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CIA-82regebro * r120955 zope.testrunner/src/zope/testrunner/ Added support for the new __pycache__ directories in Python 3.2.00:36
CIA-82janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-webtest * r120956 Require zope.testbrowser 4.0.000:36
CIA-82janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-webtest * r120957 Remove the error handling middleware as this already occurs in zope.testbrowser. Fix the http caller to use WebTest in zope.testbrowser.00:36
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CIA-82janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-webtest * r120958 Use the released zope.testbrowser.01:34
CIA-82janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-webtest * r120959 ( testlayer.txt): Tests for handle_errors for Browser and http caller.01:34
CIA-82janjaapdriessen * r120960 (6 files in 2 dirs): Merge branch janjaapdriessen-webtest.01:34
CIA-82janjaapdriessen * r120961 / Remove obsolete branch.01:34
CIA-82janjaapdriessen * r120962 (CHANGES.txt Next release will be 3.13 - update CHANGES.01:34
CIA-82janjaapdriessen * r120963 (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.13.001:34
CIA-82janjaapdriessen * r120964 / Tagging 3.13.001:34
CIA-82janjaapdriessen * r120965 (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.13.101:34
CIA-82janjaapdriessen * r120966 zopetoolkit/zopeapp-versions.cfg: Update, zope.testbrowser,
CIA-82janjaapdriessen * r120967 grokcore.view/src/grokcore/view/ftests/url/ Fix test with newer zope.testbrowser, that does not do non-localhost.01:34
CIA-82janjaapdriessen * r120968 groktoolkit/buildout.cfg: Fixed tests in grok,, grokcore.view in order to work with newer zope.testbrowser.01:34
CIA-82janjaapdriessen * r120969 zopetoolkit/zopeapp-versions.cfg: Pick up newer
CIA-82patricks patricks-fix * r120970 zope.locking/ (10 files in 2 dirs): add tests for generations module, clean up other tests01:34
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_mup_Bug #98482 was filed: can't use testbrowser to test redirects to remote sites <bug> <core> <zope.testbrowser:Fix Released> <Zope 3:Won't Fix> < >10:21
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CIA-82jinty * r120971 zope.testbrowser/src/zope/testbrowser/ (ftests/ tests/ Attempt but fail to write a test for LP #64687210:37
_mup_Bug #646872: HTTP 301 redirects aren't followed <zope.testbrowser:New> < >10:37
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smmorning all16:21
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CIA-82trollfot zca-only * r120972 grokcore.view/ (17 files in 5 dirs): Remove components that no longer make sense and cleaned the tests accordingly16:32
CIA-82jim * r120973 /zc.buildout/branches/py3k: retire16:32
CIA-82jim * r120974 /zc.buildout/branches/python-3:16:32
CIA-82jim python-3 * r120975 zc.buildout/ (31 files in 5 dirs): checkpoint16:32
betabughey sm16:33
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d2mhm betabug, sm17:19
d2mhi even17:19
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smhey hey17:20
d2mwe are in preparation of a new as you already know17:20
d2mthere is a working instance at -- we'd like to develop the existing texts with you people17:21
d2many thoughts on first impression? the texts are going to be styled a bit more17:22
d2mthe websites purpose is to function as a hub to the existing products/tools/documentation sites that are already existing17:23
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chriswd2m: looks great :-)17:23
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chriswgiven how massively better than the current site it is, I'd love to see it live asap :-)17:24
smd2m: I didn't know.. looks good17:24
betabugfirst look at the design: looks great17:24
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d2mi think we could switch in march, as i said, contentx could get a bit of a massage17:25
smCommunity and Resources seem similar17:25
chriswcontent can be massaged after go-live, do not delay ;-)17:25
betabugd2m: what are you interested in now? design stuff or content stuff?17:25
d2mgood point, we could collaps that into one page17:25
d2mjust content atm17:25
betabugah, ok17:26
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chriswd2m: what's physically stopping that new site going live?17:26
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d2mi'll attach a bit if jQuery magic, like toggle open/close of the distinct parts17:26
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d2mchrisw: just waiting for andreas to return from holidays17:27
betabughey, it took years, a few days more isn't that bad :-)17:27
chriswcool :-)17:27
chriswthe problem is, it was always "a few more days"17:27
chriswthen suddenly a decade had parsed...17:27
jeffrushI'm sprinting on content for the new website at PyCon this week.17:28
betabugbut let's talk about that in 202017:28
smyay jeffrush17:28
d2mjeffrush: hi, we had an email conversation - yes17:28
chriswwell, the "new website" has been in development since 2001 ;-)17:28
d2mthats correct ;)17:28
betabugdunno, I like the separation of Community + Resources17:29
betabugit give a human touch :-)17:29
smhow is it useful ?17:29
d2mthis one isn't really new or exciting, its just a list of links to help people find the real content17:29
smhow do you know what goes in each ?17:29
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betabugsm: if it's people answering or haning around in a group, then it's "community"17:29
smthis is not obvious17:30
betabugyeah :-)17:30
d2mresources is about getting things out17:30
smthere should be nothing non-obvious or requiring thought on this site17:30
smalso should there be updating twitter & event lists & feed links on the front page ?17:30
d2mcommunity is about adding things in17:30
betabugcommunity is about "where do I find people"17:30
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betabugbut I'm ok with it either way, this is no show-stopper for me17:30
d2msm, there is no such twitter etc. thing around zope right now17:31
smalso, the "Zope is a free..." text has no bottom padding here (chrome 11 on mac)17:32
betabugd2m: the only thing I don't like from design is the full-flush (Blocksatz) text in "A bit of history"17:32
d2mafter all the years, i'm not sure if is still a good idea17:32
betabugas for content, I'm very happy with it17:32
betabugd2m: what's wrong with it?17:32
d2msm, we need to adjust for mac17:32
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d2mbetabug: thats to be changed17:33
d2mbetabug: re planetzope - content is going low17:33
betabugbut it's just mirroring what's happening out there17:33
betabugzope mailing list is low volume right now too17:34
smthe standard plone links at top right are a little corporate and dull17:34
d2msm, noted17:34
smI think the bottom footer might be more standard17:35
betabughmm, speaking of which, the copyright on each site says it's "copyright Plone Foundation & friends"17:35
d2mthere should be something better, given that this is no community site at all17:35
d2mbetabug: ok17:36
betabugsame goes for "Plone and the Plone Logo are registered..." :-)17:36
betabugcopied over?17:36
d2mlikely ;)17:36
d2mso, you are ok with the shortness of the content - fine with me17:37
betabugyeah, I think if there is a need for more in the future it would show17:37
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betabugbut it's got the important stuff right now17:37
smd2m: I don't know what's best for planet zope, the separate calendar site, wikis etc, but just to have a clearer more current front site linking them all would be a good improvement17:40
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d2msm, thats the idea17:41
CIA-82gary * r120976 /zc.buildout/branches/ (24 files): remove old branches17:41
CIA-82jim python-3 * r120977 zc.buildout/src/zc/buildout/ slight refactoring to make emacs happier. :)17:41
CIA-82jim python-3 * r120978 zc.buildout/src/zc/buildout/ The traceback module now shows error module names in tracebacks.17:41
CIA-82jim python-3 * r120979 zc.buildout/src/zc/buildout/ 2&317:41
CIA-82jim python-3 * r120980 zc.buildout/src/zc/buildout/ 2&3 and fix my stupidity17:41
smpersonally I would love to get a better feel for the size and activity of the zope community(ies), so any stats like that would be useful17:41
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CIA-82regebro * r120981 zope.testrunner/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 4.0.217:41
CIA-82regebro * r120982 /zope.testrunner/tags/4.0.2: Tagging 4.0.217:41
CIA-82regebro * r120983 zope.testrunner/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 4.0.317:41
smI have not much idea what it is now17:41
d2msm, i have to say, that i have no idea about the zope community right now - did you spot it somewhere recently?17:42
smsame. I have no clue, for all I know it's dead aside from legacy maintenance and plone rolling along17:42
d2mare you having meetings in LA ?17:42
smno, not for some years17:43
betabugwell, there are weekly dev meetings in here17:43
d2min your office ;)17:43
betabugno, here in #zope17:43
d2mah ok17:43
d2mi remember17:44
* sm didn't know that17:44
betabugas for the planet, zope posts on my blog get ~ 80 hits from the planet in the first day or so17:44
jeffrushare the weekly dev mtgs well attended?  or lagging?17:45
betabugI'm kind of tuning out when they're talking17:46
Theuni21they've been disbanded17:46
betabugI think they slowed down a little lately17:46
d2mhi Theuni2117:46
betabugbut I still see them17:46
Theuni21at least i officially stopped organizing the weekly dev meetings in january17:46
Theuni21the ztk team might still meet17:46
betabugwhy's that?17:46
Theuni21which was at a similar time17:46
Theuni21betabug: not a good use of my time :)17:46
smI think to an outsider it would make most sense if this new, aka "world of zope", was also the zope foundation site.. any chance of that ?17:47
Theuni21i wrote the reasoning in a mail back then17:47
smeg merge's content and get that one shut down17:47
d2msm, i'll propose that, lets see17:47
* sm remembers the dev meetings now17:48
smgood job Theuni21, while they lasted17:48
Theuni21sm: thanks!17:48
betabugwhatever we do or say, let's not let that stop the new zope.org17:48
TresEquisI agree17:48
TresEquiswith both sm and betabug ;)17:48
d2mhi TresEquis, thanks17:49
TresEquisd2m, thanks for your work on it17:51
betabugyes, thanks d2m!17:51
TresEquisbtw, are you not a Zope Foundation member?17:51
d2mno, i am not17:51
TresEquisWe should fix that ;)17:51
TresEquisnor is Paul Everitt ??17:51
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smwell on with the day..18:02
* sm will watch channel and lists 18:03 needs.. something.. but later18:03
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CIA-82jim python-3 * r120984 zc.buildout/src/zc/buildout/ 2&3 and fix my stupidity18:37
CIA-82menesis * r120985 zopetoolkit/ (ztk-versions.cfg zopeapp-versions.cfg): Update to latest versions18:37
CIA-82icemac * r120986 gocept.selenium/src/gocept/selenium/README.txt: there is no `wsgi` extra, usage without any extra is enough18:37
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CIA-82regebro * r120987 zope.interface/ (CHANGES.txt Require Distribute on Python 3.19:28
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jgartmanI'm using Zope 2.12.1 and trying to figure out if I'm going down the wrong path regarding a permission issue. Zope2 book tells me that permissions define actions and are associated with roles. I'm trying to associate specific permissions with regard to a specific object instance and a user. For example a user can update some objects at a certain context, but not all. Their role will need the write permission, but how to I associate taht permission to tho23:20
jgartmanse specific objects? What should I be googling to read more about how this is done - or is there something like this I can use and I'm doing it completely wrong already?23:20
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TresEquisjgartman, you are reading this doc?
jgartmanTresEquis: Hmm, nope, I was reading here:
TresEquisthat part doesn't tell you how to set up permissions protecting methods23:26
CIA-82jim python-3 * r120988 zc.buildout/ (10 files in 2 dirs): checkpoint23:26
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TresEquisThis link tells how to use the ZMI to grant permissions to users:
TresEquisbut whether those grants mean anything depends on what methods are protected by the permissions23:27
TresEquiswhich is what my link showed how to do23:27
jgartmanI don't *think* I am having trouble protecting methods - as I understand that stuff I just register methods as protected and associated a required permission. A user can execute those methods if their roles allow that permission.23:27
jgartmanI don't think I'm trying to manage permissions on methods, I think I am doing that right. I'm trying to associate a particular permission with a specific instance of an object to a user. I am wondering if I have to manage this myself or if there's something in zope that facilitates this sort of thing already.23:31
TresEquisUsually the "grants" are part of the configuration of the app / site, which is why they are stored in the ZODB23:33
TresEquisFWIW, role-permission mappings are sometimes automated with something like CMF's workflow tool23:34
TresEquisthe user-role grants (or group-role) are often done as "local roles" (within the app) or in the user folder23:35
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