IRC log of #zope for Sunday, 2011-01-30

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CIA-85jim * r119998 /Sandbox/J1m/webframe/ (webframe.js webframe.html): initial00:22
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CIA-85jinty * r119999 /zope.testbrowser/branches/jinty-webtest3:13:52
CIA-85A lot of files were moved around on trunk lately, far beyond subverions merging13:52
CIA-85capabilities. Make a new branch of trunk where I can re-apply the changes from13:52
CIA-85the webtest2 branch manually.13:52
CIA-85jinty jinty-webtest2 * r120000 zope.testbrowser/src/zope/testbrowser/ ( Attempt to avoid subversion bailing ungraciously on multiple tree conflicts when I try merge.13:52
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CIA-85jim * r120001 /Sandbox/J1m/webframe/README.txt: *** empty log message ***14:46
CIA-85jim * r120002 /Sandbox/J1m/webframe/README.txt: *** empty log message ***14:46
CIA-85jinty jinty-webtest3 * r120003 zope.testbrowser/src/zope/testbrowser/ (12 files in 3 dirs): Merge changes from the jinty-webtest2 branch: WebTest integration and test refactoring.14:46
CIA-85jinty * r120004 /
CIA-85jinty * r120005 / Branch to try move zope.testbrowser functionality here15:49
CIA-85jinty jinty-webtest3 * r120006 zope.testbrowser/ (CHANGES.txt Changes forgotten in previous commit15:49
CIA-85andreasjung * r120007 zopyx.smartprintng.server/ (4 files in 3 dirs): compatibility with Pyramid 1.0b3+15:49
CIA-85andreasjung * r120008 zopyx.smartprintng.server/README.txt: simplified installation15:49
CIA-85jinty jinty-webtest3 * r120009 zope.testbrowser/ (12 files in 4 dirs):15:50
CIA-85* Dramatically reduce testing dependencies by moving the based15:50
CIA-85Browser to Leave BBB imports in place and test them.15:50
CIA-85* Bump version to
CIA-85jinty jinty-testbrowser * r120010 (6 files in 2 dirs): Bump version to 3.9.0 and add functionality removed from zope.testbrowser. zope.testbrowser depends on this for it's BBB imports to work.15:50
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CIA-85jinty jinty-webtest3 * r120011 zope.testbrowser/src/zope/testbrowser/ (7 files in 2 dirs): Simplify test application and tests a bit. We can do this now because we don't support anymore in the tests.16:39
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CIA-85jinty * r120012 /zope.testbrowser/branches/ (jinty-webtest jinty-webtest2): retire old branches17:41
CIA-85jinty jinty-webtest3 * r120013 zope.testbrowser/CHANGES.txt: Try make changelog more explicit17:41
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fmarlhi all o/20:14
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planetzopebotNew website I made: (Reinout van Rees' weblog)
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