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suptonZODB Q: can anyone confirm that storages don't manage the open/closed state of connections?  I'm having ConnectionStateError messages triggered by a (Plone) application, and I'm wanting to rule out RelStorage as a contributing factor (I don't think it is).
suptonno freakin' clue why the event handler trying to access an annotation would run into a closed connection00:15
koshhmm that is not an error I have ever seen before00:29
koshzope is supposed to open a connection to storage and keep it open00:29
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koshsm: greetings insane person00:33
TresEquissupton, the "DB" object manages connections, not the storage00:40
suptonTresEquis: that's what I thought, and I was able to duplicate my problem on both ZEO and relstorage00:40
TresEquiseither you have code which is erroneously reusing a closed connection00:40
koshhow would you write code inside plone though that screwed with the db connection?00:41
TresEquisor else is trying to close a connection which is still actively bound to a trnasaction00:41
TresEquisusually you managed to "leak" the connection into a module global00:41
suptonI'm trying to audit my code for globals caching a persistent object, and I'm trying to audit upstream packages I'm using for use of setSite()00:41
TresEquisand then tried to use it after the request00:41
koshI just wonder how complex the code would need to be to cause a weird error like that00:42
TresEquissticking a persistent object into the global site manager would be an easy fail ;)00:43
suptonthe strange thing is that this is a zope.lifecycleevent event handler trying to access an annotation on an object within the context of a request00:43
kosh  well it seems nobody cares about my patch, it looks like the milestone has now been set to none and no comments on it00:43
_mup_Bug #739692: Add blob support to OFS.Image.Image and OFS.Image.File <Zope 2:Confirmed for tseaver> < >00:44
TresEquisI'm guessing you have a utility registered which has a persistent object as an attribute00:44
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TresEquiskosh, it is assigned to me00:45
koshah okay I just wondered since hanno changed the milestone00:45
TresEquisHanno was noting that 2.13.7 went out without the patch00:45
TresEquis(I think)00:45
koshah ok00:45
TresEquisone can argue that, as a "new feature", it should be targeted to 2.14 (the trunk)00:47
koshthat is fine also I just wonderd what else I should do at this point? should I bring it up on zope dev and see if anyone wants to comment on it?00:47
TresEquisthat wouldn't hurt -- I would be glad to hand it off ;)00:48
koshokay I will bring it up on zope dev then and see what anyone else things00:48
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suptonokay, is it dangerous to do something like this: self._v_some_cached_value.__parent__ = self  -- I'm using a parent pointer reference from a transient cached value back to a persistent object.  Could this be contributing to my problem?00:59
* supton guesses this is but one nail I've driven into my foot01:00
koshI have transient objects that refer to persistent objects that don't cause this problem, the ones I have get created and have their __parent__ set to a persistent object and that does not seem to cause any issues01:01
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smhail kosh02:41
koshgreetings burned one!02:41
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MrTangohi, i have crazy problems with an zope2.10/plone3.3.5 instance, some times it hangs, nothing in the log, use no cpu time and i see mostly nothing activity with strace on this process18:59
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MrTangocan anyone please give me a hint to find out what happen?19:00
MrTangothis instance runs with serverthreads = 319:01
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koshMrTango: you might want to ask in #plone for help since they might know of a plone bug related to that21:11
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