.rst: Fix changelog, thx Vincent for noticing :)02:32
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CIA-7jim * r116301 ZODB/src/ZEO/tests/ Python 2.7 has os.kill but not signal.SIGKILL.12:03
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CIA-7jim * r116302 ZODB/src/ZEO/ Explain some puzzling code :)15:02
CIA-7jim * r116303 ZODB/src/ZEO/tests/ Add/adjust debugging info.15:02
CIA-7hannosch * r116304 Zope/ (doc/CHANGES.rst versions.cfg): Downgraded ZODB3 to 3.10.0b4 to avoid test failures with tempstorage.15:17
CIA-7hannosch * r116305 Update bootstrap file to latest version15:17
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CIA-7hannosch * r116306 (CHANGES.txt src/zope/app/apidoc/ Define ``__file__`` in doctests to make them pass under Python 2.4.15:32
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CIA-7hannosch * r116307 (CHANGES.txt Prepare
CIA-7hannosch * r116308 / Tagged
CIA-7hannosch * r116309 (CHANGES.txt Bump version15:48
CIA-7hannosch * r116310 zopetoolkit/zopeapp-versions.cfg: New
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CIA-7hannosch * r116311 /zope.testing/branches/3.9: Create a 3.9 maintenance branch16:03
CIA-7hannosch 3.9 * r116312 zope.testing/ (CHANGES.txt Update to dev version16:03
CIA-7hannosch * r116313 zopetoolkit/ztk.cfg: Use new mainteance branch of zope.testing to avoid the 3.10 version16:03
CIA-7hannosch * r116314 / Create maintenance branch for 3.1316:18
CIA-7hannosch 3.13 * r116315 (CHANGES.txt Update to dev version16:18
CIA-7hannosch * r116316 zopetoolkit/ (zopeapp.cfg zopeapp-versions.cfg): Stick to 3.13.x to avoid a zope.testrunner dependency16:18
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CIA-7hannosch * r116317 zopetoolkit/ (zopeapp.cfg zopeapp-versions.cfg): We do need appsetup 3.14 for z.a.wsgi16:33
CIA-7hannosch * r116318 / No use for this branch16:33
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CIA-7hannosch * r116319 / Next try, create a 3.14 branch16:49
CIA-7hannosch * r116320 (CHANGES.txt Make trunk a new feature release16:49
CIA-7hannosch 3.14 * r116321 (CHANGES.txt Mark as new dev version16:49
CIA-7hannosch * r116322 zopetoolkit/zopeapp.cfg: Use the new 3.14 branch16:49
CIA-7hannosch * r116323 zopetoolkit/zopeapp.cfg: Adjust branch/trunk comment16:49
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CIA-7hannosch * r116324 Specify file encoding17:04
CIA-7hannosch * r116325 Fix idpicker doctest to actually work and not bail with a UnicodeDecodeError in format_traceback17:04
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CIA-7ccomb * r116326 /bluebream/branches/ccomb-zcml-reorg: branch for some zcml reorganization17:58
CIA-7hannosch * r116327 zope.schema/CHANGES.txt: Whitespace17:58
CIA-7hannosch * r116328 zope.schema/src/zope/schema/tests/ Fixed duplicate test method name17:58
CIA-7hannosch * r116329 zope.schema/src/zope/schema/tests/ Fixed tests to run under Python 2.417:58
CIA-7hannosch * r116330 zope.schema/ (CHANGES.txt Prepare zope.schema
CIA-7hannosch * r116331 /zope.schema/tags/3.7.0: Tagged zope.schema
CIA-7hannosch * r116332 zope.schema/ (CHANGES.txt Bump version17:58
CIA-7hannosch * r116333 zopetoolkit/ztk-versions.cfg: Update to new zope.schema17:58
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CIA-7tseaver * r116334 zope.contenttype/src/zope/contenttype/tests/ Don't import module-under-test at global scope.18:48
CIA-7tseaver * r116335 zope.contenttype/ Make 'python test' work.18:48
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CIA-7tseaver * r116336 zope.dottedname/ (src/zope/dottedname/ Remove zope.testing dependency, make 'python test' work.19:10
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