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CIA-85janwijbrand * r120186 zope.pluggableauth/ (src/zope/pluggableauth/plugins/ CHANGES.txt): svn merge -r 120173:120176 svn+ssh:// .10:54
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120187 zope.pluggableauth/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 1.310:54
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120188 /zope.pluggableauth/tags/1.3: Tagging 1.310:54
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CIA-85janwijbrand * r120189 zope.pluggableauth/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 1.412:44
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120190 /zope.pluggableauth/branches/ (janjaapdriessen-camefrom-fix jw-authenticator-plugins): remove obsolete branches12:44
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120191 groktoolkit/grok.cfg: update ztk reference in the trunk and update versions12:44
CIA-85janwijbrand 1.3 * r120192 groktoolkit/grok.cfg: show that zope.errorview and zope.fanstatic are indeed part of the groktoolkit12:44
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120193 groktoolkit/grok.cfg: use the newer zope.pluggableauth that uses an absolute URL for the camefrom information12:44
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120194 zope.errorview/ (5 files in 3 dirs): no longer by default provide ISystemErrorView in exception views. It would result in duplicate log output.12:44
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120195 zope.errorview/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.1012:44
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120196 /zope.errorview/tags/0.10: Tagging 0.1012:44
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CIA-85janwijbrand * r120197 zope.errorview/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 0.1113:51
CIA-85yuppie * r120198 Products.CMFCore/Products/CMFCore/ (CHANGES.txt tests/ - changed debug mode behavior (
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120199 grok/ (CHANGES.txt src/grok/ftests/errorviews/ fix tests now that error views no longer by default provide ISystemErrorView13:51
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120200 grok/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 1.4.313:51
_mup_Bug #271027: DevelopmentMode shouldn't influence discovery of subfolders in skins <bug> <cmfcore> <Zope CMF:Fix Released by yuppie3> < >13:51
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120201 /grok/tags/1.4.3: Tagging 1.4.313:51
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120202 grok/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 1.513:51
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120203 groktoolkit/ (buildout.cfg grok.cfg): update zope.errorview and grok. use the trunk for grokcore.component.13:51
CIA-85janwijbrand 1.3 * r120204 groktoolkit/grok.cfg: update zope.errorview and zope.pluggableauth13:51
CIA-85janwijbrand 1.3 * r120205 groktoolkit/ Preparing release 1.3.213:51
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120206 /groktoolkit/tags/1.3.2: Tagging 1.3.213:51
CIA-85janwijbrand 1.3 * r120207 groktoolkit/ Back to development: 1.3.313:51
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planetzopebotQuickly change nginx configs (Weblog)
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CIA-85janwijbrand * r120208 groktoolkit/doc/releases.rst: add info about 1.3.2 release16:37
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120209 grokcore.view/ (8 files in 4 dirs): svn merge -r 119971:120020 svn+ssh:// .16:37
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120210 /grokcore.view/branches/jw-fix-subdirectory-resourcefactory: Remove obsolete branch.16:37
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120211 /grokcore.view/branches/jw-template-fix: Remove obsolete branch.16:37
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120212 /grokcore.view/branches/janjaapdriessen-zope.fanstatic: Remove obsolete branch.16:38
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120213 /grokcore.view/branches/sylvain-template-inheritance-fix: Remove obsolete branch.16:38
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120214 grokcore.component/CHANGES.txt: update changelog16:38
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120215 /grokcore.component/branches/sylvain-subscribers: Remove now obsolete branch.16:38
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brguedeshi everybody18:03
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brguedessomeone can tell me how can I get the container from outside18:03
brguedese.g.: from a cron job18:03
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brguedesI'm talking about Zope 2.1118:10
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madmax-you can run scripts via an instance, a la: ./bin/instance run foo.py18:13
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brguedesmadmax-: the point is to get the container object18:14
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brguedesI'd like to import a container to my python script and use catalog inside zope18:15
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brguedesnobody can help me?18:31
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mgedminbrguedes, I didn't understand the question18:33
mgedmin"the container" is meaningless, since every zope folder is a container18:33
mgedminwhich one do you want?18:33
mgedminthe traditional use of cron with zope is to add a Python Script in the ZMI, and then have cron access that script over HTTP18:34
mgedminwith curl or wget18:34
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brguedesmgedmin: I already thought that, but in my case is too heavy, I just want to access to zope catalog from cron job18:37
brguedesis it possible to get the container object?18:37
mgedminand I just want a million dollars18:37
mgedminfrom outside Zope?  possible yes, easy -- no way18:37
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mgedminalso, is Zope running in the meanwile?  Then Data.fs is locked and you can't access it18:38
mgedminunless you use ZEO18:38
brguedesI use it18:38
mgedminand then you can probably get by with that bin/instance run trick18:38
brguedesmgedmin: ahh ok18:38
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brguedesthanks anyway18:38
mgedminonly I don't remember what API that gives you ... a variable with the application object or something, probably18:38
brguedesmgedmin: yah it is exactly the API that I need18:40
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CIA-85janwijbrand * r120216 groktoolkit/buildout.cfg: we can auto-checkout the trunk of grokcore.view again19:46
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120217 groktoolkit/doc/tutorial.rst: move ZPT sidebar lower down in the tutorial19:46
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120218 groktoolkit/doc/ (developing_grok.rst release.rst docindex.template): update release procedure19:46
CIA-85yuppie * r120219 Products.CMFCore/Products/CMFCore/ (CHANGES.txt tests/ - added 'bobobase_modification_time' method to FSObject19:46
CIA-85yuppie * r120220 Products.CMFCore/Products/CMFCore/tests/ (base/ - fixed test19:46
CIA-85yuppie * r120221 Products.CMFCore/Products/CMFCore/tests/ - more test fixes19:46
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