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mindspanHi folks -- I've been pulling out my hair all day trying to get the MySQLdb adaptor working... I finally gave up with the python build as it gave me "my_config_x86_64.h: No such file or directory" and did a yum install MySQL-python but it installed it in my python 2.4 instead of 2.703:13
mindspanany way to direct yum to install it in 2.7?03:13
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mindspanwhen I run zope in fg I get ImportError: No module named _mysql03:15
mindspanhrm -- think I solved my own problem. Needed to have mysql-devel installed03:24
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mindspangreat so I get one thing sorted out and now it says it can't find ZRDB.TM03:44
mindspanDoes anyone have the MySQLdb working with Zope versions 2.12+?03:53
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mindspanI am able to import MySQLdb from the python command line... so that appears to be sorted out, but now when I run Zope in fg, I get: ImportError: No module named ZRDB.TM03:54
mindspanI am running zope 2.13.1 on python 2.7.103:56
mindspanI have several sites that are down now as a result of this...03:59
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mindspanSo does nobody know why the ZRDB.TM module isn't being found int 2.13.1 and how I might get this working?04:23
mindspanok well I guess no help here... perhaps I'll ask tomorrow.05:14
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mindspanTrying out this irc client for iPad... Anyone see this?05:28
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CIA-83ulif * r121363 /megrok.chameleon/branches/ulif-chameleon_2-support: Create branch for Chameleon 2.x compatible version.13:41
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CIA-83hannosch * r121364 Products.ZCatalog/ ( CHANGES.txt): Prepare Products.ZCatalog
CIA-83hannosch * r121365 /Products.ZCatalog/tags/2.13.9: Tagged Products.ZCatalog
CIA-83hannosch * r121366 Products.ZCatalog/ ( CHANGES.txt): vb15:40
CIA-83hannosch 2.13 * r121367 Zope/ (doc/CHANGES.rst versions.cfg): New ZCatalog release15:40
CIA-83hannosch * r121368 Zope/ (doc/CHANGES.rst versions.cfg): New ZCatalog release15:40
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CIA-83hannosch * r121369 Products.ZCatalog/ (4 files in 4 dirs): Removed tracking of result length from the query plan. The calculation of the length of an intermediate index result can itself be expensive.19:25
CIA-83hannosch * r121370 Products.ZCatalog/ (4 files in 3 dirs): Added reporting of the intersection time of each index' result with the result set of the other indexes and consider this time to be part of each index time for prioritizing the index.19:25
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planetzopebotPlone 4.1 - Is it any faster? (..: hannosch :..)
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