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mugwort13could someone kindly point me to the docs which explain how zope stores binaries.   I have plone as an ftp server, and I assumed it would store uploads in Data.fs, but I have a feeling I am wrong.01:18
mugwort13I said "binaries" but actually meant to say "data"01:18
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davisaglimugwort13: it does unless you've configured a blob storage (or are using an zope-based app like Plone 4 which configures one for you)01:20
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mugwort13I have not configured blob storge, just used default settings.  I am curious then, I watched the file size of Data.fs as I was uploading files via ftp, but it was not growing as much as I was uploading.  example:  I uploaded an 8M file via ftp, but the Data.fs only grew 700K.  Is my understanding of file storage lacking?01:23
davisaglimugwort13: that certainly sounds like it is not being stored in Data.fs01:28
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koshyou would hae to ask the plone developers where the files are stored01:33
koshasking in #plone is a good place to ask01:33
mugwort13ok, will do.  I just thought the file system was developed by zope first, then plone built on top of it.  .... I will read more and then ask there.  Thanks01:36
koshit is but where things are stored depends on the zope.conf file01:38
koshbut I thought that plone did something else01:38
koshnormaly I would just say to look in yourzopedir/etc/zope.conf and look at where the blobs-dir is set to01:38
mugwort13I know where that file is, I will look01:38
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koshah it is blob-dir not blobs-dir01:39
mugwort13says blob-dir is /var/www/plone/zinstance/var/blobstorage .... but that is empty except for two empty folders *shrug*  I will ask them01:43
mugwort13thanks all01:46
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koshthat sure seems strange that your blobstorage would be empty if blobs are turned on and your db is not growing in size02:06
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