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CIA-83davisagli * r121476 z3c.formwidget.query/src/z3c/formwidget/query/ use stdlib doctest06:57
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CIA-83davisagli * r121477 plone.z3cform/plone/z3cform/ use stdlib doctest07:56
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CIA-83davisagli * r121478 z3c.form/ (src/z3c/form/converter.txt CHANGES.txt): don't fail due to change in floating point representation in Python 2.708:44
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CIA-83jim python-3-2 * r121479 zc.buildout/ Updated version # in prep for release.15:28
CIA-83jim * r121480 /zc.buildout/branches/ (python-3-2 2): Begin buildout 2 saga15:28
CIA-83jim * r121481 /zc.buildout/tags/2.0.0a1: tag15:28
CIA-83jim 2.0.0a1 * r121482 zc.buildout/ *** empty log message ***15:28
CIA-83jim 2.0.0a1 * r121483 zc.buildout/zc.recipe.egg_/ New version #.15:28
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CIA-83jim 2 * r121484 zc.buildout/bootstrap/ Use test buildout versions when running Python 3.16:30
CIA-83jim 2 * r121485 zc.buildout/ (READMEFIRST.txt Focus description16:30
CIA-83jim 2.0.0a1 * r121486 zc.buildout/ (READMEFIRST.txt Focus description16:30
CIA-83jim 2.0.0a1 * r121487 zc.buildout/READMEFIRST.txt: *** empty log message ***16:30
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betabugis it possible that a refcount leak gets so bad that the zodb locks up?17:45
koshhow are you getting a recount leak?17:58
koshit is certainly not something I have ran into in zope though17:58
betabugnot my code ;-)17:58
betabugthere is a site that gets deadlocked17:58
betabugall threads hang around the same spots of code, trying to get or release locks in the ZODB17:59
betabugand there are huge refcounts in the zope debugging info for some of their objects17:59
betabugso I was wondering if there are lots and lots of objects being loaded in, that at some point the zodb would get stuck18:00
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metalfan_in what way does this example "adapt" the iguest class:      ?    looks like its just using the guest object and not adapting anything18:08
metalfan_        in this one you have two socket classes that work on its own and a hairdryer.  the hairdryer needs a adapt object to use the foreign socket18:09
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CIA-83shane * r121488 CompositePage/CHANGES.txt: Fixed ReST formatting.23:55
CIA-83shane * r121489 CompositePage/ (Products/CompositePage Products): Added a directory where the code will be moved23:55
CIA-83shane * r121490 CompositePage/ (46 files in 2 dirs): Moved the code into Products/CompositePage so we can turn this into an egg.23:55
CIA-83shane * r121491 CompositePage/ (7 files in 4 dirs): Integrated the RFA eggification and updated the README.23:55

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