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planetzopebotGrok 1.3 released! (Grok News and Blog)
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CIA-78janjaapdriessen * r119808 /Sandbox/janjaapdriessen/buildbot/buildout.cfg: Add js.extjs.02:42
CIA-78janjaapdriessen * r119809 /Sandbox/janjaapdriessen/buildbot/buildout.cfg: Add jquery textchildren tests.02:42
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CIA-78icemac * r119810 z3c.authenticator/ (4 files in 2 dirs): - Fixed deprecation warnings.10:03
CIA-78icemac * r119811 z3c.authenticator/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.8.110:03
CIA-78icemac * r119812 /z3c.authenticator/tags/0.8.1: Tagging 0.8.110:03
CIA-78icemac * r119813 z3c.authenticator/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 0.8.210:03
CIA-78icemac * r119814 zamplugin.authenticator/ (4 files in 2 dirs):10:03
CIA-78- Requiring ``zam.api`` 0.7 or newer for ZTK 1.0 compatibility.10:03
CIA-78- Updated tests to run with ``z3c.form`` 2.1 or newer thus requiring at10:03
CIA-78least this version.10:03
CIA-78- Updated author email and home page address in package meta data.10:03
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CIA-78yuppie 2.2 * r119815 Products.CMFCalendar/Products/CMFCalendar/browser/event.txt: - fixed tests (backport from trunk)10:48
CIA-78yuppie 2.2 * r119816 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/ (8 files in 2 dirs): - fixed tests (backport from trunk)10:48
CIA-78yuppie 2.2 * r119817 CMF/buildout-zope213.cfg: - updated Zope version10:49
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CIA-78yuppie 2.2 * r119815 Products.CMFCalendar/Products/CMFCalendar/browser/event.txt: - fixed tests (backport from trunk)11:04
CIA-78yuppie 2.2 * r119816 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/ (8 files in 2 dirs): - fixed tests (backport from trunk)11:04
CIA-78yuppie 2.2 * r119817 CMF/buildout-zope213.cfg: - updated Zope version11:04
CIA-78yuppie * r119818 CMF/buildout-zope213.cfg: - updated Zope version11:04
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CIA-78yuppie * r119819 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/admin/ - fixed redirects (don't know why, but the syndication action is in the object category)13:01
CIA-78yuppie * r119820 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/membership/ - redirect after success13:01
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CIA-78yuppie * r119821 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/ (11 files in 6 dirs):13:29
CIA-78- normalized some i18n messages13:29
CIA-78- added XXX comments to broken syndication forms13:29
CIA-78yuppie * r119822 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/locales/cmf_default.pot: - updated .pot file13:29
koshbetabug: so have you tried my blob stuff yet?13:34
betabugsorry, no :-(13:35
betabuggot a bit of a problem at work here, that I need to fix first13:35
koshdid godzilla attack?13:41
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betabugI wish it would, that would put some of my more crappy old code out of its misery14:06
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koshit is amazing how often a godzilla attack can be seen as a good thing14:07
betabugcollateral damage is really not *that* bad14:08
betabugwhen you look at things closer, most of that stuff would have broken at some point anyway14:08
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koshbetabug: it is also fun to watch14:11
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CIA-78janjaapdriessen * r119823 megrok.strictrequire/src: Update ignores.14:14
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CIA-78janjaapdriessen * r119824 grokproject/tests_paste.txt: Revert using distribute in tests now is fixed.15:04
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CIA-78janjaapdriessen * r119825 Omelette trips up the buildbot.16:35
CIA-78janjaapdriessen * r119826 grokcore.xmlrpc/buildout.cfg: omelette trips up the buildbot16:35
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CIA-78ulif * r119827 zope.pytest/doc/development.rst: Add note about running doctests in sphinx docs.17:59
CIA-78ulif * r119828 zope.pytest/doc/index.rst: Anchor grok test docs in general overview.18:00
CIA-78ulif * r119829 zope.pytest/doc/samples.rst:18:00
CIA-78Add some samples that are testable. Browser/doctest sections still18:00
CIA-78ulif * r119830 zope.pytest/src/zope/pytest/tests/ (20 files in 8 dirs): Add sample fixtures for simple and ZCML-related usage of zope.pytest.18:00
CIA-78ulif * r119831 zope.pytest/TODO.txt: Update todo list.18:00
CIA-78ulif * r119832 zope.pytest/doc/_build: Update svn:ignore pattern for this dir.18:00
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CIA-78ulif * r119833 zope.pytest/TODO.txt: Update TODO.18:17
CIA-78ulif * r119834 zope.pytest/doc/intro.rst: Set reference target.18:17
CIA-78ulif * r119835 zope.pytest/TODO.txt: Update TODO.18:17
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CIA-78jfroche * r119836 z3c.saconfig/ (CHANGES.txt src/z3c/saconfig/ Register engine factory setup using a zcml action20:03
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planetzopebotFirst pypi release of repoze.pgtextindex for searching (Chatterbox, Reloaded)
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regulator95hi I have a question. I have been using zope for 10 years now20:38
regulator95my security team is complaining telling me they can hijack the session because _ZopeId doesn't ever change20:39
regulator95anyway around this ?20:39
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mcdoncregulator95: you might try changing the "cookielifedays" setting on the browser id manager object20:46
mcdoncor just use https everywhere20:47
regulator95mcdonc I use https20:48
mcdoncso the security team is claiming that someone will copy the cookie value from the user's browser cache20:49
regulator95system nazis say even on https if actually gets the session id it doesn't matter20:49
regulator95government bullshit20:49
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mcdoncwell tell them you quit, i think ;-)20:49
regulator95lol I feel like it20:49
regulator95its funny we have about 50 PLONE sites20:50
mcdoncto fix this you will have to change the browser id manager20:50
mcdoncto reissue a cookie every so often20:50
regulator95just now they are app scanning and saying this20:50
mcdonci used to be one of those nazis20:50
mcdonci know how it is20:50
regulator95sucks too here we have no system level access20:51
mcdoncyeah just quit20:51
regulator95and they always expect me to fix shit20:52
mcdonctwo weeks notice, effective immediately20:52
regulator95mcdonc I will when I win the lotto20:52
regulator95oh and we are using zope 2 11 with PLONE 2.5 cause they are so lazy20:54
mcdoncnote that the nazis are actually incorrect about this20:54
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mcdoncthe id represents a "browser id"20:54
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mcdoncand the browser id can represent many sessions over its lifetime20:54
mcdonca session is a namespace on the server, and it expires every so often after some period of inactivity20:55
mcdoncwhen it does, and the browser id is resent20:55
mcdonca new session is creatd20:55
mcdoncbut you'll never ever explain that to them20:55
regulator95trust me i get it20:55
mcdoncthey're running nessus or whatever20:55
mcdoncthey dont give a shit about facts ;-)20:55
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regulator95we are using IBM rational appscan20:56
regulator95sorry they I don't scan lol20:57
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regulator95its very irrational20:57
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mcdoncyou could change the browser id manager to send back a differently serialized browser id randonly20:59
mcdoncso like base64 it21:00
mcdoncand prefix it with {b64}21:00
mcdoncand undo the serialization on the other side21:00
mcdoncthe scanner will start to pass21:00
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mcdoncbut nothing will have actually changed21:00
regulator95ya I'm not screwing with the code21:00
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regulator95like I said if I write a product or change code I need to provide what I did and why21:01
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mcdoncthe wheels of government turn slowly21:05
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regulator95take it easy all21:17
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jcaustinHi all I using 2.14 and I am not sure how 'register' a new directive that I've written.  Can somebody point me to some documentation on it?21:43
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