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CIA-78davisagli * r119844 five.grok/ (docs/HISTORY.txt Prepare five.grok
CIA-78davisagli * r119845 /five.grok/tags/1.2.0: Tagged five.grok
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meltingwaxhi, i'm trying to get started with zope interfaces but I'm a little confused. Do zope interfaces throw an exception if the interface is not completely met, or is it just a mechanism to define which interfaces a class claims to meet?00:35
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mcdoncmeltingwax: the latter01:36
mcdoncalso doesn't prevent access to an instance of the object for duck typing purposes or anything01:36
mcdoncmostly a documentation thing, and an input marker for zope.component "adaptation"01:36
meltingwaxmcdonc: thanks01:37
mcdonchere is a (somewhat pessimistic) blog entry that describes what interfaces do and don't do:
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CIA-78davisagli * r119846 z3c.form/ (src/z3c/form/contentprovider.txt CHANGES.txt): restore Zope 2.10 compatibility02:30
CIA-78davisagli * r119847 z3c.form/ Prepare z3c.form
CIA-78davisagli * r119848 /z3c.form/tags/2.4.2: Tagged z3c.form
CIA-78davisagli * r119849 z3c.form/ (CHANGES.txt v.b.02:30
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CIA-78yuppie * r119850 Products.GenericSetup/Products/GenericSetup/ - header and whitespace cleanup12:57
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lsqwertyhi all im trying to test the mailhost in Zope 2.11.4 so i've added mailhost and created a dtml method to test it out but error says no mailhost define after saving the dtml method... am using gmail smtp and my gmail imap and smtp is all on ... so since its my first time using zope i better ask where i should add my dtml test send mail method13:06
lsqwertyunderneath my newly added mailhost ?13:07
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CIA-78ulif * r119851 zope.pytest/src/zope/pytest/tests/sample_fixtures/simple/mypkg/tests/ Make simple tests package a real package.13:42
CIA-78ulif * r119852 zope.pytest/src/zope/pytest/tests/sample_fixtures/simple/mypkg/ (5 files in 2 dirs): Remove unneeded ZCML stuff for simple sample and add some interface related tests.13:42
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CIA-78ulif * r119853 zope.pytest/src/zope/pytest/tests/sample_fixtures/zcml/mypkg/ (6 files in 2 dirs): Fix interface usage in ZCML sample fixture.14:20
CIA-78ulif * r119854 zope.pytest/doc/samples.rst: Update docs.14:20
CIA-78ulif * r119855 zope.pytest/src/zope/pytest/tests/sample_fixtures/ (7 files in 3 dirs): Create sample fixture for browser usage.14:20
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