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CIA-7jim * r116733 ZODB/src/ZEO/tests/ adjusted debugging info00:03
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CIA-7ccomb * r116734 bluebream/src/bluebream/bluebream_base/project_template/etc/ (4 files): Added comments00:48
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beekeeperDoes anyone know why I would keep getting a default value of None when attempting to   print stdout from a filesystem command (echo "hello") using a simple external method (4   lines) and DTML Document consisting only of <dtml-var testStdout>?
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beekeeper I get the expected output when running from python command line. I've read the Using External Methods section on, googled, and looked at   examples in Zope Bible, Zope web app construction kit, Python for Unix and Linux system   administration.02:33
beekeeper(Zope 2.10.5-final, python 2.4.6)02:35
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xitriumis this the right place for ZODB questions?09:51
betabugxitrium: just give it a try, maybe someone might see your question :-)09:52
xitriumok :)09:52
betabugif it's "standalone" zodb, knowledge is more sparse09:52
xitriumit's sort of a more general question...  I'm using a kind of large database and wondering how to iterate through all of the items without keeping them all in memory?09:52
betabugfrom within zope?09:53
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xitriumI need to touch them all once but I don't want to keep them around... When I just try to do a for loop through them all, it loads them all into memory and then the process starts thrashing to swap because the DB is too large to fit at once09:53
xitriumno, it is standalone ZODB09:53
xitriumI'm not very good at databases09:54
xitriumIt seems like a simple issue but I'm not familiar with how they work really09:54
betabughmmm, dunno standalone, but in zope there are two things09:54
betabugfirst, zope keeps the objects cached and empties the cache when needed (they "fall out" or something)09:54
betabugand the other thing is that you can "close" the transaction, freeing the memory, just a second, let me look it up in my code09:55
xitriumoh cool09:55
betabugjust some pointers to search for on the web:09:56
betabugget_transaction().commit() # commits the transaction - dangerous if you need undo, but sometimes just what you need09:56
betabugself._p_jar.cacheGC # call the garbage collector to free up memory09:56
betabugthose are what I use at one point in my code where I loop through a lot of very heavy objects09:57
betabugbut you'd have to check how they will do in a standalone environment09:57
betabugalso, hmmm, I wonder how self._p_jar.cacheGC actually calls anything... doesn't look much like a python call, without the () at the end09:58
betabugwell, "it works for me" as they say, even if I don't know the details ;-)09:58
xitriumthanks :D09:59
xitriumI think I've got enough here to find what I need09:59
betabugno problem, hope this really helps!09:59
xitriumyeah it does, thanks :)09:59
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xitriumbetabug: do you know how to set the size of the cache in zodb at all?  I can get by with the garbage collection of the cache but it would be nice if I could have it limit itself11:28
betabughmmm, in zope it's in the admin UI and in the config files11:28
betabugno idea for standalone zodb11:29
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xitriumi think standalone zodb can use config files too...11:32
betabugyeah, could be, but likely not the same as for Zope 211:36
CIA-7icemac * r116735 z3c.recipe.staticlxml/ (4 files in 3 dirs):11:40
CIA-7- Using Python's ``doctest`` module instead of depreacted ``zope.testing.doctest``.11:40
CIA-7- Fixed smoke test to run on Mac OS X.11:40
CIA-7- Using test extra for running tests.11:40
CIA-7icemac * r116736 /z3c.recipe.staticlxml/branches/0.7.2: this is a tag, not a branch and it is identical to tag/0.7.211:40
CIA-7icemac * r116737 /z3c.recipe.staticlxml/ (branches/0.7.1 tags/0.7.1): this is actually a tag, not a branch11:40
CIA-7icemac * r116738 z3c.recipe.staticlxml/CHANGES.txt: 0.7.2 has already been released11:40
CIA-7icemac * r116739 /z3c.recipe.staticlxml/branches/0.7: trunk is still on 0.7.x, so the branch can be recrated when needed11:40
CIA-7icemac * r116740 /z3c.recipe.staticlxml/branches/ (0.7 0.7/downloads): reverted deletion of branch, it seems as is should be a tag11:40
CIA-7icemac * r116741 /z3c.recipe.staticlxml/ (branches/0.7 tags/0.7): this seems to be a releas tag not a branch11:40
CIA-7malthe * r116742 PEP8.11:40
CIA-7malthe * r116743 (3 files in 2 dirs): Support eager loading of patched templates (via gc lookup).11:40
CIA-7malthe * r116744 (CHANGES.txt Preparing release.11:40
CIA-7malthe * r116745 / Tagging release.11:40
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rwathi, is there a newer list of hotfixes than ? These seem to be out of date.13:28
CIA-7jens 2.1 * r116746 Products.CMFCalendar/Products/CMFCalendar/ (version.txt CHANGES.txt): - release prep for version 2.1.313:33
CIA-7jens * r116747 /Products.CMFCalendar/tags/2.1.3: - tagging version 2.1.313:33
CIA-7jens 2.1 * r116748 Products.CMFCalendar/Products/CMFCalendar/ (version.txt CHANGES.txt): - vb13:33
CIA-7jens 2.1 * r116749 Products.CMFCore/Products/CMFCore/ (version.txt CHANGES.txt): - release prep for version 2.1.313:33
CIA-7jens * r116750 /Products.CMFCore/tags/2.1.3: - tagging version 2.1.313:33
CIA-7jens 2.1 * r116751 Products.CMFCore/Products/CMFCore/ (version.txt CHANGES.txt): - vb13:33
CIA-7jens 2.1 * r116752 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/ (version.txt CHANGES.txt): - release prep for version 2.1.313:33
CIA-7jens * r116753 /Products.CMFDefault/tags/2.1.3: - tagging version 2.1.313:33
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betabugrwat: there isn't much to hotfix right now13:42
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betabugI think security is up-to-date with current releases13:44
betabugrwat: which zope version are you looking for?13:44
rwatbetabug: I've got a customer with an old plone that needs 2.8.713:44
betabug2.8.12 won't do?13:45
betabugwell, 2008-08-12 hotfix seems to be the last one, kind of seems correct with my memory13:46
betabugbut in your customer's case I'd go fro 2.8.1213:46
betabugyou can grab it from here:
rwatok I'll give that a go13:47
CIA-7jens 2.1 * r116754 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/ (version.txt CHANGES.txt): - vb13:47
CIA-7yuppie * r116755 /CMF.buildout/branches/ (zope212-cmf23 zope212-cmf23/ - added a local copy of the special 1.4.4 bootstrap.py13:47
CIA-7jens 2.1 * r116756 Products.CMFUid/Products/CMFUid/ (version.txt CHANGES.txt): - release prep for version 2.1.313:47
CIA-7jens * r116757 /Products.CMFUid/tags/2.1.3: - tagging version 2.1.313:47
CIA-7yuppie zope212-cmf23 * r116758 CMF.buildout/README.txt: - added deprecation note13:47
CIA-7jens 2.1 * r116759 Products.CMFUid/Products/CMFUid/ (version.txt CHANGES.txt): - vb13:47
betabugmake a backup first :-)13:47
rwatyeah it's going onto a new server13:48
betabugunless you're married to the customer's daughter13:48
rwatthe customer is a british university, so probably not :)13:48
betabugyeah, makes it kind of difficult13:48
rwatwould 2.8.12 be ok in respect to ?13:49
betabugI'd guess so if the release date is later, but to be sure, consult the CHANGES.txt in the tarball13:50
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CIA-7charlie_x * r116760 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/content/ ( Refactored hidden fields into two schemas for better reuse.14:07
CIA-7charlie_x * r116761 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/membership/ (5 files): Started working on membership management. Functionally complete but needs tidying, tests and registration.14:07
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yareckonhi guys, I am on zope 2.10.x and want to do a custom 404 page for different sections of my site.  I've found and customized the standard error page, but want to send folks to other error pages based on parts of the url.  Unfortunately, brand new to Zope, so don't have any experience to draw on.14:40
betabugdepends on how your site is built14:40
yareckonwhat should I be googling / searching the wiki for to get started?14:40
betabugin general the request "bubbles up the acquisition" till it finds the standards_error_page14:41
betabugwhichever comes first14:41
betabugso if you have /a/b/c and you place an error page in /a/b/c, anything after "c/..." will get that error page14:41
yareckonthat means that deeper standards_error_pages will override ones closer to the root dir14:42
betabugwhile if they use /a/b/xxx they will get the default one in the root14:42
yareckonas long as the are named as such14:42
yareckonthat is elegant14:42
yareckondo I need to register those pages centrally anywhere? or does the naming convention just work14:42
betabugsome people don't like it too much, but that happens with fresh strawberries and whipped cream too14:43
betabugjust the naming convention14:43
yareckonwhat are the complaints?14:43
betabug"it's confusing", "it's trying to recreate class inheritance", "you never know which method/page will actually be called"14:43
yareckonhmm... "it's like drupal"  ?14:44
betabugor if you were asking about the strawberries: "they used to be sweeter when I was a kid", "too much sugar in the whipped cream"14:44
yareckonwell in any case, thanks for the tip, sounds like this is gonna work out :)14:44
betabugdefinitely, but strawberries aren't in season here now14:44
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yareckonyou'll have to eat your whipped cream off something else then14:45
betabugdamn, yeah14:45
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planetzopebotZope 2 Instance 1.1 Released! (gmane.comp.web.zope.announce)
CIA-7adamg * r116762 lovely.buildouthttp/src/lovely/buildouthttp/ fix a windows test failure15:04
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CIA-7adamg * r116763 lovely.buildouthttp/ (CHANGES.txt src/lovely/buildouthttp/ fixed behavour with python 2.6+. buildout failed on every 5th request in a single run15:18
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CIA-7baijum * r116764 bluebream/src/bluebream/bluebream_base/project_template/setup.py_tmpl: is not required as a dependency15:32
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CIA-7icemac * r116765 / creating maintenance branch for ZTK 1.015:47
CIA-7icemac 3.5 * r116766 (CHANGES.txt bring branch in shape16:03
CIA-7icemac 1.0 * r116767 zopetoolkit/zopeapp.cfg: needs to be on maintenance branch, too16:03
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CIA-7charlie_x * r116768 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/content/ Field instantiation improved.16:37
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CIA-7adamg * r116769 z3c.jsontree/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.6.020:03
CIA-7adamg * r116770 /z3c.jsontree/tags/0.6.0: Tagging 0.6.020:03
CIA-7adamg * r116771 z3c.jsontree/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 0.6.120:03
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yareckonnight all, thanks  for the help20:40
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CIA-7charlie_x * r116772 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/content/ All forms must have form_fields() even if that name is empty.21:17
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CIA-7charlie_x * r116773 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/membership/ ( Members now display correctly.23:31
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