IRC log of #zope for Thursday, 2011-04-28

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Wuhi there, anybody using exUserFolder?01:23
Wu <- I've found exactly that same problem01:24
Wu(probably old one, well-known and everything)01:24
Wuif I give a valid username with a wrong password, the login form is reloaded, authFailedCode is 'login_failed'01:24
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Wuwhen I give a bad username, it searchs on acl_users folders up to the root of the zope server01:25
Wuasking me for user/password through a basic-http-auth box01:25
koshyeah it is designed to do that01:57
koshI have considered changing that behavior on my boxes, probably add an option to do it later01:57
koshI do use exUserFolder01:57
WuI've found where to change the behaviour, in the code02:03
Wubut now I realize why that code is there02:04
Wuchanging it will lock out zope managers that are not added to the local acl_users exUserFolder02:04
koshyeah that I know, I just may change it anyways in a specific way02:05
WuI thought about adding some more code that checks if the current user does exist in higher acl_users folders02:05
Wuforget about this last sentence02:05
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Wustupid affirmation, due to /me being tired02:06
Wu(01:06 here)02:06
Wubtw, for this exact project, hacking that code a little bit is just enough02:06
Wuand I don't think maintaining compatibility with future exuserfolder releases will be a problem02:07
Wukosh: btw, do you use exuserfolder with recent versions of zope?02:07
WuI've tried myself, but didn't have too much luck with it02:07
Wu(and this project is then stuck in 2.10.x, and python2.4 :( )02:07
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koshI am using it with 2.1302:08
koshbut I have also modified it so I dont' know if it works that way out of the box02:10
Wuit doesn't02:11
Wuat least the last 0.50.x version02:12
Wu(IIRC, it is the version I'm using here, with postgresql sources)02:12
Wukosh: and do you think it would be posible for you to share src/patches of your exuserfolder version?02:12
WuThat would save me a lot of time and trouble when I finally have to move onto 2.1302:13
koshmine is heavily modified and I don't think it woudl work for you02:13
koshI made mine so that cookie and advanced cookier are removed and instead it uses the built in zope session stuff and shares the information over zeo and I use the btree backend not any relational database02:14
koshI suspect that with the changes I made I probably made is to the relational backends no longer work02:14
WuI see02:15
Wuwell, thnx anyway02:15
koshI modified it so that I could run a cluster of zope instances and have it so that all servers where synced so that any request coudl go to any server without problems02:16
koshnice load balancing that way02:16
koshand I only use the zodb btree backend02:16
Wusounds nice02:16
Wuwell, time to go to bed here02:17
Wuonly 6 hours left for sleeping today02:17
Wunice to chat with you kosh02:18
Wusee ya!02:18
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agroszerhorsey, did you solve that issue with win64?09:46
horseyagroszer: No, I could not get zope.interface to build with 64 bit Python. However, I could proceed by installing a 32 bit Python.09:51
agroszeryou still want to try 64bit?09:51
horseyagroszer: Sure. I have a 64 bit Windows installed.09:52
agroszerget distribute09:52
agroszerextract, do python install09:52
agroszerthat will give you easy_install09:52
agroszermake sure you use python from the 64bit installation09:53
horseyAh, cool.09:53
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agroszerwhich python version do you use?09:53
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horseyagroszer: You want me to try it now?  I have everything setup. I could, however, try it today evening.09:54
horseyagroszer: I am using v2.7.109:54
agroszerthat's fine09:54
agroszeryou can try anytime you want09:54
agroszerI'm usually around 9-16hCET09:54
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horseyOkay, noted. I'll download 64 bit Python, get distribute, install zope.interface using the easy_install I get from distribute. Right?09:55
agroszeryup, that should work09:55
horseyThanks agroszer.09:55
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stoffusI am _really_ confused here, I need to migrate a python web app deployed through zope 2.7 to a new server running zope 2.10. I have never ever worked with zope before, so I don't understand the whole concept. how do I simply deploy a new web app in zope? It should be run on a specific port and be pointed to a specific directory. all guidance is greatly appreciated!10:14
stoffuswhen looking through the processes on the old server, all that is zope related is this line: /usr/bin/python2.2 /usr/lib/zope/ --icp 9676 -m 9675 -W 9674 -l /var/log/zope/default/Z2.log --pid /var/run/zope/default/ -f 8021 -z /usr/lib/zope -u sek -w 2345610:16
betabugstoffus: uff, you're in for a treat10:16
stoffusbetabug: :|10:17
betabugyou've got to move from a very old version to an old version10:17
betabugyou might encounter incompatibilities10:17
stoffushah, oh god10:17
betabugwell, first thing you have to find out what you have10:18
betabugthere should be a folder with what we call an "instance" of Zope10:18
betabugif you can log into the zope admin interface, it will tell you where that is on the server10:19
stoffusindeed, in /var/lib/zope/instance/default10:19
betabugthen you have to find out what kind of an app is running there10:19
betabugin the instance is a folder called "Products", some stuff might be in there10:19
betabugother stuff might be "inside" the zope db (ZODB, probably a file var/Data.fs inside the instance)10:20
stoffusls: Extensions  access  import  var10:20
stoffusthe Data.fs is in the var dir yes10:21
betabugno "Products" folder?10:21
stoffushmm, nope10:21
betabughmm, so either it's a very old style application there or they found a way to put the stuff somewhere else10:21
stoffusIt could very well be an old style app10:22
betabugcan you log into the admin interface?10:22
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stoffusthrough /manage?10:22
stoffusnope, since the web app expects this to be a python module10:23
betabugyou can't log in?10:23
betabugon the old server?10:23
stoffuswhen accessing I get an "Sorry, the requested resource does not exist." error10:24
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stoffussorry, my bad10:24
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stoffusit's on port 967410:25
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betabugah :-)10:25
stoffus*password* hmm10:25
betabugyeah, it obviously wants one10:25
stoffusis is possible to reset this? or find out?10:26
betabugit's possible to add a new admin user10:26
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betabugyou have to find the zopectl command (on the file system, probably in the instance/bin dir)10:26
betabug1.) run zopectl 2.) `stop` 3.) `adduser newuserid newpasswd` 4.) `start` the instance again10:27
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stoffushmm, I have no bin dir in the instance dir, but there is a /usr/sbin/zopectl that seems to handle all instances?10:29
stoffusoh so zope reads from the regular users?10:30
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stoffusI can see in the instance/access file that "admin" is in there10:31
woscstoffus: no, it has it's own usere database10:31
woscstoffus: the "access" file defines an "emergency user"10:31
woscthere should be a password in it ;)10:31
stoffusbut since I have no instance-specific zopectl I don't know how to create a new user10:32
betabughmm, if there is an access file, yes10:32
stoffuswosc: yes, but it's encrypted (SHA)10:32
betabugit's probably an install through the system's package system10:32
betabugyou have to check the system startup scripts, how it starts the instance10:32
betabugthat will give you a clue which zopectl it uses10:32
betabugis there only 1 zope instance?10:33
betabugwell, try that zopectl then10:33
betabugjust keep in mind that you will stop the zope service at least for a while that way10:34
stoffushow to add a new user? /usr/sbin/zopectl adduser name pass?10:34
stoffusyes, I noticed that :) hehe10:34
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stoffussome other users might have noticed it aswell -_-10:35
betabugyes, I wrote before how to add a user10:35
stoffuswell, `/usr/sbin/zopectl adduser user pass` isn't adding any user10:36
betabugscroll back and read what I wrote10:37
stoffusyou're telling me to run /usr/sbin/zopectl and then it should wait for my input...?10:38
woscstoffus: it should give you a prompt10:38
bigkevmcdProbably better migrating it to something actually still supported...rather than 2.910:38
betabugand then try entering `help` to see10:38
betabugbigkevmcd: he wants to go to 2.1010:39
bigkevmcdbetabug: is that even still supported?10:39
betabugprobably they use some stuff that won't be in 2.11 any more10:39
betabugdunno about ZClasses for example10:39
stoffuswosc: it doesn't :/10:39
betabugthat's why I say, first thing is to find out what's in there10:39
stoffuswell, I'll try with then10:40
betabugstoffus: no prompt?10:40
betabugmaybe that zopectl is just masquerading for the real zopectl10:40
betabugbigkevmcd: well, "supported"... *nothing* is supported in zope land in a way10:40
bigkevmcdbetabug: by "supported" I mean, "still actively getting fixes applied"10:41
betabugthere sure aren't any problems running 2.10 or even 2.9 right now10:41
betabugnothing is10:41
betabug"still actively having features removed" is the current state of affairs ;-)10:41
stoffuswell, I get no prompt :/ and I can't find any other zopectl10:44
betabugdoes it point to some other script? can you cat it and see what it does?10:45
stoffusoh okay, maybe /etc/zopectl/zopectlrc then10:45
stoffusoh, and in /etc/zopectl is a default.conf that specifies the web app port and such10:46
stoffusfor the instance "default" that is10:46
betabugwell, somewhere in there should be a script10:47
betabugyou want that10:47
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stoffusthe /usr/sbin/zopectl is a python script that looks like this:
stoffusmy god this seems like a mess comparing to zope 2.1010:50
betabughmm, never seen this thing, but I've never used "packaged" zopes10:50
betabugwhat platform is that?10:51
stoffus3.1 -_-10:55
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betabugstoffus: can you run locate or find to see if you have "" somewhere?11:03
betabugotherwise the debian zope package maybe has some docs on how things are done?11:03
betabugit would be somewhere where the zope source is located11:04
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betabugand you've already found the zope.conf file for the instance11:06
betabugso you basically want to run $PYTHON -C zope.conf11:06
betabugwhere $PYTHON is the python version used to usually run that instance python2.2 IIRC11:07
betabug(from what you gave before)11:07
betabugand the others are full paths11:07
planetzopebot13% of Plone sites running without security hotfix for CVE-2011-0720 (Site - Blog of Andreas Jung)
stoffuswill this break the current instance?11:09
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betabugstoffus: I don't think so11:19
betabugjust running zopectl doesn't do anything11:19
betabugbut once you type "stop", of course it will, you know... stop11:20
betabugand "start" will start it again11:20
stoffusstill no prompt; ImportError: No module named zdaemon11:22
betabugcheck the debian package docs then, no idea how their stuff works, sorry11:24
betabugif kosh was here, he could tell you right away I guess11:24
betabugbut he's probably with godzilla, roasting someone on a fire and grilling marshmallows11:25
stoffushehe, sounds a lot better than helping some zope newbie going from "very old" to "old"11:27
betabugit's probably how he'd handle the first step of helping that newbie :-)11:27
stoffusyou're right :) we're trying to install debian 3.1 on a server with 2011 hardware, if that goes well I'll stick with the 2.7 version of zope and just move the conf files11:29
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stoffusotherwise I might aswell roast myself11:29
stoffusisn't it a bit overkill to use a zope server for just one web app?11:30
betabugwell, even then you'd have to move more than just the conf files11:30
betabugdunno, my apps are a bit more complicated11:30
stoffuswell it's a billing system, so it is fairly complex, but in the end it's just python files that are being served11:31
stoffus(from what I can see)11:31
betabughaha, you can simplify everything in a statement like that11:31
betabug"in the end it's just ones and zeroes" :-)11:31
betabugat one point application servers like Zope were the h0t stuff11:32
betabugnow people tend to use "leaner" frameworks11:32
betabugright now most zope people only care about keeping their old apps running... some don't even care about that it seems11:32
betabugit's a pitty I think, because I think the concept of a broad appliction server is still valid11:33
bigkevmcdbetabug: we're still heavily developing a Zope app...11:33
betabugbigkevmcd: Zope 3?11:33
bigkevmcdbetabug: yip11:33
betabugwell, it's not that far from the "modern", "lean framework" stuff11:34
bigkevmcdbetabug: well...11:34
betabugunlike the old "Zope 2"11:34
stoffusI'd rather just use apache for this web app, but since there are some zope dependencies like REQUEST and RESPONSE through the whole app it's a massive job migrating11:34
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bigkevmcdbetabug: am not sure I'd use the word "lean" about Zope :-)11:35
betabugbigkevmcd: hahaha11:35
betabugwell, with zope 3 you can use only what you need I guess11:35
betabugstoffus: depending on how the app is done, there will be a lot more to migrate11:35
bigkevmcdit's still not terribly lean ;-)11:36
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stoffusbetabug: you're right, if you mean "Products" and such things11:36
betabugstoffus: if there is any DTML or ZClasses inside... you'd be in for a fun ride11:36
stoffusI've seen DTML somewhere, yes.......11:37
stoffusbut as I can't access the interface I don't know it it's being used11:37
stoffuscan I manually modify the access file?11:38
stoffuscreate a new row with a username and a SHA hash?11:38
betabugnever using that myself11:38
bigkevmcdit's just a text file11:40
bigkevmcdand, you don't even need to SHA the password, if you put it in plaintext, it will work11:40
stoffusoh, nice11:40
stoffusI'll give it a go11:40
betabugand then he'd just stop/start zope?11:40
bigkevmcdbetabug: yeah11:41
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stoffuswell, at least I got authed, but the whole ZMI is borked11:42
stoffuswith site errors11:42
betabughmmm, interesting11:42
bigkevmcdbetabug: that's why you don't let just anybody write to your Zope directory ;-)11:43
betabugof course11:43
betabugI was thinking that maybe I should stop sharing the same directory for my zope instance and my public, open ftp server11:44
betabugbut I can't make up my mind yet11:44
stoffusbetabug: if we're talking about hiring some zope expert for migrating from zope 2.7 to 2.10 (or even 3.X) - I'm guessing this is a huge project for that person aswell?11:47
stoffusgood timing!11:47
betabugwell, "huge" depends a bit on a survey of what's really to do11:48
betabugcould be easy really, but I could only tell after having a look11:48
stoffusto explain it further, this is just a temporary solution before our newly developed billing system is up and running11:48
betabugI guessed so :-)11:48
stoffuszope zope and away!11:49
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koshhail freaks!12:28
betabughey kosh12:30
koshif you want to migration a zope 2.x app migration it to 2.1312:30
kosh3.x is dead ad NOT an upgrade for 2.x12:30
betabugkosh: the question is how to run zopectl on 2.7 on debian :-)12:30
koshinteresting well on ubuntu I modified zopectl to work with newer version of zope12:31
koshwas fairly easy since all the code stll worked, just had to tell it where the newer versions of zope are12:31
betabugnot for newer versions12:31
betabugthe original zope 2.7 packaged install12:31
koshthat should just still work12:32
betabugwell, anyway there were further problems once the ZMI came up12:32
koshhmm to move from zope 2.7 to a modern version you have to do at least one intermediate jump to upgrade the catalog indexes I think12:33
betabugthey want to go to 2.10, till the replacement app is ready12:33
koshwell if I where doing it I would probably jump to 2.10 and fix the catalog stuff with a simple little migration script I use and then just to 2.13 on python 2.712:34
kosheasier to run that way, you get a LOT of performance benefits from that, you will be running the latest version then12:34
koshand depending on if staying on zope 2.13 is okay everything that you have to fix for 2.7 to 2.10 and 2.10 to 2.13 could be designed around what the app needs to be long term12:35
koshstoffus: heck if you want a zope app built or fixed you could contact my company also, we can do that12:40
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saju_mwhere/when use @staticmethod and @classmethod ??13:00
koshyou don't use staticmethod basically since they are worthless in python basically13:00
koshclassmethod when you make something like a factory13:00
saju_mfactory means ?13:03
koshhowever both are rare to use with staticmethods almost not used anywhere13:03
kosha function that only exists to create new objects and return them, it is rare to do that in zope13:03
saju_mcan use classmethods to build alternate constructors.?13:05
koshyeah you can it is just not commonly use13:06
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