IRC log of #zope for Friday, 2010-09-17

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CIA-7jim * r116469 ZODB/src/ (ZODB/ ZODB/tests/ CHANGES.txt):00:33
CIA-7Bug fixed:00:33
CIA-7Setting _p_changed on a blob wo actually writing anything caused an00:33
CIA-7error. (
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CIA-7jim * r116470 ZODB/src/ (3 files in 3 dirs):00:56
CIA-7Bug fixed00:56
CIA-7The verbose mode of the fstest was broken.00:56
CIA-7mgedmin * r116471 /zope.testrunner/branches/mgedmin-transaction-nanny: Create branch.00:56
CIA-7mgedmin mgedmin-transaction-nanny * r116472 zope.testrunner/src/zope/testrunner/ (
CIA-7Warn about tests that leave an unclean transaction behind them.00:56
CIA-7I needed this feature very badly, and when I had it, I thought -- why not00:56
CIA-7share it with the world? It has no unit tests, though.00:56
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CIA-7ccomb ccomb-zcml-reorg * r116473 bluebream/src/bluebream/bluebream_base/ (13 files in 5 dirs): reorganized zcml files01:14
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CIA-7ccomb ccomb-zcml-reorg * r116474 bluebream/ (CHANGES.txt version and changes01:31
CIA-7ccomb ccomb-zcml-reorg * r116475 bluebream/src/bluebream/bluebream_base/project_template/etc/ (site.zcml_tmpl debug.zcml_tmpl deploy.zcml_tmpl): missing files01:31
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spikebikeAnyone have a suggestion for figuring out exactly why my zodb/Data.fs is so large after packing?03:22
spikebikemaybe dumping a list of all objects and their size?  Or maybe something xdu like?03:23
spikebikeheh, or even du like03:23
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spikebikeAh, I have 272,244 64KB OFS.Image.Pdata files03:49
spikebikeis there a way to dump what an object is based on oid?03:49
mcdoncyou can always get an object via03:53
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mcdoncdumping an object to a file can be done via anyobject._p_jar.exportFile(oid)03:56
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spikebikedoes that work if the OID is just a 64KB chunk of a larger file?05:06
CIA-7chrism * r116476 /transaction/tags/1.1.1: Tag
CIA-7chrism 1.1.1 * r116477 transaction/ (CHANGES.txt prep for release05:06
CIA-7chrism * r116478 transaction/CHANGES.txt: back to dev05:06
spikebikefrom what I can tell large files end up as a ton of 64KB chunks05:06
spikebike(each with a unique oid)05:06
mcdonc_"Pdata" chunks05:13
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mcdonc_for what purpose are you dumping these?  do you just want to get at them as files?05:14
mcdonc_if so, webdav is a much saner way05:14
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spikebikemcdonc_: tring to figure out why my zodb is 17GB after packing, got a better idea?05:44
mcdonc_spikebike: fraid not05:44
spikebikedo you know what happens if I try to dereference a Image.pdada chunk?05:45
mcdonc_it's a linked list05:45
spikebikeif a print anyobject.p_jar[oid] can I see the name of the entire object?05:46
mcdonc_the end sentinel is None iirc05:46
spikebikethe name/url would be ideal05:46
mcdonc_some objects aren't url addressable05:46
mcdonc_the ones that are will have an id attribute usually05:47
mcdonc_pdata chunks dont have names (they're not url addressable)05:47
spikebikeI'm hoping for something like a du or everything in the zodb05:48
mcdonc_there may be some scripts out there that give you a report with column headers of "class name, total size"05:49
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mcdonc_i've never used one but i dimly remember something about somebody creating one sometime05:50
spikebikeso far I have analyze.py05:50
mcdonc_i know that's not much to go on05:50
spikebikeyeah found a few similar ones that get close05:50
spikebikeeven one that outputs a fancy graph05:50
spikebikeClass Name                                       Count    TBytes    Pct05:51
spikebike<class 'OFS.Image.Pdata'>                       161196 10654990141  58.4% 66099.5905:51
mcdonc_sorry, since there's no hard-and-fast way to visit "children" of objects in an arbitrary zodb application, it's not possible afaik without writing code specific to your application05:51
mcdonc_and even if your application is "just zope"05:51
mcdonc_it doesnt matter05:52
mcdonc_you could try to find all Zope File objects in the database05:52
mcdonc_the easiest way to do that is to use the Find tab in the ZMI05:52
mcdonc_but it won't summarize for you05:52
mcdonc_there is an api you can use to traverse down to that level05:53
mcdonc_on folderish objects05:53
spikebike looks promising but seems like it's down05:54
mcdonc_the problem is mapping the physical storage to the logical objects05:54
mcdonc_you're going to have to write code05:55
spikebikeyeah I was looking at the code at
spikebike(a cache of the previous url)05:55
spikebikejust wanted to ask around a bit to see if it was really that hard05:56
mcdonc_all that is about physical stuff afaict05:56
mcdonc_but yeah05:57
spikebike step #3 looks like what I need05:57
mcdonc_i guess05:57
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mcdonc_worth a shot anyway05:58
spikebikeworst case do a dump to get all UIDs, then map to path (say put each one in a hash and add the OIDs storage to the path's storage)05:59
spikebikesorry, s/UIDs/OIDs/06:01
spikebikewhat I don't know is if a subchunk will map to a path (as shown in #3)06:02
mcdonc_i'm above my pay grade i'm afraid06:02
spikebikeI'll be happy to take any excess pay from ya. ;-)06:05
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CIA-7shane * r116479 relstorage/ (7 files in 4 dirs): (log message trimmed)10:40
CIA-7Still working through an issue that seems to involve Oracle RAC.10:40
CIA-7Latest improvements:10:40
CIA-7- Use the client time instead of the database server time as a factor10:40
CIA-7in the transaction ID. RelStorage was using the database server time10:40
CIA-7to reduce the need for synchronized clocks, but in practice, that10:40
CIA-7policy broke tests and did not really avoid the need to synchronize10:40
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CIA-7shane * r116480 relstorage/relstorage/adapters/ Restored some logic specific to usage of the max() function.11:01
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CIA-7shane * r116481 relstorage/ (CHANGES.txt relstorage/adapters/ Apologies to Oracle users: no more read only mode. It seems to be buggy.11:34
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CIA-7shane * r116482 relstorage/CHANGES.txt: Ready to tag 1.4.0c411:49
CIA-7shane * r116483 /relstorage/tags/1.4.0c4: Tagged 1.4.0c411:49
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CIA-7icemac * r116484 zopetoolkit/zopeapp.cfg: added missing checkout14:37
CIA-7icemac * r116485 zc.sourcefactory/ (3 files in 3 dirs): Using Python's ``doctest`` instead of deprecated ``zope.testing.doctest``.14:37
CIA-7icemac * r116486 zc.sourcefactory/ (src/zc/sourcefactory/ftesting.zcml CHANGES.txt Using ``zope.keyreference`` as test dependency instead of ````.14:37
CIA-7icemac * r116487 zc.sourcefactory/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.7.014:37
CIA-7icemac * r116488 /zc.sourcefactory/tags/0.7.0: Tagging 0.7.014:37
CIA-7icemac * r116489 zc.sourcefactory/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 0.7.114:37
CIA-7icemac * r116490 /zopetoolkit/ (branches/1.0/zopeapp-versions.cfg trunk/zopeapp-versions.cfg): using newer zc.sourcefactory version which no longer depends in deprecated
CIA-7hannosch * r116491 (3 files in 2 dirs): Replaced a testing dependency on with one on zope.securitypolicy.14:37
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CIA-7hannosch * r116492 (CHANGES.txt Prepare
CIA-7hannosch * r116493 / Tagged
CIA-7hannosch * r116494 (CHANGES.txt Bump version14:55
CIA-7hannosch * r116495 /zopetoolkit/ (branches/1.0/zopeapp-versions.cfg trunk/zopeapp-versions.cfg): Upgrade to = 3.5.8 to avoid a dependency14:55
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tPl0chhello, is this channel right for apache configs for VHM and mod_proxy?15:15
CIA-7icemac * r116496 added some backticks for better readability15:16
CIA-7icemac * r116497 (
CIA-7- moved to
CIA-7- changed test to get same coverage as before15:16
CIA-7icemac * r116498 (CHANGES.txt src/zope/app/http/ftesting.zcml): Removed test dependency on `` as the test needing this package has been moved now15:16
CIA-7icemac * r116499 (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.9.015:16
CIA-7icemac * r116500 / Tagging 3.9.015:16
CIA-7icemac * r116501 (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.9.115:16
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mgedmintPl0ch, sure15:24
tPl0chmgedmin, hehe, ok. I have the following scenario. I installed plone4 with the unified installer and I am trying to get it working behind apache2 (better: a subdomain). This is my vhost.conf for the subdomain: I enabled mod_proxy and mod_proxy_http, mod_headers etc. everything is working fine (the modules are loaded and no errors in error.log15:26
tPl0chProbably someone can point me towards the mistake I made in my vhost.conf file15:27
tPl0chThanks in advance :)15:27
betabugsince everything is working fine, there's no mistake!15:27
tPl0chbetabug, but then I wouldn't get a 40315:27
tPl0chI forgot to include that15:28
betabugyeah :-)15:28
tPl0chI meant everything is working when starting apache2 (meaning there is no mistake in the module config)15:28
mgedmintPl0ch, in Debian, /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/proxy.conf has a Deny from all15:28
betabugok, first thing I see is that nobody really uses ProxyPass for Zope any more, since a long, long time15:28
mgedminyou want to add <Proxy http://localhost:8080> Allow from all </Proxy>15:29
betabugpeople use RewriteRule and zope people get theirs from the witch15:29
* mgedmin doesn't think there's any significant difference between ProxyPass and RewriteRule ... [P,L]15:29
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tPl0chmgedmin, ok, adding the Proxy directive to proxy.conf fixed the 403 issue :) Thanks. Probably coming back soon for help on ssl stuff :)15:32
CIA-7icemac * r116502 (5 files in 2 dirs): Removed ZPKG slugs and ZCML ones.15:32
CIA-7lra * r116503 /Sandbox/lra/branches/restore-WorkflowMethod-Products.DCWorkflow-mergepoint1: prepare sync with trunk15:32
CIA-7icemac * r116504 (src/zope/app/file/tests/ CHANGES.txt): Moved a functional test here from ``.15:32
CIA-7icemac * r116505 (CHANGES.txt src/zope/app/file/browser/tests/ Using Python's ``doctest`` instead of deprecated ``zope.testing.doctest``.15:32
CIA-7icemac * r116506 (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.6.115:32
CIA-7icemac * r116507 / Tagging 3.6.115:32
CIA-7icemac * r116508 (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.6.215:32
CIA-7icemac * r116509 /zopetoolkit/ (branches/1.0/zopeapp-versions.cfg trunk/zopeapp-versions.cfg): using version of which no longer depenends on
betabugmgedmin: RewriteRules are much more flexible15:32
d2mthis is kind of weird conversation with CIA etal. in between15:33
d2mhow put the checkin messages on the channel?15:33
tPl0chd2m, looks like a bot which is getting info from some SCM15:33
betabugd2m: I'm blocking all but the planet bots, much easier on the eyes15:34
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CIA-7icemac * r116510 (CHANGES.txt src/zope/app/generations/ftesting.zcml): Replaced a testing dependency on with one on zope.securitypolicy.15:48
tPl0chOk guys, how would I best achieve that ssl requests are being processed by the second client running on localhost:808115:49
betabugyou need a different virtual host for SSL anyway15:50
tPl0chbetabug, I know that15:50
betabugon the non-ssl host all you usually have is a redirect (with another RewriteRule) to send stuff like accesses to /manage to the SSL virtual host15:50
betabugin the SSL virtual host the setup is just like any other zope-behind-apache setup15:50
betabugI'd suggest to get the rewriterule from
tPl0chbetabug, thanks a lot15:53
betabugno problem :-)15:53
CIA-7icemac * r116510 (CHANGES.txt src/zope/app/generations/ftesting.zcml): Replaced a testing dependency on with one on zope.securitypolicy.16:03
CIA-7icemac * r116511 (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.6.016:03
CIA-7icemac * r116512 / Tagging 3.6.016:04
CIA-7icemac * r116513 (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.6.116:04
CIA-7icemac * r116514 (CHANGES.txt src/zope/app/component/ftesting.zcml): Replaced a testing dependency on with one on zope.securitypolicy.16:04
CIA-7icemac * r116515 (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.9.216:04
CIA-7icemac * r116516 / Tagging 3.9.216:04
CIA-7lra * r116517 /Sandbox/lra/branches/restore-WorkflowMethod-Products.DCWorkflow/ (30 files in 6 dirs): sync with trunk16:04
CIA-7icemac * r116518 (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.9.316:04
CIA-7lra * r116519 /Sandbox/lra/branches/restore-WorkflowMethod-Products.DCWorkflow/Products/DCWorkflow/version.txt: prepare for internal-only release16:04
CIA-7lra * r116520 /Sandbox/erp5: ERP5 packages sandbox16:04
CIA-7icemac * r116521 /zopetoolkit/ (branches/1.0/zopeapp-versions.cfg trunk/zopeapp-versions.cfg): using versions which no longer depend on
CIA-7lra * r116522 /Sandbox/erp5/tags:16:04
CIA-7icemac * r116523 /zope.generations: package to implement
CIA-7icemac * r116524 zope.generations/: starting point:
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CIA-7lra * r116525 /Sandbox/erp5/tags/Products.DCWorkflow-restore_WofklowMethod-2.2.1nxd001: Internal-release tag16:19
CIA-7lra * r116526 /Sandbox/erp5/tags/Acquisition-aq_dynamic-2.13.4nxd001: Internal-only tag16:19
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CIA-7yuppie * r116527 Zope/versions.cfg: - switched to latest ztk release16:57
CIA-7tseaver * r116528 ZODB/src/ (3 files in 3 dirs): repozo: Remove '.index' + files corresponding to backups being removed.16:57
CIA-7yuppie * r116529 CMF/buildout.cfg: - switched to latest ztk release16:57
CIA-7lra * r116530 /Sandbox/lra/branches/restore-WorkflowMethod-Products.DCWorkflow/Products/DCWorkflow/version.txt: back to "development"16:57
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planetzopebotZope Summit, DZUG, repoze.bfg (Code Singer)
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CIA-7jim * r116531 ZODB/src/ZODB/tests/ Added missing db close. Gaaaa.17:48
CIA-7lra erp5-aq_dynamic * r116532 Acquisition/ back to "development"17:48
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CIA-7icemac 3.7 * r116533 (4 files in 2 dirs): back merge of two fixes from trunk, so ZTK 1.0 does not depend on deprecated packages18:50
CIA-7icemac 3.7 * r116534 (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.7.818:50
CIA-7icemac * r116535 / Tagging 3.7.818:50
CIA-7icemac 3.7 * r116536 (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.7.918:50
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CIA-7icemac 3.8 * r116537 zope.testbrowser/ (4 files in 2 dirs):19:04
CIA-7- Using stdlib's ``doctest`` module, instead of ``zope.testing.doctest``.19:04
CIA-7- fixed dependency in version19:04
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CIA-7icemac 3.8 * r116538 zope.testbrowser/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.8.221:41
CIA-7icemac * r116539 /zope.testbrowser/tags/3.8.2: Tagging 3.8.221:41
CIA-7icemac 3.8 * r116540 zope.testbrowser/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.8.321:41
CIA-7jim * r116541 ZODB/src/ZEO/tests/ Fixed a bug in the debug logging.21:41
CIA-7icemac 1.0 * r116542 zopetoolkit/zopeapp-versions.cfg: upgraded to deprecation free versions21:41
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Moo^this README is so short that it is even sad :23:33
Moo^if someone can point me example how zope.traversing should be used, I would be happy23:34
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minskmazMoo^: look into getSite getParents zope.location absoluteURL and IIntIds - they're all sorta used together to get you around your app real quick23:48
*** mr_jolly has joined #zope23:49
Moo^minskmaz: nah23:50
Moo^it didn't work in any case23:50
minskmazwhat is your case ?23:50
Moo^I am writing like this in to the documentation, clarify if I am correct:23:50
Moo^   Zope traversing is a mine field. There are different traversers.23:50
Moo^        One is ZPublisher traverser which does HTTP request looks.23:50
Moo^        One is OFS.Traversable.unrestrictedTraverse() which happens23:50
Moo^        when you call traverse from Python code. Then another23:50
Moo^        case is zope.tales.expression.PathExpr which uses23:50
Moo^        really simple traverser.23:50
Moo^PathExpr does not honor ITraversable23:51
Moo^it is only for HTTP23:51
minskmazdo you know where you're trying to go ? or are you searching the tree23:51
minskmazMoo^: my use case is easier but I simply register ILocation in zcml on objects I will need to find from the request - not sure how str(x) for x in self.request.__provides__.__iro__ is looking things up23:58
minskmazis it a utility ?23:58
minskmazI don't use viewlets so...23:59
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