IRC log of #zope for Saturday, 2011-03-05

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CIA-72janjaapdriessen * r120749 grok/src/grok/ftests/security/ Requests should not start with whitespace.01:32
CIA-72janjaapdriessen * r120750 Request should not start with whitespace.01:32
CIA-72janjaapdriessen * r120751 Set the content-length of the request.01:32
CIA-72janjaapdriessen * r120752 / Create branch for zope.testbrowser with webtest.01:32
CIA-72janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-webtest * r120753 Updated
CIA-72janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-webtest * r120754 Depend on the webtest branch of zope.testbrowser. Use ZTK 1.101:32
CIA-72janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-webtest * r120755 Exchange wsgi_intercept for webtest.01:32
CIA-72janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-webtest * r120756
CIA-72Reinstate the AuthorizationMiddleware. Not sure whether this belongs in01:32
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CIA-72fretin * r120757 five.grok/ (docs/HISTORY.txt Added entry to the changelog12:23
CIA-72fretin sylvain-zope213 * r120758 five.grok/ (docs/HISTORY.txt Added entry to the changelog12:23
CIA-72fretin sylvain-zope213 * r120759 five.grok/buildout.cfg: Update to latest Zope 2.1312:23
CIA-72fretin sylvain-zope213 * r120760 five.grok/README.txt: updated the README as well12:23
CIA-72fretin sylvain-zope213 * r120761 five.grok/src/five/grok/ (ftests/view/ tests/ tests/ Removed resources tests12:23
CIA-72fretin sylvain-zope213 * r120762 five.grok/src/five/grok/ ( Removed unused imports12:23
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CIA-72fretin * r120763 Products.GenericSetup/ (Products/GenericSetup/ docs/CHANGES.rst):13:23
CIA-72Fixed the profile_id UnboundLocalError in the upgradeDepends directive when13:23
CIA-72import_profile is not None13:23
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CIA-72ulif * r120764 zope.pytest/doc/samples.rst: Tell about (not-existing) doctest support.17:27
CIA-72ulif * r120765 zope.pytest/doc/samples.rst: Some minor markup fixes.17:27
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CIA-72ulif * r120766 zope.pytest/README.txt: Markup fixes, minor corrections.18:21
CIA-72ulif * r120767 zope.pytest/CHANGES.txt: Prepare release.18:21
CIA-72ulif * r120768 /zope.pytest/tags: Add tags dir.18:21
CIA-72ulif * r120769 /zope.pytest/tags/0.1: Tag 0.1 release.18:21
CIA-72ulif 0.1 * r120770 zope.pytest/ Remove dev marker.18:21
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