IRC log of #zope for Tuesday, 2010-11-30

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Charlie_XHappy Bugday!10:50
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mkanatHey there. Would this channel be the best place to ask questions about TAL?11:20
j-wmkanat: you can try :)11:21
mkanatHahaha, okay. So, in TAL, is there a way to make adding an attribute conditional?11:21
mkanatThat is, I want to add a class to an element, but only given a certain condition.11:21
betabugthis is likely a good place to ask TAL questions, but it's not a good place to ask meta-questions ;-)11:21
j-wmkanat: that's possbile11:22
Charlie_Xmkanat: easy11:22
betabuguse tal:attributes, simple11:22
mkanatOkay. What's the syntax for something like: tal:attributes="class blah" if (some boolean)11:23
Charlie_Xtal:attributes="class python: logic_statement and 'desired class' or None"11:23
mkanatCharlie_X: Ahhh, right! :-) Thank you.11:23
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mkanatCharlie_X: I also was not too familiar with that ternary operator syntax for python.11:24
Charlie_Xmkanat: depending on the Python version you can use the 'ternary' syntax in Python if you prefer. At least I think it's ternary: x = y if condition else x = z11:25
mkanatTernary would be ?:11:25
mkanatBut and/or is fine. :-)11:25
Charlie_XI've got used to the more verbose but I think more useful boolean stuff. Certainly confusing at first.11:26
* mkanat nods.11:26
Charlie_XYes. I think Python does without the '?' in the syntax as Guido rightly tries to avoid new sigils wherever possible.11:27
* mkanat nods.11:27
betabugyou can always do the perlish [None, 'myclass'][logicstatement]11:27
Charlie_XYou can fuck right off with your Perlish11:28
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Charlie_X - Conditional expressions11:28
Charlie_XI reckon the basic boolean is more useful because it's generic but I can understand the appeal of the ternary when you want/need to condense an if/else clause into a single statement.11:29
betabugwell, the "perlish" thing is simply really old-style, when python didn't have the other stuff11:30
Charlie_XYeah, well I'm a revisionist who denies that Python ever had anything to do with Perl.11:32
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betabughaha, it never had anything to do with perl!11:35
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CIA-82fdrake * r118640 zope.testing/ (src/zope/testing/setupstack.txt CHANGES.txt): fix test of broken symlink handling to not break on Windows13:04
CIA-82fdrake * r118641 /zope.testing/tags/ (3.10.2 3.10.2/ tag release 3.10.213:04
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CIA-82fdrake * r118642 zope.testing/ (CHANGES.txt bump version13:21
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* Theuni- waves14:23
Theuni-happy bug day and such14:23
betabugI'm happy most days anyway14:23
Theuni-I feel like looking into the task of making the test summarizer better.14:25
Theuni-argh. this is an ugly piece of code.14:31
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Charlie_Xhiya Theuni-14:39
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CIA-82ctheune * r118643 /Sandbox/ctheune/testsummarizer/
CIA-82Experiment with new layout that is more suitable to accomodate the large15:42
CIA-82amount of results we get every night.15:42
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Theuni-Charlie_X: any progress on the repository policy script?16:01
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Charlie_XPolicy script? That's not mine.16:02
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ploufploufDo you know if it's possible to make the zserver (zope2.11) listen a "dynamic socket" not a port ? I never did this and am not sure of the terms. I try to make zope run on a mutualized server, and can not listen a port.16:03
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Theuni-Charlie_X: which one is yours?16:05
Charlie_Xploufplouf: it's an http server. Why should listen on a socket?16:05
Charlie_XTheuni-: the nagging summary16:05
Charlie_XWorking on it16:05
Theuni-that's the one i meant, though16:05
Charlie_XNice to have some compnay today.16:06
ploufploufCharlie_X: so it's not possible ? (it's really not someting i konw well)16:06
bigkevmcdploufplouf: what is a dynamic socket?16:07
bigkevmcdploufplouf: do you mean a Unix socket?16:07
ploufploufyes, i guess16:08
bigkevmcdi.e. AF_UNIX ?16:08
betabugploufplouf: usually you can open ports in the "upper range", above 102416:08
betabugand then you "rewrite" in apache from port 80 to the port you use in zope (e.g. 8080)16:08
ploufploufbetabug: I used to do this on my own servers, buts it's not possible in this case16:09
ploufploufthe server uses mod_fcgid16:10
betabugfastcgi?? ugh16:10
betabugzope used to be able to work with that, but nobody is using it any more, I doubt it will still work16:11
betabugpersonally I would choose another hosting, that setup is not good16:11
ploufploufi'll have to find a dedicated sercer, it's juste quiet expensive for this little instance16:12
betabugyou don't need necessarily a dedicated server, a "virtual private server" will be enough16:13
Charlie_Xploufplouf: what's wrong with running it behind mod_proxy?16:13
ploufploufthere is nothing wrong, I juste do not know how to configure zope without a port to listen16:14
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betabugI somehow doubt that they can stop zope from listening on a port16:15
Charlie_XDisable zserver16:16
betabugwell, I mean by the administrator16:16
betabugI guess it will listen to the port you tell it to, it will just be firewalled off16:17
CIA-82regebro regebro-python3 * r118644 zope.proxy/src/zope/proxy/_zope_proxy_proxy.c: Cleaned up module initialization as per discussion on mailing list.16:17
ploufploufzope can run an instance whitout zserver ?16:17
betabugI guess if you have to ask, the answer will be "No"16:18
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Charlie_Xploufplouf: yes, as from Zope 2.1316:19
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betabugnews to me then16:21
betabugbut I'm way behind anyway :-)16:21
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ploufploufok, i'll try zope2.13 without zserver. Thanks for the idea, i'll tell you16:28
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Theuni-I'm here in case anybody wants to talk about anything ;)16:57
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mgedminnice weather we're having16:59
betabugmgedmin: but it gets dark so early this time of year17:00
Theuni-betabug: sure :)17:00
Theuni-I won't guarantee to answer, though ;)17:01
* Theuni- keeps bashing away at a revised test aggregator17:01
* Charlie_X waves17:01
* agroszer thinks about sending mails from the new builders from winbot to the aggregator17:03
Theuni-i'm thinking about enforcing a little bit more concrete syntax in the subjects17:04
agroszerbut, there are plenty of builders if you check17:04
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Theuni-i've send a draft of the new format I intend to put up17:06
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agroszerTheuni-, the overview part: +lots17:14
agroszerhaving the links down there is....17:14
agroszeran I guess the links of failed tests are the most interesting17:15
Theuni-That's the issue with plaintext mails17:15
Theuni-as soon as I put the links in the middle of that list it looses a lot of the visual value17:15
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Theuni-I had another shot where I only made footnotes for those tests that were not OK17:15
mgedminurl shortener?17:16
Theuni-breaking urls suckage17:16
Theuni-agroszer: not that hard17:16
agroszerTheuni-, repeat only the failed tests with urls down there17:16
mgedminuse HTML? (yuck for email)17:16
mgedminmake more prominent?17:16
agroszerFAILED  winbot / ztk_10 py_244_win3217:16
Charlie_XTheuni-: I remember you wanting to have text/plain minimal + text/html extended + link in the text/plain part.17:17
agroszeryah and one more link to the buildbots page17:17
Theuni-Charlie_X: i couldn't quite make me do that ;)17:18
Charlie_XSome mailers understand some STX. Thunderbird does at least even if it's a pile of wank, really.17:18
* Charlie_X stares hard at his one line of specification from an old IRC log17:18
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Theuni-agroszer: putting the links in there directly breaks the visual structure17:18
* Charlie_X admits to have been fiddling with webp for Mac OS X and FreeBSD today.17:19
Theuni-linking to the buildbots page sounds fine17:19
agroszerTheuni-, that's shy I said, repeat ONLY the failing ones down there17:19
agroszerusually we'll care about failures17:19
* Theuni- tries that17:19
mgedminTheuni-, can we get a sneak peek at the new format in a pastebin somewhere?17:19
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Theuni-mgedmin: sure17:20
Theuni-I'll try agroszer's suggestion17:20
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Theuni-how about this?17:29
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agroszerfull stop ;-)17:30
agroszeremm, add the link to the buildbot page and then full stop ;-)17:30
agroszerit does not get more concise17:31
Charlie_XTheuni-: "pointing out who has committed to which projects" I think that is a bit vague.17:31
Theuni-Charlie_X: i think we meant looking at the SVN history of the last (handwave) period and use everyone who committed17:32
Theuni-mgedmin: ?17:32
* mgedmin is trying to decide if he wants to see the long list of buildbots up front or not17:32
mgedminignore me17:32
mgedminI like it17:33
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Charlie_XTheuni-: shit, that's much more complicated than I expected.17:35
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Charlie_XLaunchpad has no information about the repository and no direct link.17:37
Theuni-mgedmin: :)17:37
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agroszeras I said, you'll need zlib to make it more concise ;-)17:39
regebroOh, right the meeting. Forgot about it again, even though I added it to my calendar this time. :)17:39
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Charlie_Xregebro: it's okay. It's kind of extended today with it being bugday.17:40
Charlie_XHow's the porting coming along.17:40
regebroCharlie_X: Well, I'm stuck. :)17:41
Theuni-ok, another draft went to the list17:43
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CIA-82ctheune * r118645 /Sandbox/ctheune/testsummarizer/ More layout revisions after discussing my draft on #zope17:45
Theuni-I guess that attachment didn't make it through the moderation17:47
Theuni-Here's my last:
Theuni-I also re-added the number of OK, FAILED, UNKNOWN reports to the subject line17:48
Charlie_XTheuni-: I think it's a no go: I have no way of getting the repository url from Launchpad.17:48
Theuni-Charlie_X: hmm. the repository URL should always be svn+ssh://<eggname>17:49
Theuni-Is there any case where this isn't true?17:49
Charlie_XI don't have the eggname17:49
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agroszerCharlie_X, bzw /repos/main/<package_name>17:50
Theuni-eggname packagename17:51
Theuni-we've been pretty consistent with those17:51
* Theuni- barfs17:51
Theuni-where did that come from?17:51
Charlie_XFrom a random check17:51
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Theuni-dang :)17:51
Theuni-i'd propose that we go forward with the rule I just said and go and poke the projects in LP that don't conform17:52
Theuni-i've gotta run now17:53
Charlie_XWill try that and see how I get on.17:55
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CIA-82tseaver * r118646 / (17 files in 6 dirs): Quick wrapper around sloccount, using checkouts from
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CIA-82tseaver * r118647 zope.assetvaluation/ (work work/src): Add default working area.19:08
CIA-82tseaver * r118648 zope.assetvaluation/: Ignore derived19:08
CIA-82tseaver * r118649 zope.assetvaluation/src/zope/assetvaluation/ Use new working area inside buildout by default.19:08
CIA-82tseaver * r118650 zope.assetvaluation/src/zope/assetvaluation/ Cope with projects having no code.19:08
CIA-82tseaver * r118651 zope.assetvaluation/src: Ignore derived.19:08
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moo_how I construct ViewPageTemplateFile in run-time so that it gets proper context?23:05
moo_I find zope page tempalte classes utterly confusing23:05
moo_and all ways and examples I have tried lead only to exceptinos23:05
moo_specifically, I want to replace z3c.form.form.Form instances template attribute run-time23:06
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binbrainanybody have a link to a ZTK dependency graphic?23:14
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