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_mup_Bug #673718 was filed: Remove dependency on zope.formlib <zope.mimetype:New> < >09:56
_mup_Bug #98461 was filed: Access log does not contain user ids <bugday20100424> <community> <issue> <zope.server:Confirmed> <Zope 3:Won't Fix> < >09:56
_mup_Bug #530620 was filed: UnicodeDecodeError when using IE, Safari <zope.publisher:New> < >09:56
_mup_Bug #570942 was filed: InterfaceClass __cmp method obtains module name incorrectly <zope.interface:Confirmed> < >09:56
_mup_Bug #583787 was filed: Stop executing tests of a case if the common setup fails <zope.testrunner:New> < >09:56
_mup_Bug #580072 was filed: Layer setUp/tearDown messages should be suppressed with low verbosity <zope.testing:Confirmed> <zope.testrunner:Confirmed> < >09:56
_mup_Bug #558501 was filed: zope.configuration swallowing expat parser errors <zope.configuration:Confirmed for ct-gocept> < >09:56
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_mup_Bug #610477 was filed: Asian languages not supported by text index <zope.index:New> < >09:57
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Phazorxis there life on this planet?11:34
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waldino, earth is extinct11:41
Phazorxplanet #zope was i reffering to actualy... at least intelegence presence here :)11:42
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Phazorxis the project still active?11:42
Phazorxor most devs moved to sometihng liek grog or the likes?11:43
betabugor zope?11:43
betabugzope is active11:43
Phazorxzope :)11:43
betabugthere's a dev meeting in here, every wednesday or so11:43
Phazorxbetabug: i see both zope2/3 have 2.X python tree as dependancies... is it in process of updating to 3 or that is not even on the menu11:43
Phazorxbetabug: ah i see11:43
betabugthere is dev work being done, but not by me11:44
betabugI'm just a lowly "consumer" who tries to help out on #zope a bit11:44
Phazorxis the website out of date then?most artifles there are 2006/200711:44
betabugyeah, is out of date, there's I think11:45
Phazorxwell i might join you here on same grounds if i manage to convivce rest of devs that this is a viable platform to build on11:45
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koshmoving zope to 3.x is going to be a while into the future and a lot of work12:04
betabughey kosh12:04
koshmost major python frameworks have a long time before they move over12:04
koshbetabug: you are finally here!12:04
* kosh sets betabug on fire12:04
betabugkosh: haven't had time to try anything of your stuff yet :-(12:05
koshso did you try my blob stuff?12:05
koshah darn12:05
betabugnope :-(12:05
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betabugthings have been busy over the holidays and new year12:05
koshI even put a post on the mailing list and nobody has replied to it12:05
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koshthey said originally I should post it as a patch so I did and no replies back12:05
betabugmy plan was to make a fresh install, put in a copy of our production data.fs and see it float / go down in flames (whichever comes first)12:06
koshso far I have not run into a single problem, probably going to put it into production soon12:06
koshbeen running lots of tests12:07
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koshand it has certainly helped12:13
koshanything with Files or Image object stuff should speed up nicely if you have zope setup correctly12:13
koshlower memory usage and faster file serving12:13
betabugand improved start / reindex / pack times12:14
koshthat part I have not tested, mine all start in a second or so anyways12:15
betabugwell, when I had to bring some stuff back from an old backup (point in time on a heap of repoze files), it had to start up without an index file... that took a while :-)12:16
betabugwhen the index is up to date, it's fast12:16
koshah that12:16
Phazorxkosh: i see... my question was actualy more on practical side12:16
Phazorxas in would it break if it is deployed on 3.012:17
Phazorxor 3.X12:17
betabugPhazorx: the thing with zope and python versions is that usually any change requires a lot of testing of the security stuff12:17
koshPhazorx: zope will not work with python 3.x in any way12:17
betabugas we have something called a "restricted python" environment for Thru-The-Web stuff12:17
betabugso Py3 with Zope is probably some way off still12:18
kosheven without that there is no way it would work12:18
koshthe c extensions won't work, lots of the code is not even valid in 3.x12:18
koshpython 3.x is a huge ammount of work for any large project12:18
kosheven pure python stuff like twisted will not work with 3.x and that is going to take a while to port12:19
koshredefining all strings to unicode will also break things12:19
kosh3.x is extremely different then 2.x, it is no simple upgrade12:20
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koshPhazorx: it will be a long time before major projects work on 3.x, they made the upgrade a very hard one12:21
* kosh blames betabug12:26
betabugpour all the blame on me12:30
betabugwith my "it works, why change it" attitude I resisted all change!12:30
koshheh I agree with that12:31
kosha change in 2.14 might break some code I have but it will be a bitch to trace down12:31
koshif you do a catalog search now with no search parameters the catalog will no return no results instead of a the full result set12:31
koshso container.SomeCatalog() used to return everything now it returns nothing12:32
koshI don't get why they change how things work12:33
koshit has been that for MANY years, changing it could easily break code that is around and finding that code could seriously suck12:34
betabugkosh: hahahaha12:41
betabugin fact that was changed back and forth a couple of times12:41
betabugin some zope versions (minor ones I think) they changed it, then people protested and they changed it back12:41
betabugI think I have code in some project where I check for it and make sure I get a certain behaviour12:42
koshwhen they changed how getObject() worked to raise exceptions instead of returning None what I did was write an iterator that I stick in the root of every site and use that12:43
koshand made every catalog access go through those12:43
koshsince nothing other then a bare except accessible in normal python scripts I could find would catch it12:44
koshso if you hit an object that is security restricted you got a prompt during iteration instead of just dropping the result12:44
koshso my iterator will just drop all those items12:45
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koshI Just don't like behavior changes12:46
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heverIs any kind of pythons IF available in via tal ?17:01
mgedminif you've got python 2.5 or newer, you can do tal:content="python: X if condition else Y"17:06
mgedminif you've got 2.4, you have to do nasty nasty hacks like "python: condition and X or Y", which works only if bool(X) is True17:07
hevermgedmin, Is assignment in python: possible?17:10
mgedminto get assignment you do tal:define17:10
heverI've todo "s = s[3:] if s.startswith('xyz') else s"17:10
heverhmm. can I return values?17:11
mgedmintal:define="s_no_prefix python: s[3:] if s.startswith('xyz') else s"17:11
mgedminat this point let me ask you: why are you doing this in tal, and not in python?17:11
betabugmgedmin: took you some time :-)17:11
betabugI'd have asked much faster17:12
heverwe'll I'm in a page template on the filesystem...17:13
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betabugwhich means that page template is called from some python method17:14
betabugwhich means you should do the work in that python method17:14
heverI'm not sure about that I'm chaning the return value of res.getPhysicalPath17:15
hevermgedmin, I tried this kind of if already and I don't understand your second one...17:17
mgedminI don't know what to say17:21
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mgedminactually, I don't know what exactly you're referring to by "my second one"17:21
heveroh I'm sorry... I just meant I tried your first if-example already myself and I don't understand your second if-example.17:23
mgedminthe and/or thing?17:23
mgedminyou don't need to understand it, you need to avoid it :)17:23
hever;) I agree ;)17:24
mgedminif you're curious, see, e.g.
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hevermgedmin, ok my fault was to have a whitespace after the semikolon after the python expression ;) The first if works, too ;) Thank you17:32
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nitrogenycshave there ever been any attempts to use neo4j with zope?19:10
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CIA-78andreasjung * r119607 zopyx.smartprintng.server/ (docs/HISTORY.txt updated23:17
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koshhail insane people!23:43
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CIA-78andreasjung * r119607 zopyx.smartprintng.server/ (docs/HISTORY.txt updated23:54
CIA-78andreasjung * r119608 /zopyx.smartprintng.server/tags/1.0.0: 1.0.023:54
CIA-78tlotze * r119609 zc.recipe.cmmi/ (5 files in 2 dirs): merged patricks-buildout1.5 branch, making tests pass with both zc.buildout 1.4 and 1.5 (fixes #695732)23:54
_mup_Bug #695732: zc.recipe.cmmi tests fail under zc.buildout 1.5.x <Buildout:Fix Committed> < >23:54
CIA-78tlotze * r119610 zc.recipe.cmmi/ (src/zc/recipe/cmmi/ CHANGES.txt): updated changelog, cleaned up imports, updated copyright year23:54
CIA-78cklinger * r119611 grokcore.xmlrpc/README.txt: added readme23:54
CIA-78cklinger * r119612 changed Readme23:54
CIA-78jinty jinty-webtest * r119613 zope.testbrowser/src/zope/testbrowser/fixed-bugs.txt: Remove stray Browser import statement23:54
CIA-78cklinger * r119614 grokcore.traverser/README.txt: changed readme23:54
CIA-78jinty * r119615 /zope.testbrowser/branches/jinty-webtest2: Make a branch of my branch for refactoring te test application and reducing depenencies23:54
CIA-78jinty jinty-webtest2 * r119616 zope.testbrowser/ (3 files in 3 dirs):23:55
CIA-78Remove dependency by re-implementing the test application as a23:55
CIA-78pure WebOb based application.23:55
CIA-78Currently the application needs to do some gymnastics to be 100% compatible23:55
CIA-78with the existing tests. In a 3rd branch, I'll remove the gymnastics by23:55
CIA-78refactoring the existing tests.23:55
CIA-78janwijbrand jw-documentation-rearangement * r119617 grok/doc/ copyright and dev mode unreleased marker thingy23:55
CIA-78janwijbrand * r119618 grok/ (34 files in 2 dirs): svn merge -r 119493:119617 svn+ssh:// .23:55
CIA-78janwijbrand * r119619 groktoolkit/ (doc documentation.cfg doc/_build): svn merge -r 119494:119564 svn+ssh:// .23:55
CIA-78thefunny42 * r119620 /grokcore.view/branches/sylvain-browsertemplate-baseclass: Add a small BrowserTemplate component23:55
CIA-78thefunny42 * r119621 /grokcore.view/branches/sylvain-browsertemplate-baseclass: Forget it.23:55
CIA-78janwijbrand * r119622 groktoolkit/ (documentation.cfg grok.cfg): add cronjob part, which is not installed by default. use the buildout "install" subcommand23:55
CIA-78janwijbrand * r119623 groktoolkit/documentation.cfg: fix cp source path23:55
CIA-78yuppie * r119624 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/ (browser/content/ skins/zpt_generic/ - added missing converter for 'hourly'23:55
CIA-78yuppie * r119625 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/search/ - whitespace23:55
CIA-78yuppie * r119626 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/admin/ ( - never use i18n messages as tokens23:55

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