IRC log of #zope for Friday, 2010-10-22

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CIA-38shane 1.4 * r117807 relstorage/ (CHANGES.txt relstorage/adapters/
CIA-38Oracle: always connect in threaded mode. Without threaded mode,06:58
CIA-38clients of Oracle 11g sometimes segfault.06:58
CIA-38shane * r117808 relstorage/ (CHANGES.txt relstorage/adapters/ README.txt):06:58
CIA-38Oracle: always connect in threaded mode. Without threaded mode,06:58
CIA-38clients of Oracle 11g sometimes segfault.06:58
CIA-38Also added Oracle 11g to the list of supported databases. :-)06:58
CIA-38shane * r117809 /relstorage/tags/1.4.1: Tagged release 1.4.106:58
CIA-38shane * r117810 relstorage/relstorage/tests/README.txt: A couple more pg_hba.conf entries to make test setup easier.06:58
CIA-38shane * r117811 relstorage/relstorage/ ZODB 3.8 compatibility06:58
CIA-38shane * r117812 relstorage/relstorage/ Added note about copied code.06:58
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CIA-38shane * r117813 relstorage/ (CHANGES.txt Tagged 1.5.0a109:10
CIA-38shane * r117814 /relstorage/tags/1.5.0a1: Tagged 1.5.0a109:10
CIA-38shane * r117815 relstorage/ Back to dev09:10
CIA-38shane 1.5.0a1 * r117816 relstorage/ pedantic version number09:10
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CIA-38zagy * r117817 gocept.selenium/ (src/gocept/selenium/ CHANGES.txt): - API expandsion: ``getSelectOptions``14:34
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CIA-38zagy * r117818 gocept.selenium/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.814:56
CIA-38zagy * r117819 /gocept.selenium/tags/0.8: Tagging 0.814:56
CIA-38zagy * r117820 gocept.selenium/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 0.914:56
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jakkeHi channel, another zope/grok question16:17
jakkeI have an adapter, defined in my main application16:17
jakkethis adapter is supposed to provide a custom error_view for http errors16:18
jakkebut this code is never called16:18
d2mjakke: which error?16:19
betabugdidn't you talk about Zope 2 the last time?16:19
betabugZope 2 might be called "stone age", but it's not grok16:19
jakkeit looks to me that the subscriber for the IObjectCreatedEvent is not the right subscriber to trigger the code16:19
d2mjakke: http error16:20
jakkeit's custom code; so I don't really know what's really zope2; what's zope five; and what's custom; sorry :s16:20
jakkeI want a nice error page for a 40416:20
betabugzope five != grok, either16:20
jakkemeanwhile I'm coming to the point where I know which code should be called16:20
d2mhow would an object creation throw a 404 ?16:20
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betabuggood question16:21
jakkethat's what surprises me too16:21
jakkeI think the subscription (done by grok) is not completely what it should be16:21
d2mjakke: what are you trying to do?16:21
jakkeI have a traverser, trying to access an object in the zodb16:21
jakkebut if the object does not exist, I get a standard ZPublisher error page16:22
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jakkethis should be a nice-in theme- error page16:22
jakkethere is code to do that; basically triggered by a NotFound error16:22
jakkeso i updated the code for the errors I want to be covered, that a NotFound exception is raised16:22
jakkebut the code that should be triggered; is bypassed, and ZPublisher comes into play right away16:23
jakkeso I'm missing the hook between the NotFound error and the custom code for the view16:23
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jakkebut I'm kind of lost with the grok registration and what covers what16:24
jakkeso I'm looking for a way to debug the registration and triggering path16:24
betabugI'd still say you should simply customize standard_error_message16:24
betabugor else set the status to a 404 and return whatever html you want16:25
jakkethat is edited; but it has a grok.subscribe decorator; don't know why16:25
d2mjakke: 'it' is a five.grok view?16:27
jakkeyes; from five import grok; and class ErrorView(grok.View); where I set the context(myApp); and grok.require('zope2.View')16:29
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d2mjakke: how about grok.context(INotFound) ?16:30
giampaolommm maybe I'm crazy, but... is Zope server concurrent? I've just tried to call a view with a "sleep(100)" call in it and the server does not serve any other client as long as time.sleep() returns16:30
betabuggiampaolo: in a default install there are 4 threads16:30
giampaolobetabug: mmm what does that mean exactly?16:31
betabugthat 4 requests can be answered concurently16:31
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betabugso if 4 requests hit a sleep(100)", the 5th that comes along will hang16:31
Theuni1betabug: or at least started processing16:31
jakked2m: nope; don't get into the custom code16:32
betabugyeah, well, I'm probably symplifying16:32
giampaolowell, I'm only making one request (well, two, considering the other browser window which attempts to connect)16:32
Theuni1just to make sure no wrong understanding comes up. that's one of the most misunderstood things about threads I meet16:32
d2mjakke: create your own error handling classes and register them for the interface you need16:32
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Theuni1people tend to think their system will automatically answer more requests when they crank up the threads to tens or even more16:33
jakkeI get from my traverser : __getitem__ into ZPublisher.BaseRequest - publishTraverse; and so further up16:33
d2mjakke: here is an example in grok context:
betabugTheuni1: yeah, the db connections are limited too16:33
Theuni1not with a hard limit anymore16:33
giampaolooh gosh... my Zope can't handle more than 1 request at time... this is not encouraging at all16:33
Theuni1giampaolo: how many CPUs do you have?16:33
jakked2m; that's what I think is strange: there are classes to handle it; they are suppose to be registered; but the code doesn't get called16:33
betabugthere are also people who reduce that to 1 thread and run more instances on one ZEO server16:34
* Theuni1 does.16:34
jakkesomewhere in the chain something is wrong, and I haven't found the way to debug it16:34
giampaoloTheuni1: two, but does that make any difference since Zope uses threads?16:34
Theuni1I do keep few instances with 10 threads for serving small static stuff16:34
Theuni1giampaolo: Python can only run on 1 CPU effectively.16:34
Theuni1And if 1 CPU does multiple things, well guess what, those things will each run slower.16:34
giampaoloTheuni1: I know, but here it seems that ONE single long-running requests blocks everything16:35
giampaoloit's unacceptable16:35
jakked2m: thanks; might be the wrong NotFound I'm using; I'll move on the the one from zope.publisher!16:35
betabugbut if you have >1 instances, they can get a CPU each :-)16:35
Theuni1giampaolo: right. that's the trade-off16:35
betabuggiampaolo: hmmm, I still don't think this is happening in a normal install16:35
giampaolowhat trade-off? if Zope can only handle 1 request per time than why is it using threads in the first place? =)16:35
d2mjakke: here is a more recent example in five.grok
betabugI have some pretty long running processes and other requests get done while that runs16:36
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bigkevmcdgiampaolo: have a look at, it's running Zope, and is quite capable of handling more than one request at a time...16:36
betabuggiampaolo: check how your zope is set up, in zope 2 this is in INSTANCE_HOME/etc/zope.conf16:36
giampaolobigkevmcd: my point is that I don't get what should I expect from zope if I put a "time.sleep(10)" in my view16:37
bigkevmcdgiampaolo: why would you do that?16:37
betabuggiampaolo: my point is that I don't see that behaviour, so something is wrong16:37
bigkevmcdgiampaolo: what are you attempting to do?16:37
Theuni1giampaolo: no, you can get unblocked with more threads, however, if you have X threads and X requests hang during processing then it will be blocked16:38
giampaoloI have an admin iterface in my site which updates the db so when I press "update db" it does a lot of long running stuff. It might take 5-10 minutes to complete16:38
bigkevmcdgiampaolo: if it's some sort of primitive job system, then you can enqueue a job, and have the browser poll for the result of the job16:38
giampaoloor even more16:38
regebroYeah, some batching or polling would be better there.16:38
betabugor put that into a 2nd instance that only the admin has access to16:39
regebroOr somebody will push the button ten times, and all your threads will be blocked and they will call you and ask why the server crashed. :)16:39
betabugmuch less work for custom programming with ZEO + a 2nd instance16:39
giampaoloI can fix this issue by running this task in a separate process or thread manually started by me, but I was just surprised that a simple "time.sleep()" and ONE request freezes everything16:40
betabuggiampaolo: no it does not16:40
giampaoloreally, it seems this stuff is NOT concurrent16:40
d2mgiampaolo: http is not concurrent16:40
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giampaolod2m: I meant zope server16:41
betabugwell, as I said, I've got some pretty long running processes and Zope uses those threads concurrently16:41
d2mgiampaolo: which is a http server16:41
betabugyou can even get to the control panel and see those other requests16:41
giampaolod2m: I've heard of concurrent http server =)16:41
d2mthats what is called 'async'16:41
betabuggiampaolo: maybe you have only one db connection and *that* is blocking? what db is it that you're using there?16:42
giampaolobetabug: no, it's not the db which is blocking16:42
giampaoloI'm sure of that16:42
betabughow do you know?16:42
giampaolobecause if I put a simple sleep() in my view everything gets frozen16:42
giampaoloso no db is implied16:42
giampaolod2m: concurrent != async16:43
d2mnow, why would you want a sleep in a view? it is rendered to html and returned all at once16:43
jakked2m: I changed the subscription to NotFound; but the error page doesn't even know the kind of error anymore16:43
jakkeso registration is back to the zope application16:44
d2mjakke: INotFound16:44
jakkedoesn't help16:44
d2mfrom zope.publisher.interfaces import INotFound16:44
giampaolod2m: sleep() is just a replacement for any long-running task you can imagine. Replace sleep() with db.long_running_task() if you want16:44
jakkeI use zExceptions NotFound; and that is recognised as a NotFound error in the default error page16:45
betabugwell, it still doesn't reflect my experience, I'd guess the instance is set to 1 thread only16:45
jakkeit's "just" not picked up by the adapter16:45
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giampaolobetabug: if you run 1 thread only then there's no reason for Zope to use threads at all. It could have sticked with an async approach (select(), poll(), anything) resulting in much better performances16:46
betabugI don't run 1 thread only16:49
betabugI'm suspecting that your instance is running on only 1 thread16:49
giampaolooh sorry16:49
betabugbecause (as I said *multiple* times already) I don't see the described behaviour here16:50
betabugand I've been sticking sleep() into test code a long time before16:50
betabugplus I've really long running processes and they run in parallel with other, normal requests, no problem16:51
giampaoloit seems there's nothing in my zope.conf which suggests I'm running on 1 thread16:51
betabugwhich zope version is it?16:52
giampaoloI'm using grok 1.1, not sure what version of Zope it uses, hang on16:53
d2manother grok refugee16:53
betabugis there a channel for grok?16:54
betabug(just wondering)16:54
d2myes, #grok16:54
jakkemaybe I should move there ;-)16:54
giampaololol you think it's grok?16:54
d2mmaybe, not been there in a while16:54
betabugwell, searching the web for [grok number of threads] seems to point to some wsgi setup things16:54
d2mgiampaolo: grow is wsgi based, which wsgi server do you use?16:54
d2mif you run on wsgiref -- that is single threaded16:55
* betabug wonders why it says "please mention zope version when asking questions" in the /topic16:55
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betabugbut noooo, it must be zope's fault, zope is only handling a single request and for the last 10-15 years nobody noticed16:56
d2mbetabug: anyway, other zope related channels (except #repoze) are pretty low noise16:57
betabugsure, the noise is here :-D16:57
betabugthere's a party in #repoze???16:57
d2mare the day16:57
d2mall the day16:57
betabugI was considering doing a fun project with repoze, just for the heck of it16:58
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CIA-38charlie_x 2.2 * r117821 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/ ( templates/ Backported changes from 2.3 regarding redirection after completion and CSS class for striping rows.18:20
CIA-38charlie_x 2.2 * r117821 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/ ( templates/ Backported changes from 2.3 regarding redirection after completion and CSS class for striping rows.18:33
CIA-38charlie_x 2.2 * r117822 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/ Backported correction of mime-type setting from 2.318:33
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