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CIA-7jim * r116794 ZODB/src/ZEO/ Added debugging info.00:42
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planetzopebotSimon PamiĆ©s BFG Talk and Tutorial Notes (Repoze Blog RSS Feed)
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CIA-7charlie_x * r116795 Products.CMFCore/Products/CMFCore/permissions.zcml: Additional view permission.02:16
CIA-7charlie_x * r116796 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/membership/ (6 files):02:16
CIA-7Members roster view and template.02:16 renamed to for grouping purposes02:16
CIA-7TODO updated.02:16
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minskmazI have an edge case where I have too many objects of a particular type to be loading them into into the intid catalog. My workaround maintains fast access to the objects by storing them in folders by date allowing me to calculate the folders to list during a look up. I have no problem generating a url to the object from strings but I haven't a clue how to access the object by its url string. Any suggestions would be appreciated.02:23
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CIA-7yuppie * r116797 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/membership/ - updated template name11:05
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CIA-7yuppie * r116798 CMF/buildout-zope212.cfg: - support switching between buildout configs11:18
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CIA-7icemac * r116799 (16 files in 4 dirs):12:17
CIA-7Moved the following views from `` here, to inverse dependency between these two packages, as `` deprecated in ZTK 1.0:12:17
CIA-7- ``@@grant.html``12:17
CIA-7- ``@@AllRolePermissions.html``12:17
CIA-7- ``@@RolePermissions.html``12:17
CIA-7- ``@@RolesWithPermission.html``12:17
CIA-7yuppie * r116800 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/membership/configure.zcml: - we use zope2.ManageUsers12:17
CIA-7icemac * r116801 (5 files in 2 dirs): Conform to repository policy.12:17
CIA-7icemac * r116802 (13 files in 3 dirs): (log message trimmed)12:17
CIA-7- Moved the following views to `` to inverse12:17
CIA-7dependency between these two packages, as `` is12:17
CIA-7deprecated in ZTK 1.0 (leaving BBB imports in place):12:17
CIA-7- ``@@grant.html``12:17
CIA-7- ``@@AllRolePermissions.html``12:17
CIA-7- ``@@RolePermissions.html``12:17
CIA-7icemac * r116803 (11 files in 4 dirs): Conform to repository policy.12:17
CIA-7icemac * r116804 (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.8.012:17
CIA-7icemac * r116805 / Tagging 3.8.012:17
CIA-7icemac * r116806 (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.8.112:17
CIA-7icemac * r116807 (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.6.012:17
CIA-7icemac * r116808 / Tagging 3.6.012:17
CIA-7icemac * r116809 (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.6.112:17
CIA-7yuppie * r116810 Products.CMFCore/Products/CMFCore/permissions.zcml: - reverted unnecessary and broken r11679512:18
CIA-7icemac * r116811 (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.6.112:32
CIA-7icemac * r116812 / Tagging 3.6.112:32
CIA-7icemac * r116813 (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.6.212:32
CIA-7icemac * r116814 zopetoolkit/ (zopeapp-versions.cfg buildout.cfg):12:32
CIA-7- using which no longer depends on deprecated
CIA-7- no deprecated packages are used any longer, so setting allow-picked-versions again back to false12:32
CIA-7icemac * r116815 zopetoolkit/ztk-versions.cfg:12:32
CIA-7pinned some versions needed for zope.testrunner (it still fails in its tests as12:32
CIA-7we currently use zope.testing 3.9.5 which is not fully compatible with12:32
CIA-7zope.testrunner, see branches/zope.testing-3.10 where the integration of the new12:32
CIA-7version is done)12:32
CIA-7icemac * r116816 zope.sendmail/ (CHANGES.txt Added not declared, but needed test dependency on `zope.component [test]`.12:46
CIA-7icemac * r116817 /zope.sendmail/branches/3.7: maintenance branch for 3.7.x releases12:46
CIA-7icemac 1.0 * r116818 zopetoolkit/zopeapp-versions.cfg: using new versions with inversed dependecies, do no package which is not deprecated depends on a deprecated packaga any longer12:46
CIA-7yuppie * r116819 /CMF/branches/ (10 files in 2 dirs): - added branch for 2.2 dev buildout12:46
CIA-7icemac 3.7 * r116820 zope.sendmail/ (CHANGES.txt bring in shape12:46
CIA-7icemac 3.7 * r116821 zope.sendmail/ (CHANGES.txt merged r116816 from trunk here to get tests fixed12:46
CIA-7icemac 3.7 * r116822 zope.sendmail/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.7.312:46
CIA-7icemac * r116823 /zope.sendmail/tags/3.7.3: Tagging 3.7.312:46
CIA-7icemac 3.7 * r116824 zope.sendmail/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.7.412:46
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CIA-7icemac * r116825 zope.server/ cleaned up a bit, reduced duplicate code13:01
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CIA-7icemac * r116826 /zope.container/branches/3.11: maintenance branch for 3.11.x14:23
CIA-7icemac 3.11 * r116827 zope.container/ (CHANGES.txt bring in shape14:23
CIA-7icemac 3.11 * r116828 zope.container/ (CHANGES.txt Added not declared, but needed test dependency on `zope.testing`.14:23
CIA-7icemac 3.11 * r116829 zope.container/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.11.214:23
CIA-7icemac * r116830 /zope.container/tags/3.11.2: Tagging 3.11.214:23
CIA-7icemac * r116831 (CHANGES.txt Added not declared, but needed test dependency on `zope.testing`.14:23
CIA-7icemac 3.11 * r116832 zope.container/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.11.314:23
CIA-7icemac * r116833 (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.9.214:23
CIA-7icemac * r116834 / Tagging 3.9.214:23
CIA-7icemac * r116835 (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.9.314:23
CIA-7icemac * r116836 / maintenance branch for 3.7 line14:23
CIA-7icemac 3.7 * r116837 (CHANGES.txt bring branch in shape14:23
CIA-7icemac 3.7 * r116838 (CHANGES.txt - Added not declared, but needed test dependency on `zope.testing`.14:23
CIA-7icemac 3.7 * r116839 (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.7.414:23
CIA-7icemac * r116840 / Tagging 3.7.414:23
CIA-7icemac 3.7 * r116841 (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.7.514:23
CIA-7icemac * r116842 zope.lifecycleevent/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.6.214:36
CIA-7icemac * r116843 /zope.lifecycleevent/tags/3.6.2: Tagging 3.6.214:36
CIA-7icemac * r116844 zope.lifecycleevent/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.6.314:36
CIA-7yuppie * r116845 /CMF.buildout/branches/ (3 files in 3 dirs): - added deprecation note14:36
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CIA-7icemac * r116846 zope.securitypolicy/ (6 files in 3 dirs):15:01
CIA-7- Added test extra to declare test dependency on ``zope.component [test]``.15:01
CIA-7- Added an extra named `dublincore` to express optional dependency on15:01
CIA-7`zope.dublincore >= 3.7`.15:01
CIA-7- Added tests for ZCML files making sure they include everything they need.15:01
CIA-7- Next release will be 3.7.015:01
CIA-7icemac * r116847 zope.securitypolicy/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.7.015:01
CIA-7icemac * r116848 /zope.securitypolicy/tags/3.7.0: Tagging 3.7.015:01
CIA-7icemac * r116849 zope.securitypolicy/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.7.115:02
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CIA-7icemac * r116850 zope.component/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.10.015:17
CIA-7icemac * r116851 /zope.component/tags/3.10.0: Tagging 3.10.015:17
CIA-7icemac * r116852 zope.component/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.10.115:17
CIA-7icemac * r116853 zope.session/ (src/zope/session/ buildout.cfg CHANGES.txt
CIA-7- Added test extra to declare test dependency on ``zope.testing``.15:17
CIA-7- Using Python's ``doctest`` module instead of depreacted15:17
CIA-7icemac 1.0 * r116854 zopetoolkit/ztk-versions.cfg: using version which is compatible with zope.dublincore 3.715:17
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CIA-7icemac * r116855 zope.session/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.9.315:31
CIA-7icemac * r116856 /zope.session/tags/3.9.3: Tagging 3.9.315:31
CIA-7hannosch 1.0 * r116857 zopetoolkit/ (zopeapp.cfg zopeapp-versions.cfg): Deprecate which allows us to drop zodbcode as well15:31
CIA-7hannosch * r116858 zopetoolkit/ (zopeapp.cfg zopeapp-versions.cfg): With the deprecation of and zodbcode in 1.0, we can drop them from trunk15:31
CIA-7icemac * r116859 zope.session/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.9.415:31
CIA-7hannosch * r116860 /zopetoolkit/branches/faassen-smaller: Removed "merged" branch, the work has been integrated into trunk, although in a slightly different way15:31
CIA-7icemac * r116861 zope.componentvocabulary/ ( buildout.cfg CHANGES.txt):15:31
CIA-7- Added not declared but needed dependency on ``zope.component``.15:31
CIA-7- Added test extra to declare test dependency on ``zope.component [test]``.15:31
CIA-7icemac * r116862 zope.componentvocabulary/ ( CHANGES.txt): Preparing release 1.0.115:31
CIA-7icemac * r116863 /zope.componentvocabulary/tags/1.0.1: Tagging 1.0.115:31
CIA-7hannosch 1.0 * r116864 zopetoolkit/ (index.rst ztk.cfg): Update version information and remove unmaintained version marker in ztk.cfg15:31
CIA-7hannosch * r116865 zopetoolkit/ztk.cfg: Remove unmaintained version marker from ztk.cfg15:31
CIA-7hannosch * r116866 zopetoolkit/index.rst: Remove placeholder text from index file15:31
CIA-7hannosch 1.0 * r116867 zopetoolkit/ Use the bootstrap file prefering 1.4.415:31
CIA-7hannosch 1.0 * r116868 zopetoolkit/ Fix copyright15:31
CIA-7hannosch 1.4 * r116869 zc.buildout/bootstrap/ Fix copyright15:31
CIA-7icemac * r116870 zope.componentvocabulary/ ( CHANGES.txt): Back to development: 1.0.215:31
CIA-7hannosch * r116871 Zope/doc/CHANGES.rst: Add missing changelog entry for ZTK 1.0c1 upgrade15:47
CIA-7icemac * r116872 zope.principalregistry/ (4 files in 2 dirs):15:47
CIA-7- Added test extra to declare test dependency on ``zope.component [test]``.15:47
CIA-7- Using Python's ``doctest`` module instead of depreacted15:47
CIA-7- Fixed some typos in change log.15:47
CIA-7icemac * r116873 zope.principalregistry/CHANGES.txt: Preparing release 3.7.115:47
CIA-7icemac * r116874 /zope.principalregistry/tags/3.7.1: Tagging 3.7.115:47
CIA-7hannosch * r116875 Zope/ (doc/CHANGES.rst versions.cfg): Update to repoze.retry 1.015:47
CIA-7icemac * r116876 zope.principalregistry/ ( CHANGES.txt): Back to development: 3.7.215:47
CIA-7hannosch * r116877 Zope/doc/CHANGES.rst: Clarify the distribution / package naming15:47
CIA-7icemac * r116878 zope.error/ (buildout.cfg CHANGES.txt - Added test extra to declare test dependency on ``zope.testing``.15:48
CIA-7icemac * r116879 zope.error/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.7.115:48
CIA-7icemac * r116880 /zope.error/tags/3.7.1: Tagging 3.7.115:48
CIA-7icemac * r116881 zope.error/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.7.215:48
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CIA-7icemac * r116882 zope.deferredimport/ (CHANGES.txt buildout.cfg): - Added test extra to declare test dependency on ``zope.testing``.16:01
CIA-7icemac * r116883 zope.deferredimport/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.5.316:01
CIA-7hannosch * r116884 zopetoolkit/ztk-versions.cfg: Updated a whole bunch of external dependencies16:01
CIA-7icemac * r116885 /zope.deferredimport/tags/3.5.3: Tagging 3.5.316:01
CIA-7icemac * r116886 zope.deferredimport/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.5.416:01
CIA-7hannosch 1.0 * r116887 zopetoolkit/ztk-versions.cfg: Backported c116884 from trunk16:01
CIA-7icemac 3.14 * r116888 (4 files in 2 dirs):16:01
CIA-7- Updated tests to run with `zope.testing >= 3.10`, requiring at least this16:01
CIA-7version and `zope.testrunner`.16:01
CIA-7- Using Python's ``doctest`` module instead of depreacted16:01
CIA-7icemac 3.14 * r116889 (14 files in 2 dirs): Conform to repository policy.16:01
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CIA-7icemac 3.14 * r116890 (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.15.016:18
CIA-7icemac * r116891 / Tagging 3.15.016:18
CIA-7hannosch * r116892 tempstorage/ (CHANGES.txt Start work on new feature release16:18
CIA-7hannosch * r116893 Zope/ (doc/CHANGES.rst versions.cfg): Updated to zope.testbrowser = 3.10.1 and make sure we keep the new mechanize, even though it will be downgraded in ZTK 1.0c2 to support Python 2.416:18
CIA-7icemac * r116894 / removed faulty tag16:18
CIA-7hannosch * r116895 tempstorage/ (CHANGES.txt Expanded dependency on ZODB3 to include the test extra.16:18
CIA-7icemac 3.14 * r116896 (4 files in 2 dirs): reverted r116888 and r116890 as this sould have been done on the trunk16:18
CIA-7icemac * r116897 (CHANGES.txt src/zope/app/appsetup/ merged r116888 here which accidently went to branches/3.1416:18
CIA-7hannosch * r116898 tempstorage/src/tempstorage/ (5 files in 2 dirs): More PEP8 cleanup16:18
CIA-7icemac * r116899 (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.15.016:18
CIA-7icemac * r116900 / Tagging 3.15.016:18
CIA-7hannosch * r116901 tempstorage/src/tempstorage/ More PEP8 cleanup16:18
CIA-7icemac * r116902 (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.15.116:18
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CIA-7icemac * r116903 (CHANGES.txt - Declared test dependency on ``zope.component [test]`` as it is needed to run the tests.16:32
CIA-7icemac * r116904 (18 files in 4 dirs): Conform to repository policy.16:32
CIA-7hannosch * r116905 tempstorage/ (CHANGES.txt src/tempstorage/ Require at least ZODB 3.9 and adjusted method signatures to disuse versions.16:32
CIA-7icemac * r116906 (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.11.216:32
CIA-7icemac * r116907 / Tagging 3.11.216:32
CIA-7icemac * r116908 (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.11.316:32
CIA-7icemac * r116909 (buildout.cfg CHANGES.txt - Added test extra to declare test dependency on ``zope.component [test]``.16:32
CIA-7icemac * r116910 (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.5.116:32
CIA-7icemac * r116911 / Tagging 3.5.116:32
CIA-7icemac * r116912 (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.5.216:32
CIA-7icemac * r116913 (4 files in 2 dirs):16:32
CIA-7- Added test extra to declare test dependency on ``zope.testing``.16:32
CIA-7- Using Python's ``doctest`` module instead of depreacted ``zope.testing.doctest``.16:32
CIA-7icemac * r116914 (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.6.016:32
CIA-7icemac * r116915 / Tagging 3.6.016:47
CIA-7icemac * r116916 (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.6.116:47
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CIA-7adamg * r116917 zope.wineggbuilder/rackspace.ini: ZODB3 support python2.7 only after 3.1017:01
CIA-7icemac zope.testing-3.10 * r116918 zopetoolkit/ (zopeapp-versions.cfg ztk-versions.cfg):17:01
CIA-7- Updated to versions which are compatible with zope.testing 3.10.17:01
CIA-7- There is only zope.componentvocabulary still failing where I wait to get PyPI access to upload the new version17:01
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smwow.. zope developers on fire17:15
CIA-7icemac * r116919 /zopetoolkit/ (13 files in 2 dirs): merged zope.testing-3.10 branch into trunk making trunk (mostly) compatible with zope.testing 3.1017:17
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CIA-7hannosch * r116920 ZODB/src/ZODB/tests/ Be nice and use loadable test data in the new check_checkCurrentSerialInTransaction test. This allows the tempstorage tests to pass again, which directly reuse the BasicStorage protocol tests.17:30
CIA-7hannosch * r116921 Zope/sources.cfg: Add source definition for zodb17:30
CIA-7hannosch * r116922 ZODB/ Sorry, need to change the version number to represent something closer to the actual one, otherwise developing the code in combination with other software with a ZODB>=3.9 dependency doesn't work17:30
CIA-7hannosch * r116923 Zope/versions.cfg: Added manuel = 1.3.0, a test dependency of current ZODB17:30
CIA-7hannosch * r116924 Zope/versions.cfg: And manuel depends on zope.testrunner in return :(17:30
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CIA-7hannosch * r116925 Zope/versions.cfg: Use an older manuel release that doesn't require zope.testrunner yet18:00
CIA-7hannosch * r116926 Zope/src/Testing/ZopeTestCase/ Clarify tests to refer to savepoints instead of subtransactions18:00
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CIA-7hannosch * r116927 tempstorage/ (CHANGES.txt Prepare tempstorage
CIA-7hannosch * r116928 /tempstorage/tags/2.12.0: Tagged tempstorage
CIA-7hannosch * r116929 tempstorage/ (CHANGES.txt Bump version18:27
CIA-7hannosch * r116930 Zope/ (doc/CHANGES.rst versions.cfg): Updated to tempstorage = 2.12.018:27
CIA-7hannosch * r116931 Zope/ (doc/CHANGES.rst src/Testing/ZopeTestCase/
CIA-7Fixed ``testZODBCompat`` tests in ZopeTestCase to match modern ZODB semantics.18:27
CIA-7There is no explicit contract for the time _v attributes actually get removed.18:27
CIA-7The tests in question where bogus, as they didn't test database load but a class18:27
CIA-7variable not affected by the transaction machinery. There's other tests in the18:27
CIA-7same module testing more abort semantics that have a proper demo storage setup.18:27
CIA-7hannosch * r116932 Zope/versions.cfg: Note that the not-yet-released ZODB 3.10.0b7 should work again18:46
CIA-7hannosch * r116933 Zope/ (doc/CHANGES.rst buildout.cfg LP #634942: Only require ``nt_svcutils`` on Windows.18:46
_mup_Bug #634942: Zope 2 should require nt_svcutils only on Windows <Zope 2:Fix Committed by hannosch> <>18:46
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CIA-7icemac * r116934 (CHANGES.txt src/zope/app/locales/ - Using Python's ``doctest`` module instead of depreacted ``zope.testing.doctest``.19:11
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planetzopebotreminiscing my zope days (my-zope)
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CIA-7charlie_x * r116935 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/membership/ ( Action validation now works.21:33
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CIA-7charlie_x * r116936 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/membership/ (4 files in 2 dirs): Added unit tests.23:48
CIA-7charlie_x * r116937 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/membership/tests/ ( preferences.txt): Vocabulary setup for doctests.23:48
CIA-7charlie_x * r116938 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/content/ Item validation now works.23:48

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