IRC log of #zope for Tuesday, 2010-10-26

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davisaglihey J1m, did you see my bug about the "reuse oids after rollback" feature in ZODB 3.10.0?01:00
J1mI plan to make a 3.10.1 release soon.01:00
J1mThat will be in it.01:01
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CIA-92icemac * r117877 (5 files in 2 dirs): Updated tests to run with current package versions.09:20
CIA-92icemac * r117878 (LICENSE.txt COPYRIGHT.txt): Conform to repository policy.09:20
CIA-92icemac * r117879 (buildout.cfg CHANGES.txt): - Updated demo app to run with ZTK 1.0.09:20
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CIA-92janwijbrand * r117880 grokproject/tests_paste.txt: tweak the output testing11:32
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MrJoneswhen I run zc.buildout on my project, I need to put "setuptools=0.6c9" into the buildout config or it will terminate with this error:
MrJonescan someone explain this to me? (a newer setuptools is already installed)12:40
MrJonesit says it already has version "0.6c9". that's nice, so what's the problem then? :/12:41
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CIA-92janwijbrand * r117881 z3c.recipe.compattest/src/z3c/recipe/compattest/ ( normalize name of python executable12:47
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MrJonesanyone? :x12:56
MrJonesoh and zope version is zope 312:57
woscMrJones: I'd need more details.12:57
woscwhich buildout version, which python, is there setuptools in the python's site-packages, ...12:57
MrJones@ setuptools in site-packages12:58
woscthose "version conflict" errors are often cryptic and unhelpful about what's really going on, unfortunately12:58
woscmaybe a bin/buildout -vvv, too12:58
MrJonesbuildout -vvv:
MrJonespython version is 2.6.113:00
MrJonesabout the buildout version, I can't find a --version switch so I'm not sure which version it is :x13:00
kiorkyMrJones: cat  bin/buildout|grep zc.buildout13:01
kiorkyMrJones: grep zc.buildout bin/buildout, even13:01
kiorkyMrJones: it will give you the used versionµ.13:02
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MrJoneskiorky: (doesn't look like a version to me)13:03
MrJonesalso I just noticed: the setuptools version of the system is     <module 'setuptools' from '/Library/Python/2.6/site-packages/setuptools-0.6c12dev_r85381-py2.6.egg/setuptools/'>13:03
kiorkyMrJones: cat bin/buildout13:03
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kiorkyMrJones: with the same python interpreter13:03
kiorkyimport zc.buildout13:04
kiorkygive us the resulting path13:04
MrJonesand what buildout downloaded into the eggs folder is two other versions, which is: setuptools-0.6c11-py2.6.egg and setuptools-0.6c9-py2.6.egg13:04
MrJonesNo module named zc.buildout13:04
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kiorkyMrJones: look whats in the easy-install.pth file13:05
kiorkyif it were me, i would have switched to distribute anyway13:05
kiorkyMrJones: cat bin/buildout on pastin13:05
kiorkypastebin, rah.13:05
MrJonescat bin/buildout
kiorkysemms you have a reent buildout.13:06
kiorkyMrJones: with your system pyhon13:07
kiorkyMrJones: easy_install -U setuptools13:07
kiorkywill fix your problem, i think.13:07
MrJonesseems setuptools is already quite recent13:07
MrJonesand we already did that 10 minutes ago =(13:07
MrJonesdidn't help13:07
MrJonespinning it in the buildout config to 0.6c9 helped though13:08
kiorkyMrJones: can you do some ls in parts/buildout13:08 site.pyc site.pyo sitecustomize.pyc sitecustomize.pyo13:09
kiorkyMrJones: cat site;py13:09
kiorkyMrJones: cat sitecustomize.py13:09
kiorkyMrJones: ls -l /usr/bin/python13:10
MrJonescat is empty apparently13:10
kiorkyok13:10 ?13:10
MrJonesls -l /usr/bin/python: -rwxr-xr-x  2 root  wheel  86000 Feb 11  2010 /usr/bin/python13:12
kiorkyMrJones: ls -d eggs/setuptoo*13:13
MrJonesalready mentioned those, setuptools-0.6c11-py2.6.egg and setuptools-0.6c9-py2.6.egg (hasn't changed)13:14
MrJonesnot the version that is present on the system (which is 0.6c12devsomething)13:14
kiorkyMrJones: delete the ~c13:14
kiorkyMrJones: delete the 0c6913:15
MrJoneswhat about I delete the whole eggs folder?13:15
kiorkyMrJones: mv or rm eggs/setuptools-0.6c9-py2.6.egg13:15
kiorkyMrJones: no need13:15
MrJonessame error (I rm'ed the 0.6c9 one)13:15
kiorkythe trick is just to get buildout boosdtrapped, further eggs versions will be upgraded more flawlessly.13:15
kiorkyMrJones: you must re run the boostrap dance13:16
kiorkyMrJones: rm .installed.cfg bin/buildout13:16
kiorkyMrJones: python -d -c <CONFIG>13:16
kiorkyMrJones: bin/builout -vvvvvvv <CONFIG> $ÂRGS13:16 claims -d is an invalid option :p13:16
kiorkyMrJones: -d will use distribute instead of distribute13:17
kiorkyMrJones: old version13:17
kiorkysearching you a recent version13:17
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CIA-92janwijbrand * r117882 grok/doc/ (tutorial.rst upgrade.txt): remove virtualenv section/sidebar. we might still want a note about it. virtualenv should however not be necessary anymore now that grok relies on zc.buildout-1.5.x isolation features. cosmetics13:18
kiorkyMrJones: curl -O*checkout*/zc.buildout/trunk/bootstrap/bootstrap.py13:18
kiorkyand distribute instread of setuptools13:19
* kiorky not waen up.13:19
MrJonesI just got that through google :D13:21
MrJonesand -d worked13:21
MrJonesbut well... bin/buildout still gives the same error :x13:21
kiorkyMrJones: i think you have setuptools 0.6c9 n ionstalled somehow via your mac installers13:22
kiorky(i do not use mac)13:22
kiorkyand its that one that is picked first13:22
kiorkyMrJones: you can try to install distribute system wide13:22
MrJoneshow is that a problem?13:22
MrJonesif I pin setuptools=0.6c9 it *works*... isn't that essentially using the old version?13:23
MrJonesit doesn't seem like buildout would really require the new one, it just needs that strange pinning :/13:23
kiorkyusing that version of setuptools is a risk13:23
kiorkyits a buggy version13:23
MrJonesoh I see, so pinning overrides a dependency then?13:23
kiorkyMrJones: problem is when yboostrapping happens, you do have already setuptools in that python13:23
MrJones(and it would normally not use that old version)13:23
kiorkythe old setuptools13:23
MrJonesyea, the 0.6c12 one13:23
kiorkyhere come the conflict13:23
kiorkynot the 0.12 one13:24
MrJonesif I really got 0.6c9 on my system, where is it?13:24
kiorkythe one present in /System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.6/Extras/lib/python/p13:24
MrJonespython with import setuptools picks the new one13:24
kiorkyMrJones: did you installed something like 'python exwtras' or donno13:24
kiorkymayh be you dont need it and it would be helpful to uninstall it13:25
MrJonesI don't think I installed anything at all :p13:25
MrJonesI think Mac OS X ships with python out of the box13:25
kiorkyyes but with old stuff :)13:25
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kiorkyMrJones: another solution is to install virtualenv and to boostrap from a fresh one13:25
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MrJonesthat actually seems to be a more sane solution13:25
kiorkyor to test minitage :)13:26
kiorkyMrJones: well, ls /System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.6/Extras/lib/python/13:26
MrJoneskiorky: can't I tell buildout to ignore that version?13:27
kiorkyMrJones: just hiding the problem13:27
MrJonesand why doesn't it just pick the version the python picks?13:27
kiorkyyou ll be affecte with other buildouts13:27
kiorkyand its really bad that you have the 0.6c9 picked up13:28
MrJonessince python's "import setuptools" picks the new one, I don't really get why buildout picks the old one then13:28
kiorkyMrJones: cat pkg_resources was already imported from /System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.6/Extras/lib/python/pkg_resources.py13:28
kiorkyMrJones: cat /System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.6/Extras/lib/python/pkg_resources.py13:28
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kiorkyMrJones:  in /System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.6/Extras/lib/python/setuptools/__init__.py13:31
kiorkyyou ll have the real version.13:31
kiorkyMrJones: to make you mac using distribute system wide, you can do that :
MrJonesis there a way to make buildout ignore that extras folder?13:32
MrJonese.g. if a user runs into this problem, I can offer this to them as a fast hackish solution13:32
MrJones(if they don't want to go through installing virtualenv)13:32
CIA-92janwijbrand * r117883 /groktoolkit/ (2 files in 2 dirs): create the releaseinfo directory for a new version too13:33
kiorkyMrJones: nope, but you have some solutions, using the macport python, using virtualenv, using minitage, or uprading the system python to distribute.13:33
MrJoneshmmm what does distribute do? I'm not quite sure what it's for13:33
kiorkyMrJones: distutils is a setuptools replacement13:34
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MrJonesmacport python?13:34
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MrJoneswhy haven't they just fixed setuptools? :D13:34
MrJonesfun it requires a fork to do this13:35
kiorkyMrJones: because the maintainer didnt want any contributions over more than one year13:35
kiorky(and it was just unmaintained)13:36
kiorkysee distutils-sig python mailing list archives for more infos ;)13:36
MrJonesI am still wondering: can't I just tell python and/or buildout to ignore the Extras folder when searching for libs?13:36
kiorkynope as it is integrated in your python installation13:36
MrJonesbut why does "import setuptools" magically pick the right one, and buildout pick the wrong one anyway?13:37
woscIIRC the recent buildout (1.5) has learned to work with a "system python"13:38
woscbut I have no clue whether that includes funny mac-quirks13:38
MrJoneswhat buildout version do I have? :x I still don't know :D13:38
* wosc scrolls back to find the cats in the pastebin13:39
kiorkywosc: yep i think that the problem is that the Extras site-packages is picked up before the others one, so old-setuptools is already there before buildout boostraps.13:40
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woschere ( says zc.buildout-1.5.2-py2.6.egg13:40
kiorkyMrJones: 1.5.213:40
woscyou might want to report that as a bug13:40
MrJonesshould really do that, since it's slightly annoying or at least pretty unintuitive13:41
MrJones*searches bugtracker*13:41
kiorkyMrJones: well the first stuff when installing python packages is to have a recent installation infrastructure picked up ;)13:42
MrJones should be the right one I guess13:42
woscMrJones: yup13:42
MrJoneskiorky: do I have a recent one?13:42
MrJonesor are you referring to buildout falsely picking the old setuptools now13:43
kiorkythe one python sees is too old.13:44
kiorky(the one in Extras/)13:44
CIA-92janwijbrand * r117884 grok/buildout.cfg: remove unnecessary parts from the buildout.cfg like the compattests as they are handled in the grok toolkit13:47
CIA-92janwijbrand * r117885 grok/doc/developing_grok.rst: update release notes13:47
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kiorkyMrJones: /usr/bin/python14:03
kiorkyimport setuptools14:03
kiorkydoes that gives the same etuptools picked ?14:03
Charlie_XThe best thing will be to have buildout use a virtual env with no site packages.14:04
Charlie_XAny Apple supplied Python cannot be relied on. MacPorts is already ony 2.6.614:04
MrJonesCharlie_X: sure, I just wanted to report it in case someone wants to fix this... (kiorky seemed to believe it might be something that should be fixed in the buildout)14:04
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Charlie_XWhat project were you running buildout on?14:15
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CIA-92janjaapdriessen * r117886 /Sandbox/janjaapdriessen/buildbot/README.txt: windows buildslave installation readme update14:39
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MrJonesCharlie_X: a self-crafted one15:01
MrJonesthat's also why I wanted to know so much about this :p just in case a user comes around with the same problem15:01
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MrJoneskiorky: you mentioned it might be possible to uninstall the extras thing. how would I do this? (I have no idea how Mac OS X manages those sort of "installs" - is there a package manager similar to unix?)15:02
MrJonesalternatively I should probably try to install distribute15:02
MrJones(I'm kind of a lazy virtualenv person so I prefer to use the system python on my machine if possible)15:03
Charlie_XI'll give it a go on my system to see if I can replicate it but basically buildout doesn't work well with site packages so a virtual environment is the way to handle it. Unfortunately this means problems for stuff that needs compiling such as PIL or psycopg2.15:03
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MrJonesI don't think this affects us, but our project runs fine on another Mac OS X so well... there should be a way to get it to work (apart from virtualenv)15:04
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Charlie_Xhm, I already have buildout calling distribute15:06
Charlie_XIn any case easy_install basically doesn't work properly on Mac OS or FreeBSD15:06
MrJonesah, that Extras thing is definitely not installed on the other machine15:07
MrJonesso I need to remove it :)15:07
Charlie_XI don't think the bug is valid.15:08
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hariomHi, Is there any document/pointer for processing Ajax XML response using TAL?15:33
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MrJoneschaoflow: you said something about PIL and virtualenv being a problem if I'm not mistaken - I just found out our project uses PIL :) it seems to work though15:40
MrJonesoh sorry, * Charlie_X ... but he's gone apparently15:40
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Theuni1hey there15:49
* Theuni1 sits down to do his bugfixing15:50
CIA-92janwijbrand * r117887 grok/doc/ (4 files): add upgrade notes to index page of official documentation, this reduces the number of manual post release steps15:50
CIA-92janwijbrand * r117888 grok/CHANGES.txt: update changelog15:50
CIA-92janwijbrand * r117889 grok/doc/upgrade.txt: try to use "Grok Toolkit" throughout15:50
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hariomIs there a way to use tal for Ajax response?15:52
*** pepeu has left #zope15:52
hariomIt is possible to use tal to produce xml for ajax?15:54
betabugsure, why shouldn't it possible?15:54
hariombetabug: could you point me to some example or tutorial?15:55
betabugtutorial how to make a Page Template?15:55
hariomhow to produce xml for ajax15:55
bigkevmcddo you know how to produce XML?15:56
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CIA-92janwijbrand * r117890 grok/doc/developing_grok.rst: indentation fix and x-reference to another release step16:22
CIA-92janwijbrand * r117891 grok/doc/upgrade.txt: ReST fix16:22
CIA-92janwijbrand * r117892 /groktoolkit/ (branches/1.2/ trunk/ use latest bootstrap.py16:22
CIA-92janwijbrand * r117893 grok/ use latest bootstrap.py16:22
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brguedeshello everybody16:31
brguedesI want to use the ZOPE version 2.12.1216:32
brguedeswhich needs python 2.616:32
*** jim_SFU has joined #zope16:32
brguedesbut the problem is that I use Localizer product16:32
brguedeswhich is not available in python 2.616:32
brguedesonly in python 2.416:32
brguedessomeone can help me?16:33
betabugdo you want to say it's incompatible?16:33
brguedesbetabug: I try it, and it is not compatible16:34
betabugwell, Localizer is a bit out of fashion16:34
brguedesbetabug: so what can I use?16:35
betabugwhat error do you get? (just out of curiosity)16:35
brguedesinstead of Localizer16:35
CIA-92janwijbrand * r117894 grok/doc/groktut/ (26 files in 26 dirs): use latest in groktut sample projects16:35
CIA-92janwijbrand * r117895 grok/doc/groktut/ (26 files in 26 dirs): remove older versions.cfg files in groktut example projects16:35
*** Charlie_X has joined #zope16:35
Charlie_XTheuni1: I won't be able to attend the meeting at five.16:36
Theuni1Charlie_X: but you're still interested in the btk, right?16:36
Charlie_XAbsolutely. Just got to pick up my aunt from the station then. Funeral is tomorrow.16:36
bigkevmcdbrguedes: it's almost certainly fixable, Python hasn't changed that much16:37
CIA-92janwijbrand * r117896 grok/doc/groktut/ (54 files in 54 dirs): replace buildout.cfg files with a more modern variant, same for remove templates,16:37
CIA-92janwijbrand * r117897 grok/doc/groktut/ (52 files in 52 dirs): add extends-cache dir and update templates16:38
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brguedesbetabug: I don't remember, which is the error16:43
brguedesbut which is the most recent ZOPE product for multilanguage?16:44
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CIA-92janwijbrand * r117897 grok/doc/groktut/ (52 files in 52 dirs): add extends-cache dir and update templates16:48
CIA-92janwijbrand * r117898 grok/doc/groktut/ (28 files in 28 dirs): fix project name in buildout.cfg files16:48
CIA-92janwijbrand * r117899 grok/CHANGES.txt: update changelog16:48
CIA-92janjaapdriessen * r117900 grokui.admin/src/grokui/admin/tests/ Let's hope this fixes tests on windows16:48
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CIA-92ctheune * r117901 zope.i18n/ (CHANGES.txt src/zope/i18n/ Fix #611746: NAME_RE should be identical to the one in zope.tal17:02
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CIA-92charlie_x * r117902 zope.publisher/src/zope/publisher/ (tests/ Return UTF-8 if ACCEPT_CHARSET is not set or empty. W3C spec is the browser can accept anything and UTF-8 is the only sane default.17:18
CIA-92ctheune * r117903 zope.i18n/ (11 files in 2 dirs):17:18
CIA-92Start working on sphinx-based documentation. It's basically Tres' template17:18
CIA-92minus zope.event specific parts. Started including existing API documentation.17:18
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* Theuni1 rushes home17:41
Theuni1I hope I'll be there before the meeting starts17:41
Theuni1if not, excuse me for 5 minutes or so17:41
Theuni1public transportation and friends17:42
*** sm has joined #zope17:42
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*** zopethatphp has joined #zope17:43
zopethatphpafternoon all17:43
zopethatphpam hoping can get a bit of assistance with this weird error that keeps appearing - i have searched and have found af ew posts related to zope 3 - currenly running zope 2.9.917:44
*** JaRoel|4D has quit IRC17:44
zopethatphpAttempt to store a reference to an object from a separate connection to the same database or multidatabase17:44
*** Theuni1 has quit IRC17:46
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lgsJ1m: hi, I'm trying to write the tests for the functionality my branch adds to zc.sourcerelease17:51
lgsJ1m: I wonder if you can ask a couple of questions regarding them17:51
*** alexpilz1 has joined #zope17:52
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CIA-92janwijbrand * r117904 grokui.admin/src/grokui/admin/ ( tests/ fix tests to also run on windows. thanks to nitrogenycs17:56
CIA-92janwijbrand * r117905 grokui.admin/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.7.217:56
CIA-92janwijbrand * r117906 /grokui.admin/tags/0.7.2: Tagging 0.7.217:56
CIA-92janjaapdriessen * r117907 groktoolkit/grok.cfg: Update windows bugfix grokui.admin17:56
CIA-92janwijbrand * r117908 grokui.admin/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 0.7.317:56
CIA-92janwijbrand * r117909 grokcore.startup/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 1.117:56
CIA-92janwijbrand * r117910 /grokcore.startup/tags/1.1: Tagging 1.117:56
CIA-92ctheune * r117911 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/zope-dev/zope-dev-20101019.rst: protocol from last week17:56
CIA-92janwijbrand * r117912 grokcore.startup/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 1.217:56
CIA-92janjaapdriessen * r117913 groktoolkit/grok.cfg: Newer version of grokcore.startup17:56
CIA-92janwijbrand 1.2 * r117914 groktoolkit/grok.cfg: update 1.2 branch too17:56
CIA-92ctheune * r117915 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/zope-dev/ (archive.rst zope-dev-20101026.rst index.rst): update for today's meeting17:56
CIA-92janwijbrand * r117916 grok/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 1.2.117:56
CIA-92janwijbrand * r117917 /grok/tags/1.2.1: Tagging 1.2.117:56
CIA-92janwijbrand * r117918 grok/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 1.2.217:56
CIA-92janwijbrand 1.2 * r117919 groktoolkit/ ( grok.cfg): Preparing release 1.217:56
CIA-92janwijbrand * r117920 /groktoolkit/tags/1.2: Tagging 1.217:56
CIA-92janwijbrand 1.2 * r117921 groktoolkit/ Back to development: 1.317:56
*** Theuni1 has joined #zope18:07
Theuni1so, who's here?18:07
*** regebro has left #zope18:08
*** zagy has quit IRC18:09
smhello Theuni118:15
Theuni1sm: jo18:16
brguedessomeone can tell me which is the best multi language ZOPE product?18:16
brguedesI use Localizer but is too old18:16
*** fredvd is now known as fredvd|shopcooki18:16
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smzope 2 ?  PlacelessTranslationService/PTS I think18:19
Theuni1I think the zope.i18n infrastructure might also work in Zope 2.18:19
Theuni1Looks like a quiet day, today. :)18:23
*** thetet has joined #zope18:24
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CIA-92janwijbrand * r117922 /grok/website/build-html/ prepare for building 1.2.1 docs18:26
*** alvaro_o has joined #zope18:29
smah, right18:31
Theuni1sm: ah right?18:32
smzope.i18n is more modern than PTS18:32
agroszerTheuni1, I'm late again...18:37
Theuni1too late ;)18:37
agroszerbusy days...18:37
CIA-92janjaapdriessen * r117923 /Sandbox/janjaapdriessen/buildbot/buildout.cfg: add win py2.4 tests for ztk 1.018:47
brguedesTheuni1: I saw the documentation of zope.i18n it also uses Localizer right?18:49
smbrguedes I doubt that18:51
agroszerTheuni1, still around?18:53
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Theuni1brguedes: zope.i18n is a complete rewrite of translation APIs that was created within the Zope 3 project19:37
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CIA-92jim * r117924 ZODB/src/ (3 files in 3 dirs): (log message trimmed)21:03
CIA-92Bug Fixed21:03
CIA-92When a transaction rolled back a savepoint after adding objects and21:03
CIA-92subsequently added more objects and committed, an error could be21:03
CIA-92raised "ValueError: A different object already has the same oid"21:03
CIA-92causing the transaction to fail. Worse, this could leave a database21:03
CIA-92in a state where subsequent transactions in the same process would21:03
*** __mac__ has quit IRC21:05
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CIA-92jim * r117925 ZODB/src/ZODB/ ( tests/
CIA-92Make sure saved oids don't get duped.21:20
CIA-92This is added insurance on21:20
CIA-92In particular, because we saved dups, the damage persisted, requiring21:20
CIA-92a process restart to clear.21:20
CIA-92shane * r117926 relstorage/ (CHANGES.txt relstorage/ Fixed a missing import.21:20
CIA-92jim * r117927 ZODB/src/ (ZEO/ ZEO/tests/ CHANGES.txt): (log message trimmed)21:20
CIA-92- Removed a missfeature that can cause performance problems when using21:20
CIA-92an external garbage collector with ZEO. When objects were deleted21:20
CIA-92from a storage, invalidations were sent to clients. This makes no21:20
CIA-92sense. It's wildly unlikely that the other connections/clients have21:20
CIA-92copies of the garbage. In normal storage garbage collection, we21:20
CIA-92don't send invalidations. There's no reason to send them when an21:20
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CIA-92janwijbrand * r117928 grokproject/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 2.122:23
CIA-92janwijbrand * r117929 /grokproject/tags/2.1: Tagging 2.122:23
CIA-92janwijbrand * r117930 grokproject/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 2.222:23
CIA-92jim * r117931 ZODB/src/ (3 files in 3 dirs):22:23
CIA-92Fixed a bug in ZEO client cache simulation that caused invalidations22:23
CIA-92to be misshandled, causing incorrect statistics and errors.22:23
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CIA-92jim * r117932 ZODB/src/ (5 files in 3 dirs):23:49
CIA-92Fixed bug:23:49
CIA-92- Unix domain sockets didn't work for ZEO (since the addition of IPv623:49
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