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planetzopebotIs there a better Python IDE? (Lennart Regebro: Open Source, Python, Web)
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tarek_hello people, i want to install a zope server on my pc and followed the instructions on
tarek_but the shell tells me that it needs python version 2.414:13
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koshtarek_: zope 2.12 works with python 2.6, zope 2.10 needs python 2.415:31
tarek_kosh: well i got the latest stable release of zope in in a tarball15:32
koshwhat is the name of the tarball?15:32
koshalso it does not look like those instructions work anymore15:37
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koshwhat I would do is wget     unzip      cd Zope2-2.12.10 python 2.6 bin/      bin/buildout15:41
koshdon't use 3.x15:41
kosh3.x is a dead end project, it has been discontinued pretty much15:41
tarek_y is zope 3.x a deadend project?15:42
kosh3.x got discontinued and incorporated into other projects15:43
koshthere will be no more releases of 3.x15:43
koshit is dead15:43
kosh3.x also was NEVER an upgrade to 2.x and it should have never been called zope as a result15:43
koshthere is a new project called bluebream that is a continuation of zope 3.x mostly15:43
koshat one point it was even discussed about renamed zope 2 to zope 4 to indicate that 3.x was not an upgrade for it15:44
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tarek_kosh: there is only zope2.1015:52
tarek_kosh: there is only zope2.11 sorry15:52
koshwhy do you say there is only zope 2.11? I just gave a link to 2.12.1015:53
tarek_kosh: looked at www.zope.org15:54
koshthere is some kind of bug in how it sorts and shows the most recent version15:56
koshhmm actually there is a zope 2.12.12  so I should probably upgrade my servers at some point15:59 is probably where want to get zope2 information, it is a more recent site then is16:01
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koshbigkevmcd: greetings mobile marshmallow cooker16:01
bigkevmcdhey kosh16:02
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koshbigkevmcd: I don't think that tarek_ believes me that there is a zope 2.12 since only lists 2.11 as the most recent version16:03
bigkevmcdannouncement from just over a year ago16:03
bigkevmcdthe site is not much use nowadays16:04
tarek_im new to zope that is y16:04
koshthat is okay everyone starts somewhere16:10
koshtarek_: so what do you want to do with zope? if you want to run plone you need to pick a version of zope that the version of plone that you want to use is for16:10
tarek_kosh: i want to use it for a simple office management, where the employees have to report online when they want to take an ink cartrage and that an email will be sent when you are running out on a article so that you buy it in time16:13
koshdo you know python?16:15
koshzope is a very powerful app server system that I like a lot but starting out is pretty complex16:16
tarek_kosh: ok, so what would u recommend me as a solution for my problem16:18
koshI would use zope but then again I know how to use it very well16:18
koshif you want to just learn the minimal and then throw it away when the next thing comes along then no matter what solution you choose you will have problems16:19
koshit is a pretty simple project so should not be a very big problem to start out with that16:19
koshstoring the stuff in the ZODB is pretty easy16:20
tarek_kosh: ok, so u are sayin that zope would be an overkill?16:20
koshI don't believe in overkill16:21
koshif you use something that can just barely do what you need you quickly run into problems trying to get it to do more16:21
koshif you choose a product that can do far more it takes longer to learn what you need for now but it also has a lot of tools to grow with16:21
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tarek_kosh: well do u have a recommendation to point me at?16:23
koshI would use zope 2.12.12 since that is the newest release but other then that my instructions for installing it would be the same16:24
kosh  and   is a good introduction to basic product development, old but still accurate16:26
tarek_"sudo python2.6" gives me an error16:27
tarek_Traceback (most recent call last):16:28
tarek_  File "", line 113, in <module>16:28
tarek_    ws.find(pkg_resources.Requirement.parse(requirement)).location16:28
tarek_AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'location'16:28
koshhmm I have never ran into that error16:28
koshall my systems are running ubuntu and I ran the commands as I gave them to you16:29
tarek_kosh: i have a 64bit system could that be the cause16:29
koshall my systesms are 64bit16:29
tarek_kosh: and is not in the bin folder16:30
koshhmm the server is not responding right now for grabbing the files needed16:32
koshprobably someone needs to replace the hamsters in the server and early in the morning on a sunday makes that unlikely16:33
koshI would just try later in the day16:42
koshit is not something I have ever seen go wrong so probably a network problem somewhere16:42
tarek_kosh: in that case ill stay online and let me know when i can address my problem to this channel ok?16:50
koshit is not like I will constantly test it and see when the server comes back up16:52
tarek_kosh: i'm not expecting you to do that16:55
koshokay just know that since it is sunday many people will probably not actually be here to help16:58
tarek_kosh: dont worry17:03
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kiorky down ?18:23
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roq_hey! seems to be down18:26
kiorkywould be good to remove the url from zc.buildout's not to be annoyed when is down .....18:27
kiorkyroq_: 17:23 <kiorky> down ?18:27
kiorkyroq_: :p18:27
kiorkyccomb: an you do something?18:28
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roq_where is the Zope TI data center guy?18:29
ccombkiorky: I have no access to that18:29
CIA-94charlie_x * r117410 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/search/ ( configure.zcml Vocabularies refactored to local sources as reuse in other forms is not anticipated.18:35
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koshit is a sunday morning and nothing may even be wrong with the server19:24
koshmaybe someone with a backhoe made a mistake nearby the server ;)19:24
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CIA-94charlie_x * r117411 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/formlib/ Multiselect and Checkbox widget added.22:18
tarek_kosh: any luck?22:22
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