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CIA-81icemac * r118012 z3c.tan/ (7 files in 2 dirs): Conform to repository policy.09:31
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CIA-81icemac * r118013 z3c.template/ (CHANGES.txt src/z3c/template/
CIA-81- Using Python's ``doctest`` module instead of depreacted09:46
CIA-81icemac 0.2 * r118014 z3c.testsetup/ (14 files in 3 dirs): Conform to repository policy.09:46
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betabughmmm, I have a situation where an "Update Catalog" leeds to inconsistent results13:16
betabugone of the indexes depends on another of the indexes (the method that is indexed does a catalog search and some computation on the result)13:17
betabugaparently at some point the 2nd index is empty or inconsistent and some results are missing13:17
betabugnow the interesting question is: is there a bug in my code or is it just a situation of "Do not click on 'Update Catalog'"? :-)13:18
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MrTangohi anyone here how knows how the ftp access is working with paths in username like otto@site/documents?14:52
MrTangothe doc string of the FTP Module says, that if one use usernames like this, zope change the ftp directory on login14:54
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betabughmm, never heard about that15:09
betabugmaybe it doesn't show the root directory any more?15:09
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MrTangobetabug: it works now, and i will build a package to add a new config parameter to zope.conf, i would like configure the start path for all users without special names ;)15:44
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CIA-81ctheune * r118015 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/zope-dev/ (zope-dev-20101102.rst archive.rst index.rst): prepare next meeting16:33
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planetzopebotPlone Foundation Board Election Results (Plone News)
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CIA-81jim * r118016 ZODB/src/ZEO/tests/ spread elipsis to avoid spurious test failure18:18
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kollaI have a site with only one zope (2.10, debian lenny) instans and one virtualhost. I have put apache infront of it and made rewrite rules that seem to work well, but one problem remains, on the default main page, there's a "base href=http://localhost:8080/mysite" at the top18:52
mgedminkolla, you need to tell zope about your rewrite rules18:52
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d2mnot really18:52
mgedminthis is done by rewriting to /VirtualHostRoot/$1 or something like that; I forgot the exact syntax18:53
kollaI've read up and down and tried all kinds if tricks, but havent managed to get it working18:53
mgedminit's VirtualHostBase18:53
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kollais "VirtualHostBase" a magic string, or is it some example directory or what?18:53
mgedminhere's how I put a zwiki on my public site:18:53
d2mkolla: try
mgedminRewriteRule ^/wiki(/.*)?$ http://localhost:28082/VirtualHostBase/https/$118:54
kollafor all sub pages it works just fine, the problem is only the front page18:54
mgedmina more usual example would be RewriteRule ^/(.*)$ http://localhost:28082/VirtualHostBase/https/$118:54
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kollad2m: thanks18:56
kollathanks, got it working finally18:56
kollamgedmin: I suspect ^/(.*) doesn't work in the case where people only type in "http://domain.bla18:57
kollathere's no / at the end, and weird things happen18:57
mgedminI thought apache rewrote paths so there's always a leading /18:58
mgedminI can check the config of, which is a zope2 site18:59
kollaanyhow... thanks, the witch fixed it... I read about "the witch", but didnt realize it was a service18:59
kollamgedmin: maybe, I don't know.. just guessing18:59
mgedminRewriteRule ^/(.*) http://localhost:8090/VirtualHostBase/http/$1 [L,P]18:59
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kollaanyways, thanks :)19:02
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donriBTrees are slower for me when I'm iterating all items (which makes sense, I guess). Are there other situations when they're worse than persistentmapping?22:53
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koshdonri: that is not always true, only for small ones23:12
donriAlso makes sense23:12
donriWhat counts as small?23:12
koshdonri: a persistentmapping is just a dict, if your dict is big enough you will face a pretty large penalty for loading it in the first place and you will use a lot more memory23:12
koshBTrees are far more memory friendly23:13
koshwell I usually use BTrees with over 100 entries but I have many with 100K entries23:13
donriIs <10k small?23:13
donriWell OOBTree was slower for me with around 5000 entries23:14
koshhow much slower23:14
koshalso you have to think about writing speed23:14
kosheverytime you and a single entry to a persistent mapping you write the N23:15
koshENTIRE structure again23:15
donri8 seconds to export all entries in XML compared to 623:15
koshand what happens if many people try to do it at once? what about multiple reads and writes to that same data structure?23:15
donriOK so I should go with btress eh23:16
koshlong long ago I used persistentmappings and by the time you add a few thousand entries to them one at a time your db will have grown by over a GB but pack down to 10s of MB23:17
koshwith a BTree you can add thousands of entries and when you pack it down it goes down almost nothing and never grows much bigger then a persistentmapping23:18
koshif you use persistentmappings on data structures you write to a lot you will blow up your db very quickly23:18
koshwhich will also increase memory requirements23:18
donriHow about ordered data such as a revision history23:19
koshOOBTree are ordered based on the key23:21
koshso if you put things in with a timestamp or something like that they will be ordered23:21
donriQuick way to get the newest?23:25
koshmostly persistentmappings look good in microbenchmarks but fail badly in large systems23:25
koshwell an OOBTree has a maxKey() method so you could call that to get the highest key and use that to get the value if you want23:26
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