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CIA-78achapman * r119039 /zc.monitorcache: - add zc.monitorcache00:19
CIA-78achapman * r119040 /zc.monitorcache/ (tags trunk branches): - project structure00:19
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CIA-78achapman * r119041 zc.monitorcache/ (11 files in 5 dirs): - Add files00:33
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CIA-78gotcha * r119043 gocept.selenium/CHANGES.txt: update changelog01:18
CIA-78gotcha * r119043 gocept.selenium/CHANGES.txt: update changelog01:40
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CIA-78ulif * r119044 /grok/branches/ulif-docs2sphinx: Create branch for complete docs update, including shift to newer sphinx (getting rid of grokdocs).02:31
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CIA-78ulif ulif-docs2sphinx * r119045 grok/ Declare dependencies for doc building.02:46
CIA-78ulif ulif-docs2sphinx * r119046 grok/buildout.cfg:02:46
CIA-78Use Sphinx directly to build the docs, deploying02:46
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CIA-78ulif ulif-docs2sphinx * r119047 grok/grokdocs/src/grokdocs: Remove SVN external.03:02
CIA-78ulif ulif-docs2sphinx * r119048 grok/ (grokdocs buildout.cfg CHANGES.txt): Remove grokdocs subpackage. Docs are now created via a buildout recipe.03:02
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CIA-78ulif ulif-docs2sphinx * r119049 grok/doc/ Use `pkg_resources` to get version number.03:17
CIA-78ulif ulif-docs2sphinx * r119050 grok/doc/ Update year.03:17
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indravenihi all08:27
indravenidoes zope server supports http methods , PUT, POST, GET, TRACE etc08:28
indraveniis so how to configure it securely so that all those are denied and allow only post, get and options08:28
indravenias we do in apache server08:28
indraveniis this channel live?08:33
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xanalogicaindraveni, the channel is live; there are 44 other people here08:40
xanalogicayour question is odd - yes, ZServer supports various HTTP methods but you don't enable/disable such low-level aspects.  You define permissions/roles on the objects within Zope.08:41
xanalogicaI know that Apache does that - but it does not match up with the way Zope works.08:42
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CIA-78ulif ulif-docs2sphinx * r119051 grok/doc/ (upgrade.txt reference/functions.rst): Fix markup.12:03
CIA-78ulif ulif-docs2sphinx * r119052 grok/doc/contents.rst: Add glossary in tree structure.12:03
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CIA-78ulif ulif-docs2sphinx * r119055 grok/doc/README.rst: Update README to reflect changes.12:48
CIA-78ulif ulif-docs2sphinx * r119056 grok/CHANGES.txt: Tell more about the new documentation toolchain.12:48
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gayathriis there a way to hide the zope server signature13:37
betabugprobably in apache setup13:37
gayathriapache setup is hiding apache signature but not zope signature13:38
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betabugthere's just one "Server" header IIRC13:39
gayathriI don't know, but in my apache conf, i have server signature off and servertokens prod, still I see the following13:40
gayathriServer: Zope/(unreleased version, python 2.4.6, linux2) ZServer/1.1 Plone/3.3.513:40
gayathriwhen i see the http header information13:40
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gayathrithe information given in that link is hiding apache information13:43
gayathribut the above information is still available13:43
gayathrii am sorry not in http header i should say13:43
gayathriactually, I am trying to connect to my server using13:44
gayathritelnetl localhost 8013:44
betabugin which header then?13:44
gayathriand then13:44
gayathriOPTIONS / HTTP/1.113:44
gayathriin reply to this I see the above pasted Server:...13:44
gayathrican this be hided?13:44
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gayathrii have seen that post earlier, but din't get the monkey patch13:47
gayathriand how tht helps me in unclear13:47
betabugthere is no monkey patch13:47
betabugyou change it in the apache config13:47
betabuguse mod_headers or something13:48
gayathrior where that medusa module i can get13:48
betabugor ServerTokens13:48
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gayathrithankyou so much, mod_headers worked perfect14:03
gayathrieven i see this, in my header14:04
gayathriwhich means all my http methods are allowed,14:04
gayathriwherein in apache i added all Limit directives14:04
gayathrihow do i deny all these methods, and i think they are of zope server and not of apache server14:05
gayathriand my vhost of apache of other directive shows that they are denied14:05
gayathribut vhost of zope configuration shows all these methods open14:05
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_baton_Hi, is there any best practices for running zope virtual hosting with ssl ?14:07
_baton_I have a strange situation with login form, everuthing works fine only in firefox14:07
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walditeix: evidence for that? for the attacker it is usualy much easier to launch all the attacks instead of selecting the correct ones. also this information may be incorrect14:15
teixwaldi: right! following those steps doesn't mean site will be more secure14:17
teixwaldi: as mentioned on apache docs: «Frequently, people want to remove this information, under the mistaken understanding that this will make the system more secure. This is probably not the case, as the same exploits will likely be attempted regardless of the header information you provide.»14:18
teixwaldi: but i'm just trying to help gayathri anyway :)14:18
gayathriso how about disabling those http methods of the zope server14:26
gayathriis there any configuration to be done in zope configuration file?14:27
waldigayathri: nope. this are all standard methods14:32
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gayathriok this also i was able to manage with mod_headers14:36
gayathrithanks to all14:36
betabugcool, glad it worked14:37
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betabug_baton_: check
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_baton_betabug, thanks for attention, but is broken14:39
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betabugmaybe I made a mistake in the link14:39
_baton_meanwhle, I am intersintg if I have running instance on  http://localhost:8092/VirtualHostBase/https/testapp.localhost:443/portal/VirtualHostRoot/14:40
betabug_baton_: anyway, head over to for your rewrite rule14:40
_baton_do testapp.localhost works both http and https ?14:40
betabugdo not try to debug rewriterules, just get a working one14:41
betabugdunno what is different, but that works14:41
teixbetabug: capital Z :)14:42
betabugoh, zope2 instead of Zope2, fun14:42
betabugyeah, just noticed14:42
betabugteix: how's life in .pt? everything fine?14:42
teix_baton_: witches give you working rewrite rules! :)14:43
teixbetabug: fine thanks!14:43
teixbetabug: well almost... we are bombed all days with those crisis news on TVs and papers14:45
teixbetabug: but *real* life is running well :)14:45
betabughaha, you ain't see nothing yet14:45
betabugteix: I sincerely hope your politicians will not f* up to the level of those criminals that they call "politicians" here14:45
teixbetabug: let's see...14:46
teixbetabug: but politicians popularity drops a lot on last few months14:46
teixbut that is happening worldwide, i think...14:47
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betabugwell, the problem is that their popularity drops from all parties at once, so there is nobody that you honestly still can vote... result: the same bandits in government again14:58
betabugwell, enough politics :-)14:58
teixbetabug: I agree! with both sentences :)15:01
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CIA-78ulif * r119057 grokcore.content/src/grokcore/content/ Extent documentation from grokdocs.15:19
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giampaolo this is an error I got in my zope log. Why is it compressed? Is there a way to get/log the original/complete traceback?17:10
betabuggiampaolo: compressed? I seem to be seeing a complete traceback17:11
giampaolono that's not17:12
betabugsomehow it's trying to create a fax group 4 image?17:12
betabuggiampaolo: what do you miss?17:12
giampaoloit does not tell the last call who caused the error, it only tells the method where that happened17:13
giampaolowhich is create_jpg()17:13
giampaolo...but my create_jpg() is long... =)17:13
betabugModule PIL.ImageFile, line 180, in load called _getdecoder17:13
betabugand Module PIL.Image, line 376, in _getdecoder fails, with IOError: decoder group4 not available17:13
betabugline 234 in create_jpg is specific enough usually17:14
betabugbut I don't know Products.INGBookService.bookservice_page :-)17:14
mgedmindo you need to?17:14
mgedminPIL is unable to load that jpeg17:15
giampaoloI'm not interested in PIL.Image... I wanna know the last call of MY code who caused the error. And being that a compressed traceback message I can't17:15
mgedmineither that jpeg is broken, or PIL is broken (e.g. built without jpeg support)17:15
mgedminisn't INGBookService your code?17:16
betabuggiampaolo: well, what's on line 234 of bookservice_page ?17:16
betabugmgedmin: I don't think so, I think there is something telling PIL that a Fax image is asked for17:17
mgedmin(d'oh, jpg is the output format, not the input)17:17
betabugah, so PIL is thinking that it is *getting* a fax image!17:18
betabugsomeone uploaded something with a strange extension I would guess!17:18
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giampaoloI'm not sure either, what annoys me is that that's NOT the original traceback message17:25
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betabugyou're not sure what's on line 234?17:29
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giampaoloexactly, at line 234 I have a method, INSIDE that method a make a certain call which then causes the PIL error. In a standard python traceback message that part is expanded and shows exactly what call caused the error17:33
betabughmm, I've never heard nor seen a "compressed traceback" in python17:34
betabugif it says 234, that's where my error is17:35
giampaolobetabug: if you take a look at that traceback message it's clear that is somewhat "compressed" as it's not indented17:36
betabugit is17:36
betabugall the lines starting with "Module" are indented17:36
betabugand in python docs I don't see anything that would "compress" a traceback17:37
betabugonly "limit" to limit number of entries17:38
_mup_Bug #234788: Phatch doesn't support decoder group4 TIF <Phatch:Fix Released by stani> <python-imaging (Ubuntu):New> < >17:38
giampaoloTHAT is an actual traceback message17:38
giampaolosee? it contains the module paths17:38
giampaolomy traceback message don't17:38
giampaoloyou can modify the traceback in python, for example by using a bare try/except clause and then use the traceback module17:39
giampaolomy best guess is that Zope does something like that17:40
betabughmmm, let me check17:40
betabugprobably yeah17:41
giampaoloyeha... :\17:41
giampaolowhy the heck they did that I don't know17:41
betabugmakes event.log neater17:42
giampaoloand developers life harder =)17:42
betabugI never even noticed, to tell the truth17:42
giampaoloand also, I have the impression that the traceback is compressed also when the server runs in foreground, in which case there's no even need to neat anything17:43
mgedminzope uses its own exception formatter17:43
mgedminfor security reasons -- do not expose filesystem paths, do not expose source code17:44
* mgedmin shrugs17:44
mgedminI believe you can find the original Python traceback in the log file17:44
mgedminbut it won't tell you anything more: line 234 is it17:44
betabugyeah, I doubt that the line number is wrong17:45
betabugthat would be really weird for a formatter to change17:45
giampaolomgedmin: is there a way to tell Zope not to do that (have plain tracebacks)?17:47
mgedminI don't remember17:47
mgedmintry poking in /Control_Panel/error_log or whatever it's called17:47
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