IRC log of #zope for Tuesday, 2010-10-12

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CIA-94andig andig-compositeindex * r117468 Zope/src/Products/PluginIndexes/CompositeIndex/ ( apply index refactored01:19
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hvidstuehi everyone09:37
hvidstuecan somebody help me with setting op zope-3.4.x ..?09:38
d2mhvidstue: there is bluebream09:38
hvidstueI have read all the guides at, googled 'the entire net', tried in both Ubuntu and Slackware, but cannot get it to work :-/09:39
d2mwhat do you want to do?09:39
hvidstued2m: mmh, what is the difference ...? It seemed a bit unclear to me, when stumbled upon it09:39
hvidstued2m: I just want to install zope09:40
hvidstue(or BlueBream if you suggest that?)09:40
hvidstued2m: (the standard easy_install zopeproject way doesn't work (I get errors))09:41
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tralalabetabug: hi09:43
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hvidstued2m: mmh ... while downloading ... can I ask some clarifying questions ..?09:52
d2msure, go on09:52
hvidstued2m: mmh, I am comfused about the statement that zope 3 changed name to BlueBream .. but zope 3 and BlueBream are to different bests ... or ..?09:54
hvidstue* beasts09:54
hvidstued2m: and confused about the not working guides at, and missing hyperlinks to from mainsite zope.org09:55
d2mwhere in special?09:55
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hvidstueall the zope 3 guides saying use easy_install and zopeproject does not work in Slackware nor Ubuntu :-/09:56
hvidstuewhere in special?   <<< ?09:58
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d2mlets say, people stopped to maintain out of date documentation on zope.org09:58
hvidstued2m: heehee .. I have figured that out now, with your help, guiding me towards BlueBream ... which I have now installed and up and running ... piece of cake :)10:01
hvidstueaaah, so Zope 3 was abandoned, and from the ashes rose BlueBream, right ..?10:02
betabugtralala: hey there10:04
tralalahave you got a few minutes to help me with zope testing?10:05
tralalaor to point me to some docs about it10:06
tralalaThe developers guide doesn't even touch the funtional testing api10:07
betabugI'll give it a try :-)10:07
betabugwhat's the problem?10:07
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tralalafor a start where do I put the tests?10:08
tralalaI don't have a product10:08
hvidstued2m: anyways ... I am up and running ... thanks for your help and time :)10:08
betabugeither in a folder called "tests" in your product or ....10:08
d2mhvidstue: yw10:09
betabugtralala: your code is in the ZMI?10:09
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tralalaand zopectl doesn't find them in instance/lib/python/tests10:09
betabugwhere is your code?10:09
tralalabetabug: lib/python and Extensions10:09
tralalaI have an external method and a couple of modules10:10
* betabug scratching his head10:11
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betabugI guess having things in lib/python is quite modern :-)10:11
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betabugpersonally I'd invest 1 hour or so and move things into a product, but honestly it could be that I'm outdated10:12
tralalaI'm reading now trying to figure out where it's searching for tests10:12
betabugyeah, maybe that's an idea10:12
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tralalabetabug: what would be an hour for you is probably going to be (at least) a couple of days for me. I do want to do it and learn about products but this project is already overdue and other things are piling up10:14
betabughmmm, maybe10:14
betabugtralala: but just take a moment and download the BetaBoring sample product to have a look at it:
tralalaone more thing - what's self in functional.txt?10:15
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betabugI guess it's the base of the ZODB, what "app" or something would be in a debug prompt10:16
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betabugsince you can do self.folder to get to the "folder" where you can instantiate things10:17
tralalabetabug: I've been through in a couple of times, but every time I try to do something on my own a lot of questions start popping up. The kind of questions that are not answered in the docs and need quite a lot of experimenting to figure out.10:18
betabugyou can always ask me :-)10:18
betabugI can help much more with that than with lib/python :-)10:19
tralalaanyhow let me see if I can make zopectl work for me without a product10:19
betabugdid you find anything in the testrunner?10:19
tralalastill searching10:19
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tralalabetabug: do you have to do anything to register with the framework?10:41
betabugit greps for in the name10:42
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tralalaI found it! Yay! It wants tests to be a package10:47
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tralalaso now I get this:10:52
tralalaModule: dcr.tests.test  AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'test_suite'10:52
betabughmmm, let me check my code10:53
betabugin my files (or, same thing), there is usually a def test_suite():10:54
betabugI think in zwiki code you could find examples10:54
tralalaI don't have tests.test, I just have tests.functional_tests10:54
tralalaand zwiki doesn't have either10:54
betabugdon't know if that matters10:54
betabuglet me check10:54
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betabugdo you have def test_suite in your tests.functional_tests?10:56
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tralalasorry my bad!10:57
tralalaI did have by mistake10:57
betabugaha :-)10:57
tralalabetabug: yes, it's a copy from zwiki. I had to rename it to to make it work, but that's ok10:58
CIA-94adamg * r117469 zope.wineggbuilder/master.cfg: fix log rotating11:02
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regebroMeh. Zope testbrowser does not like the zope record type forms.12:40
betabugregebro: this kind of thing? name = browser.getControl(name='new_font.Name:record')12:43
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regebrobetabug: Yes. Because there are two of them. And they are checkboxes.12:56
betabuguse the index?12:57
regebrobetabug: Well that doesn't seem to work. It seems testbrowser merges these checkboxes into one listcontrol.12:57
regebroAnd you can then set that to [None, 'True'].12:58
regebrohowever, when given to Zope, it will think I checekd the first one, not the second one.12:58
regebroThere is a bug in here somewhere, cause by checkboxes being braindead.12:59
regebroWhoever specced the HTML form should get unched in the face retroactively for pure stupidity.12:59
betabug[x] punch them13:00
betabug[x] hit them13:00
regebroHow can you design a protocol where there is no difference between "False" and "Does not exist"?13:00
regebroHow stupid is that?13:00
regebroAnyway, I guess testbrowser does't preserve field order or something like that.13:01
betabughmmm, that would be a bug, right?13:02
regebroI probably can't do anything about it, and have to drop from testbrowser to the API.13:02
betabugIIRC order with these things should be there13:02
regebrobetabug: Yeah.13:02
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regebrobetabug: It is in fact a non feature. Reading the source points this out. An error would probably be better...13:09
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CIA-94charlie_x * r117470 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/search/ Class-level variables should never be mutable.13:19
CIA-94charlie_x * r117471 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/search/tests/ Testing of query handling split into two tests.13:19
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CIA-94janwijbrand * r117472 z3c.bcrypt/ (. /src): ignores14:37
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mgedminmmm, z3c.bcrypt sounds delicious14:44
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CIA-94charlie_x * r117473 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/ (13 files in 2 dirs): Workflow views added.16:33
_mup_Bug #659162 was filed: ILocalSiteManager subs attribute keeps subsites referenced after deleting. <> <>16:34
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CIA-94charlie_x * r117474 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/workflow/TODO.txt: Documentation updated16:49
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CIA-94janwijbrand * r117475 (7 files in 2 dirs): try to lift the dependency on z.a.form still is an indirect test dependency though.18:01
CIA-94janjaapdriessen * r117476 grokui.introspector/ (/ .): inlined bootstrap.py18:01
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Theuni1so, agroszer you there?18:02
Theuni1Adam wanted to talk about the summit goals.18:02
Theuni1agroszer: anything in particular?18:03
Charlie_XTimescales are missing.18:03
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Theuni1I wanted to gather the details from people directly at the meeting but I failed to record them.18:04
Theuni1I think I will personally write to everyone asking him to get the details (like time scale).18:04
Theuni1Actually, if people are here who signed up for goals, we can write them down now18:04
Theuni1oh, me.18:05
Theuni1I wanted to organize the next Zope sprints.18:05
Charlie_XSeeing as you've already put up a Wiki, people can edit it directly.18:05
agroszerthe questin is why to have goals if noone is chasing them18:05
* Charlie_X has already put in his timescale.18:05
Theuni1I think I can do that until the end of the year. The Zope foundation board also talked about announcing sprints explicitly for the next Pycon and Europython to increase visibility. But we also wanted to have dedicated sprints so I need to gather topics for that.18:06
* mgedmin signed up to fix 5 most incomprehensible error messages by the end of the year18:06
agroszeror I just don't see any results yet18:06
Theuni1mgedmin: I remembered that. How is that going?18:06
mgedminum ... research is ongoing18:06
Theuni1agroszer: people might just have gone home very tired and we need to bring everyone up to speed again.18:06
agroszerlet's do that!18:07
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Theuni1Thats why they might be able to put it in themselves but I think bringing it to everyones attention again will help.18:07
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Charlie_Xmgedmin: I think you just need to follow Chris Withers' e-mails!18:08
Charlie_XTheuni1: I *deliberately* didn't summarise last week. Did you look at the logs?18:08
mgedminCharlie_X, he's mostly dealing with Zope 2; I'm mostly interested in ZTK/Bluebream18:08
Theuni1Charlie_X: i did. I had trouble summarizing and then didn't have any more time.18:08
Theuni1Charlie_X: hmm?18:09
agroszermgedmin, you'll get them as soon as they happen18:09
Theuni1which reminds me18:09
* mgedmin was baffled by LocationError when in fact an attribute was not mentioned in the security declaration, so this is target #118:09
Theuni1i'll send out the information that mgedmin is looking for obscure errors to our internal list, some people don't follow zope-dev that closely18:09
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Theuni1I've updated my goal description in the wiki.18:12
Charlie_XI also suggested a bug day. Response has been astonishing by its absence.18:12
Theuni1The last bug days had the issue of people subscribing but not being able to attend.18:12
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Theuni1For me personally that reflects just how unpredictable availability is.18:14
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Theuni1I wonder whether that means we need to figure out different scheduling, or whether interest of people is different, or what.18:14
Theuni1Charlie_X: what are your thoughts?18:14
agroszermight be just bad luck18:15
agroszeron other days there were more people than subscribed as I remember18:15
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Charlie_XWhether or not someone can actually take part on a particular day is not so important. I think bug days help people think about all the unfinished bugs in the various projects. But we do need to energise things a bit more.18:16
Theuni1I've been bad at energising the last weeks as the post-party/summit/conference/sprint backlash got the most of me.18:17
Theuni1When would the next bug day be due?18:17
Charlie_XThat's understandable.18:17
Charlie_XEnd of the month. I put a doodle up.18:17
Charlie_XEven just two hours on a bug day can be good.18:18
agroszeranything that moves forward is good18:19
Charlie_XSo, even though I spent most of my last bug day on new CMF stuff I did review existing bugs and closed two.18:19
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Charlie_XMaybe just chattering about what we're planning to do on the ML would be good.18:19
Charlie_XSo come bug day you don't go: "What am I going to do today?"18:20
Charlie_XI still feel like an idiot when it comes to programming so it's nice to know that others might be around who are at least thinking about bugs.18:21
Theuni1Charlie_X: sounds like a good idea. So if I'm going to participate, I could write to the list and say "hey, I'd like to work in this area, is there anything people think about fixing these bugs: ..."?18:21
Theuni1That would also allow people to do some stuff maybe a day before or after18:22
Charlie_XYes, something along those lines.18:22
Charlie_XI realise I'm still obliged to complete the nagging bit of my script.18:22
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Theuni1there you go :)18:24
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Theuni1Hmm. See, I don't care about which bug day it's going to be, because that week is completely blocked for customer work anyway. But I'll try to make two hours or so.18:25
Charlie_XThat would be good.18:25
Theuni1Maybe we should point this out a lot more.18:25
Theuni1That the bug day doesn't mean you have to commit all day.18:26
Theuni1Just that that's the day where different people will work on stuff.18:26
Charlie_XWe probably more "triaging".18:26
Theuni1I tried something like that during an IRC meeting once, but that didn't help.18:26
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Theuni1Maybe really all the participants should take a few minutes beforehand and start discussions on the issues on the mailing list.18:26
Theuni1I'll try to do that for myself, maybe others follow.18:26
Charlie_XGood idea.18:27
agroszerML might be better for this, for timezone issues too18:27
Theuni1ok guys, I need to run again. busy times.18:27
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Charlie_XThanks, Theuni118:27
Charlie_Xagroszer: ML in advance, sure.18:28
*** alexpilz has joined #zope18:28
agroszermail-list, I just don't like typing a lot18:29
*** fredvd|shopagain is now known as fredvd18:29
agroszerwell thx guys, gotta run too18:30
CIA-94janjaapdriessen * r117477 /Sandbox/janjaapdriessen/buildbot/buildout.cfg: zope.broken does not define any tests18:30
CIA-94ldr * r117478 Products.PluggableAuthService/ (2 files in 2 dirs): Allow for a query string in CookieAuthHelper's login_path.18:30
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CIA-94janjaapdriessen * r117479 /Sandbox/janjaapdriessen/buildbot/buildout.cfg: Remove grokui.introspector from buildbot18:57
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OiPolloihello, I have a question, but don't know if this is the best place to ask it. I have a ZenOSS installation, which uses Zope underneath. I tried to do an export/import of an object from another installation, through ZMI, and it went wrong. Now I have an invalid (?) object that I can't delete... Any way of deleting it through Python?20:35
OiPolloior forcing it's deletion through ZMI?20:35
OiPolloiwhen I try to delete it through ZMI, I get "An error was encountered while publishing this resource. The requested resource does not exist."20:37
OiPolloii know that the object contains several "Relationships" (toOneRelationship, toManyRelationship) and that one of says "This relationship does not currently point to an object"20:40
OiPolloiwhen it should be20:40
OiPolloianyway, I don't know much about Zope, but I thought that there should be a way of forcing the removal of this object, either through ZMI or directly through ZODB20:41
mgedminthere definitely is a way20:44
mgedminmake a backup of the Data.fs, just in case20:44
mgedminhave you tried to undo the transaction that imported this object?20:44
OiPolloimmm.. no20:44
OiPolloiwe have Data.fs backed up20:44
OiPolloiunfortunatly, the last backup we have is immediatly after the change20:44
mgedminthen any false suggestions I make won't destroy your data, good ;)20:45
mgedminUndo tab in the ZMI would be my first attempt20:45
OiPolloihadn't noticed it :)20:45
OiPolloilet's see20:45
mgedminit's not a panacea20:45
mgedminbut usually works to undo the last thing you changed20:46
mgedminalthough I shouldn't be throwing words like 'usually' about, given that I hardly use Zope 2 ...20:46
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OiPolloii don't think it's working20:52
OiPolloii have a few transactions after the "import" one20:53
OiPolloishould I do them all at once, or one by one?20:53
*** alexpilz2 has joined #zope20:53
mgedminyou can try just one; if Zope thinks the latter ones touched the same data, it will refuse to undo20:53
mgedminthen you might try undoing them all20:53
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OiPolloijust that one gives a "NotImplementedError"20:54
OiPolloiundoing them all the same error20:55
mgedminwhich Zope version is this?20:55
OiPolloi2.1 I think20:55
*** alexpilz1 has quit IRC20:56
OiPolloiyes, 2.120:56
mgedmineh? when I started Zope stuff 8 years ago, I think I started with 2.420:57
mgedmindo you perhaps mean 2.10?20:57
mgedmin(it's not a floating point number)20:57
OiPolloiit was the number of the Zope Public License20:57
OiPolloii'm not thinking straight at this time20:57
OiPolloihow can i find out?20:58
mgedmin/Control_Panel shows it, IIRC20:58
OiPolloiZope 2.12.120:59
OiPolloifound it another place20:59
mgedmincould very well be that undo got broken a version or two ago, and nobody noticed/fixed it20:59
mgedminsuch is the sad state of Zope 2 these days :(20:59
davisagliOiPolloi: try the latest Zope 2.12.x; I know it was broken at some point in the 2.12 series but I think it works now21:00
mgedminpossible approaches: open the Data.fs from a Python prompt, find the offending object, remove it21:00
mgedminupgrade to the latest Zope 2.12, try the undo again (thanks, davisagli!)21:01
*** allisterb has quit IRC21:01
mgedmintruncate the Data.fs just before the transaction that imported the broken object -- Data.fs is append-only21:01
OiPolloidavisagli: mmm, this is a ZenOSS installation, I don't know if I can update Zope21:01
mgedmin(unless you pack it)21:01
davisagliOiPolloi: dunno, you'd have to ask Zenoss folks21:01
OiPolloiI tried editing Data.fs a while ago21:01
davisagliOiPolloi: does zenoss use ZEO, or run the db in the same process as Zope?21:02
OiPolloizeo, I think21:02
OiPolloithere's a zeoctl process21:02
davisagliOiPolloi: k. the zeo process needs to have ZopeUndo in its python environment21:02
mgedminzodbbrowser has a rudimentary undo capability, but I think it has a bug that prevents its usage on Zope 2's data.fs'es21:03
mgedminre: updating zope behind ZenOSS's back -- you could install a temporary copy of the latest 2.12 anywhere, copy the Data.fs, open it, undo the bad transaction, stop your temporary Zope, copy the Data.fs back21:04
mgedmin(while ZenOSS is stopped, obviously -- replacing the Data.fs when it's open is not a good idea)21:04
OiPolloimgedmin: that's a good idea21:04
OiPolloimaybe the simplest to do21:04
OiPolloidavisagli: how do I check if zeo has ZopeUndo in its python environment?21:05
mgedminwait till you try to discover how to install Zope 2.12 ...21:05
* mgedmin sighs21:05
OiPolloii think it has21:06
OiPolloi. /usr/local/zenoss/python/lib/python2.6/site-packages/Zope2-2.12.1-py2.6-linux-x86_64.egg/ZopeUndo21:06
davisagliyeah, ok21:06
OiPolloithis exists, at least21:07
davisagliOiPolloi: the issue I recalled had to do with it being missing, so I don't know if upgrading Zope 2.12 will fix your problem with undo or not21:07
OiPolloion the zope site, the latest stable version is 2.11.4?21:08
*** deux has quit IRC21:08
OiPolloioh wait, there's a site21:08
OiPolloi2.12.12 is the latest21:09
OiPolloireleased 10 days ago21:09
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OiPolloithanks for the help.. i'll try to finish the recovery tomorrow21:48
OiPolloimany thanks :)21:49
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gmonneratsomeone have one samples with xinha on zope ?22:56
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